Chapter 856 - For The Greater Good

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Chapter 856: For The Greater Good

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Bai Shixin nodded before he spoke, “Everyone understood the military advisor’s words. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

“About this…” The ministers stole glances at each other nervously and for a moment, no one said anything.

However, Kong Liang suggested confidently, “Don’t worry, your Majesty. Advisor Liang has three solutions to offer.”

“Go on…” Bai Shixin suppressed his anguish as he said this. Despite having a hunch that Kong Liang will waste his time again, he could only listen.

Kong Liang simply did not feel this way and instead, he proposed smugly, “I’ll start with the best solution. I’ve heard that the Upper Realm is ruled by the saints. We can choose one of the saints to rely upon and we’ll then have a mighty force to defend us.”

It seemed like this fellow only knew half of the bigger picture. Neither agreeing or disagreeing, Bai Shixin continued to ask, “What’s the second best solution?”

“The second best solution is to form an agreement with the humans by using mutual development as a reason. Our clan is adept at underground constructions and we shall migrate to a new planet along with them.”

This idea was somewhat feasible and so, Bai Shixin nodded. This fellow did show some improvement. Allowing him to read regularly had proved to be effective.

“The worst solution?”

“Naturally, the worst solution is to depend on one of the gods and gain some sympathy from him or her.”

Kong Liang waved his fan and gave off a shrewd exterior. It was a stark difference to his sorrowful, crying self from earlier on.

Everyone’s jaw dropped as they listened to his speech. They only understood half of the three proposed solutions, but they had not the faintest idea on how to go about it.

Suddenly, someone objected, “These three solutions suggested by the military advisor might sound intelligent, but he’s also barking up the wrong tree!”

Kong Liang was struck with anger, but he then hastily controlled himself. He must not tarnish the demeanor left behind by his ancestors.

He forced a smile and looked at the person who doubted him. It turned out to be the Military Affairs Minister, Bai Shifu — the King’s brother…

‘Luckily I did not lose my temper…’ Kong Liang thought with relief.

“May I know your opinion, General Fu?” he asked sincerely.

“Basically, all three of your proposed solutions will only put our clan’s fate into the hands of others. To quote an internet slang of the humans, you’ve contracted the weakness of a petite bourgeoisie! Our clan has always been independent, so how could we depend on the whims and fancies of others? Just as how you’ve sobbed about earlier, doing so would only lead our clan to an early demise!” Bai Shifu scolded vehemently.

“Oh, General!” Kong Liang felt wronged. “In this day and age, the strong ones will win. Our clan is slowly rising up the ranks. Like vines, we can only pick trees to rely on and grow with time. This isn’t being weak, it’s about being smart!”

Bai Shifu fell silent. Although Kong Liang’s words made him feel uncomfortable, he was not wrong.

Nonetheless, ever since the imprisonment of the Elder Ancestor, the clan had yet to have any exceptional leaders to shoulder the responsibility. The clan members simply went with the flow to ensure their survival.

If they entered a battle and encountered a catastrophe, who could defend the clan?

He could not help but turned his gaze towards the throne. Was this wise brother of his and current King able to resolve this issue?

“Both the military advisor and the general have their points, so don’t you worry. The other day, I received a piece of news and I will tell everyone about it.” Bai Shixin kept his composure and his expression was calm.

Everyone felt relieved after hearing the King’s words, and this was the advantage of having a wise King. He could always find solutions in impossible situations.

Even if the solution did not guarantee a positive outcome, at least it gave everyone a sense of direction.

“We are all ears,” the ministers replied.

“Since all of you travel to the surface of the Earth every day for work matters, I’m sure you have seen the Lunaette in the sky. This piece of news comes from above.”

Everyone perked up their ears. Of course, they knew about this strange sight. A gigantic bear holding a piece of land was simply unheard of.

“The highest mountain peak on the Lunaette leads to the grotto-heaven of a large clan, and the story happened here,” Bai Shixin explained plainly.

“Two gods knocked on the clan’s door and demanded to have this grotto-heaven. They even used godly tactics, yet the clan rejected them flatly.” Bai Shixin summarized.

