Chapter 854 - Conditions

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Chapter 854: Conditions

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After three days and three nights of back and forth negotiations, Sir System was finally willing to hand over Mars’ core.

When Fang Ning heard the conditions of the deal, his eyes widened and his tongue was tied.

“One, ten million Heavenly Merit Points.”

“Two, the Mortal Monument that is still being nurtured shall belong to Vigilante A once it is fully formed.”

“Three, the arcane realms belonging to Vigilante A, namely the Morality City and the Land of Sanguinity, shall receive a Vitality supply increment of three times the original value. The Land of Heritage which has a bonus share right shall receive increments of twenty percent while the Spiritual Insect Realm shall receive an increment of fifty percent.”

“Four, all treasures produced within the range of the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom in the future must provide their time and place of birth unconditionally.”

There were six remaining conditions, but Fang Ning could not bear to read on. Sir System’s pettiness had gone over the top. If it were Fang Ning himself, he would not have been as calculative.

If it were someone else, Merits would most likely be sufficient to seal the deal.

After all, the Heavenly Axiom was an almighty presence in the hearts of many people and represented god.

When negotiating with an entity like this, they would naturally lower their own positions because having the ability to acquire some blessings was already good enough. So how could one dare to bargain on equal footing?

However, Sir System was unlike the others in the sense that it would never have cared about this matter.

Whatever talk about it being an almighty presence was just a facade to waylay people. Sir System lacked fear and it definitely would not be afraid of this.

“Sigh, you’re loaded now, Sir. You have indeed gained more than 300 percent of profits.” Fang Ning was satisfied.

“I guess, if not for Mars’ core, that useless Heavenly Axiom would be finished, so how could it not sacrifice some of its resources? If Earth is gone, we can still migrate to another planet, but it can’t, so the ball is in our court,” Sir System remarked proudly.

Fang Ning pressed both of his palms together. “Yes, yes, that was amazing of you, Sir. Just now, Lei Tian mentioned something about improving the mechs’ fighting abilities. I don’t really understand the technical jargon though, so could you handle this for me?”

“Oh, don’t you worry, I’ve taken note of it.” Sir System was in high spirits.

Fang Ning continued, “Also, according to what you meant, you knew about the purpose of Mars’ core. So tell me, what is the Axiom Daddy going to do with it?”

“Eh, actually, it has something to do with you,” Sir System answered coolly.

“Huh, what does it have to do with me?” Fang Ning was puzzled.

“Don’t you remember? You used to brag about building a Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below?” Sir System asked wryly.

“Eh, of course, I still remember. You mentioned about it earlier too, unless Mars’ core is the key?” Fang Ning exclaimed.

“Not far off, or to be precise, this is the starting point of Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below. It’s one of the tools used by the useless Heavenly Axiom to lever the force of the Origin of Time and Space. You should know by now that the reason as to why I demanded such a high price for it,” Sir System justified.

“I see.” Fang Ning nodded his head. The empty promise he made last time was nowhere near completion.

Nonetheless, the Axiom Daddy is all-knowing. It would waste no time and it must have made the necessary preparations.

After all, it had everything to do with its long-term survival.

However, this was also its weakness.

As long as it had a consciousness, the high and mighty sky would no longer seem intimidating. This was because it also has a need for survival, and since this need existed, it was no longer fearless.

This was why Sir System succeeded in extorting it.

If not, who would be able to extort the natural Heavenly Axiom?

You might be able to create a weapon that is capable of destroying the entire universe, yet fail to threaten the other party. To begin with, the other party had no consciousness and had no presence; destroying it only would only mean that you destroy yourself.

This was the highest boundary of “nothingness”.

Unfortunately, to achieve this boundary also meant death and there would mean nothing…

Fang Ning could only sigh. “Looks like we aren’t the only ones working hard. The?Axiom Daddy is hard at work too.”

“You’re the most carefree one…” Sir System sneered.

“You’re making false accusations again. How have I been carefree for these past few months?” Fang Ning felt wronged. “I’ve never had a day off. My invincible Khorium Ore online game IDs have been neglected on the leaderboards.”

“Even if you neglect them for three years, no one can overtake you…” Sir System mocked.

“Eh, there are still a lot of nouveau rich folks out there. Of course, what you said is probably true as well, since there are very few of them who are in the mood to play games nowadays. All of them are busy with packing their bags to go home. Just by looking at the rapidly increasing number of applications to reside in the Morality City, I can understand how no one’s willing to live on other planets. Although they clamor about seas of stars, when it’s time to expand outwards, the first batch to go are mostly daredevils and relocated convicts.” Fang Ning mused.

“I can’t handle too many things. I’m just a Hero System, not a Saint or the Virgin Mary. Humans should worry about their own fate.” Sir System felt indifferent.

Fang Ning nodded. This was also in line with his opinion. If he cared about everything, it might not work out the way he wanted it to, and of course, it would be exhausting.

It was more relaxing as a carefree hero under the Heavenly Axiom. If needs be, he would deliver justice; If not, he would play some games.

“Look at you, you’re starting to think of playing even after you’ve earned a bit of money.?Think of Li Longji, think of Li Cunxu, they are your role models!” Sir System fussed?1?.

“Eh, can’t my mind wander for a while?!” Fang Ning struggled helplessly.

Becoming a master like that was the first of its kind.

“Of course not, a wise man once said that prevention is better than cure. Evil deeds stem from evil thoughts. You better check yourself,” Sir System asserted.

Fang Ning obeyed the System and went back to work overtime.

He could not help but wonder when the tides had turned.

Right, the Upper Realm gods’ descent caused a major change to the whole situation. Despite his own laziness, deep down, he knew that he would not be at ease until the enemies have been gotten rid of. This was why he cooperated with the System.

Ultimately, it was all the gods’ fault!

He had to work overtime because of them!

One day, he must make these gods turn to ashes and dust!

Fang Ning ruminated angrily before he turned on his computer and got to work.

The Japanese isles had become the gods’ laboratory.

The greyish-white protein organisms populated the surface and fifty meters below the ground.

The God of Plagues was stationed here. Every day, he patrolled the area while studying the development of the Biological Computer.

Humans could barely comprehend the gods’ intelligence. It had not been half a month, yet he had already solved many challenges and questions that could not be deciphered by humans.

Among them were storing and reading messages. This seemed like an impossible feat to people in the field, but it had been resolved by the god in half a month.

With this, the human geniuses in the history of science could never compare with the intelligence of the gods.

This was the main factor of humanity’s fear. The humans knew that Earth’s technology was not reliable as the gods could just easily absorb, comprehend and apply it with their intelligence.

Even nations that used to be poor and inferior attracted advanced civilizations. Not a hundred years had passed and these nations managed to catch up in the end.

What, then, about the gods themselves?

Their learning abilities were much stronger than those of humans.