Chapter 861 - Black Pot

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Chapter 861: Black Pot

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A river laid beyond the grasslands.

Silvery fish glided through the flowing river, each one lively and vibrant, leaping out of the water occassionally, their motions as alluring as they were tantalizing to the eye.

“I’ve sinned, how could such erring thoughts cross the mind of a person who has mastered the True Bodhi Tactic as I?” Fang Ning sighed and shook his head.

Ignoring his pretentiousness, Sir System walked into the river, and all the silvery fish vanished just like that.

“I see that you’re not going to be satisfied until you’ve cleared this entire place out!” Fang Ning exclaimed, almost with a hint of admiration.

“It’s a shame that I won’t be able to do so even if I wanted to, this place is disappearing quickly, looks like the Culinary God’s powers is so limited that he can’t even create a long-lasting grotto-heaven bequeathal.” Sir System lamented.

“I apologize if I’ve disappointed you with my paltry powers…”

“Who’s there?” Fang Ning called out, startled by the sudden voice.

All his conversations with Sir System had happened within the realms of the System Space.

“Stop looking around, the guy’s in the blacksmith’s forge.”

“Huh? What’s going on?” Fang Ning asked confusedly as he ran into the mentioned location.

Upon entering the scene, he immediately realized what was going on.

A black iron pot was lying on the floor of the blacksmith’s forge…

“You don’t have to keep staring, this is where I’ve been residing all this time. Sigh, fate is indeed unpredictable, the bequeathal has just begun, but I’ve fallen into this mysterious realm, and here I thought this place would be a safe haven.” Black Pot made a helpless sound.

Fang Ning was in shock and surprise, did this mean that the bequeathal was already half-way in their bag?

He was still somewhat hesitant, however, seeing as the other was still a God, no matter how much power it has lost, his knowledge, experience, and wisdom were all still there.

“I apologize, Culinary God, by mistakenly bringing you here, but please do make yourself at home as much as you can. This place may not be suited for humans, but it’s perfect for souls.”

“Why are you being so courteous with him? What sort of things can you offer, Culinary God? Hurry up and them over…” Sir System demanded unabashedly, “By the way, this isn’t a robbery. I’m just collecting rent, you have to pay rent if you’re going to stay here.”

“So this person is also a tenant here?” Black Pot asked with its handle pointed towards Fang Ning.

“Of course he is, he’s running errands and chores for me in exchange for his stay, otherwise he’ll find himself locked up in the other side, and you don’t want to know what that place’s like.” Sir System said threateningly.

Fang Ning had no words but he could not refute Sir System’s words either, he could only nod along.

“I see, this place is indeed a wonderful place, if there existed such a place in the Upper Realm, perhaps the inexorable destruction could be avoided, such a shame.” Black Pot sighed.

“Well since you understand how good this place is, the rent won’t be cheap either, now don’t dilly dally and pay up.” Sir System urged him.

Obviously, Black Pot could not be as easily deceived as the lesser beings like the green-skinned frog, he was a god who had lived beyond 10,000 years after all.

Of course, age did not necessarily guarantee wisdom either, tortoises were one of such examples.

It also depended on their physiology and their adaptability.

Clearly, Black Pot qualified for both.

Thus, instead of paying immediately, Black Pot unhurriedly said, “Since I’m paying rent, I should at least be provided with a proper house, this place is filled with smoke and fire like a blacksmith’s forge room, it doesn’t look like a place meant to be lived in at all.”

“Damn it, you’re a cunning old pot aren’t you, to be able to make reconstruct this place, you’re the second one.” Sir System huffed annoyedly.

System Notification: [The System has constructed a System Hotel within the System Space, currently at beginner-level, the following functions are included:

1: The speed of recovery of the residing spiritual beings is increased slightly.

2: A variety of modern services is automatically provided.]

Shortly, a pristine hotel appeared by the west perimeters of the System Prison.

The System Prison was located in the north district and occupied most of the area within.

Now, a new hotel had been added to its west.

Somehow, Fang Ning had a feeling that there would be more and more people staying here.

“So what you do think, Big Billionaire Host, this hotel’s not too bad, eh?” Sir System said proudly.

“It’s good, but I feel like it’s missing something.” Fang Ning walked inside the hotel and looked around.

Black Pot levitated in behind him, since the other had agreed to pay the rent, Sir System had granted it full access to the place. Of course, there were some places that remain restricted.

“Eh, isn’t he one of your tenants? Why do you call him Big Billionaire Host?” Black Pot remarked curiously.

“Oh, he’s very rich, but he’s also a coward. It’s been a mess outside there, so he gave me all his money in exchange for my protection and shelter.” Sir System made a story up on the spot.

“Well, in my opinion, this place is still missing some cleaning personnel around here. Since this is a hotel after all, and I’ve paid the rent, you don’t expect me to do the chores do you?” Black Pot did a 180 on his character, no longer addressing itself as a ‘god’.

“That’s true, there’s plenty of people lying around in the prison next door, I’ll just pick a few out of them and put them to work.” Sir System answered smoothly.

Sure enough, after a short while, three beautiful spirit souls appeared in the System Hotel.

Naturally, there would be a few good-looking souls among those that Sir System had conquered.

Although they may have done a lot of bad deeds in their lifetime, enough to make children cry, but those could hardly intimidate any of the three of them.

“The Draconic Penitentiary? What sort of place is that?” Black Pot asked curiously.

“Enough talk, time to pay up.” Sir System turned impatient.

“I haven’t got any money, I only have this black iron pot, and even then I can’t hand it over to you.” Black Pot said as it shook its handle.

“Are you playing games with me?” Bursts of thunder suddenly sounded through the System Space.

“No, no, how could I dare try to fool your highness? In the bequeathal outside, I have some assets that I have accumulated over the years that could be used as payment for the rent. Even if you can’t retrieve them, I can write books and sell you all of my learnings in my lifetime.” Black Pot answered calmly.

“That’s more like it, you’re a reasonable god after all.” Sir System immediately changed tones.

In that moment, Fang Ning appeared to have thought of something and asked, “Mr. Culinary God, I have some very curious questions, I was wondering if you would mind answering a few of them?”

“What sort of questions? I am quite free at the moment, I can’t eat anything without a mouth after all.” Black Pot said composedly.

“There was a noblewoman from the Celestial Clan, she mentioned that she was an acquaintance of yours?” Fang Ning asked.

“Oh, you must be speaking of the greedy little girl from the Celestial Clan, the clan leader’s daughter, she and I are kindred spirits, some might even say that we are old friends.” Black Pot said affirmatively.

“She has now been reincarnated into the Lower Realm as a green insect, but she kept her gluttonous nature, of course. What I’m curious about is that even these weak characters have managed to escape a worse fate, but why does a god of your stature have to pay such a tremendous price, before you’re able to pass on your bequeathal in the new world?” Fang Ning quickly followed up with another question.

Black Pot was silent for a while before it spoke up again with great difficulty, “Is it safe to speak in here?”

Fang Ning whispered to Sir System, “You tell him.”

“Of course it’s safe, without my permission, no one will be able to hear anything.” Sir System promised with conviction.

“That’s good to know, it’s very simple, actually, the levee was about to collapse, and it had to be stopped. Gods like us who have power, but not enough power are bound to end up as sacrifices to block the dam. The other lesser beings residing on top of the dam, however, are able to escape freely as no one would care, because everybody knows that they can’t do anything.” Black Pot let out a heavy sigh.

“So that’s how it is.” All his questions and doubts had finally been answered now.