The smart ones could already sense where this was heading.

“Your Majesty, does this mean that we would also have the opportunity to seize a part of the grotto-heaven?” someone could not help but ask.

As soon as this person spoke, he received angry stares in return.

During an important announcement like this, how could he speak without being spoken to in a public area?

“Hehe, naturally there won’t be a chance now, but I recounted this tale to tell everyone that there’s still hope for survival under the Heavenly Axiom. If our clan can secure a grotto-heaven, we have acquired a foundation that will never change. Since the dawn of time, clans with strong foundations have become powerful rulers, whereas clans with unstable foundations are often reduced to ashes,” Bai Shixin explained patiently.

“Your Majesty is sagacious. We shall work harder and find out the relevant news.” Everyone started to cheer.

Kong Liang was full of admiration. This piece of news as relayed by the king was the appropriate solution and it had solved his three main woes.

If they could secure a part of the grotto-heaven, although their clan, kingdom, and King will no longer be ephemeral, they would have a solid base.

“That’s good. Now, let us forget our worries and enjoy the night.” Bai Shixin gave a toast.

“Long live the King!” The ministers toasted in return.

After the banquet was over, Bai Shixin retired to his palace chamber.

As Queen Jing diligently received him, he waved his arm and spoke affectionately, “I still have some important matters to attend to tonight. You should go to bed first, no need to wait for me.”

“Go ahead, your Majesty. Don’t worry about your Queen…” Queen Jing lowered her gaze as she replied.

“Mm.” Bai Shixin nodded and left the palace chamber to head to his own southern study room.

As he arrived, there was an old man sitting on his chair and waiting for him.

“Elder Ancestor, what matter brings you here late at night?”

Bai Shixin did not mind. After this period, he had understood that this visitor of his did not care about the power relations in the Lower Realm. What he cared about was the greatness of the Greater Rat Clan.

Moreover, the visitor’s key to becoming a god fell on the Greater Rat Clan.

Although Bai Shixin was now the king and the people’s choice, he realized the clan’s energy ultimately flowed towards the Elder Ancestor.

When he thought about it, the initial growth of the Greater Rats was cultivated by the visitor. From the looks of it now, he had plotted it all along.

“Didn’t you mention it during the banquet? That you would want to find a grotto-heaven as a safe haven for our clan? I’m here now to fulfill your vision,” Elder Ancestor Bai replied wanly.

Bai Shixin admired deeply as he heard those words. The geezer was once a hero and his spirit was incomparable.

He had snatched the throne away from the Elder Ancestor’s son, yet the Elder Ancestor could look past this and even decide to help him strengthen the clan.

At once, he exhibited an elated expression and quickly asked, “Thank you very much, Elder Ancestor. May I know where the grotto-heaven is?”

“I might have to let you down a little. That grotto-heaven is just a temporary arcane realm. It was originally used by some mighty being for the purpose of inheritance… You don’t have to look into this. If someone takes away the inheritance, it will naturally disappear. However, if you bind our clan’s fate with it, it will become a permanent grotto-heaven like those major arcane realms that currently exists,” Elder Ancestor Bai explained wryly.

“I see, but this isn’t a bad idea.” Bai Shixin nodded.

“As for its place of birth and the method of taking away the inheritance, I have written them down on this jade scroll. After reading it, you must destroy it.” When Elder Ancestor Bai was done with his piece of advice, he placed a jade scroll on the table before he vanished from the study.

Bai Shixin took a deep breath. This was the Era of Mythology.

A so-called King was just an ant in the palm of someone else…

When Elder Ancestor Bai left, he appeared at the bank of an underground farm.

The sun was hanging on a rock face and a few members of the Greater Rat clan were operating agricultural machinery to harvest the crops.

He gazed at this scene and remained silent for a long time.

Soon, a clever-looking young man appeared next to him.

“Elder Ancestor, I don’t understand. Why would you hand over such a precious opportunity to that traitor?” Nie Yuan asked.

“For the greater good.”