Chapter 862 - Rent

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Sir System had placed Black Pot, no, Mr. Culinary God, in a room on the second floor of the hotel.

The area here was very spacious, vastly different from the prison next door.

This was no mere hotel, it was a five-star hotel.

It had three rooms, two halls, two bathrooms, fully equipped with TV, phone, computer, and had all the necessities including electricity, water, and network access, plus daily housekeeping services.

Of course, such treatment was still eons apart with the sort of treatment received by the Culinary God in the Upper Realm.

However, the most valuable thing about the place was that it was a safe haven, a place that could not be discovered by the Saints.

This was what pleased the Culinary God the most, to be able to reach the position of a god, one must always be prepared to adopt measures suited to the situation and adapt.

Except when it came to those senseless, chaotic demons and devils of course.

“Sigh, this will have to do for the time being.” Mr. Black Pot thought it over and levitated towards the computer, without touching anything, the computer had started up all on its own.

While the gods may not be all that omnipotent as they say, their ability to pick up things speedily was true, they would not be qualified to become gods otherwise.

This was the first time he has seen a computer, although he was not able to understand the underlying principles behind this mechanism via scanning through it with his spiritual powers, he promptly understood its operation.

After all, everything had something in common with one another.

This object was quite similar to some of the other exquisite artifacts he had seen in the Upper Realm.

He turned on the computer, opened a new document and words automatically began to type themselves.

Inside the System Cyber Cafe, Fang Ning took in the scene before him through the surveillance thread.

He made a sound of surprise and awe, “He does live up to his title as a God after all, I didn’t even know that you could do something like this. I’ve always been typing with my own hands, how silly of me. It’s no wonder they call us humans dumb…”

“Hahaha, you’re not dumb, just lazy, you’re obviously capable of using your spiritual energy to generate electricity and maneuver objects, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you just use that to type and play games as well?” Sir System mocked.

“Damn you, stop making fun of me, there are other people living here now, be careful he doesn’t find out.” Fang Ning said worriedly.

“Relax, I have everything under control, he’ll only be able to hear what I want him to hear, he won’t be able to hear any of our secret talks.” Sir System said arrogantly.

“Fine, you win,” Fang Ning turned his attention back to the surveillance monitor, only to find that the Culinary God had already finished up a document.

“How To Obtain The Bequeathal Of The Culinary God”.

“Mm, this must be his first rental payment.” Fang Ning nodded.

“Yeah, this platform’s not bad at all, we should get more unlucky bastards in here and make them all pay rent and work for us.” Sir System was practically on air.

“Ugh, you’re such an opportunist. Those fallen gods from the Upper Realm needed a place to stay in the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom and had to pay him, and you rode on the wind and built a System Hotel.” Fang Ning said, somewhat impressed.

“I think I’m alright? I’m different from that brazen Axiom Daddy, he only cares about collecting money, but I’m at least decent enough to care about their wellbeing.” Sir System proclaimed self-righteously.

“Yeah, you’re even squeezing them out for every single penny worth they have, not just money but also labor, whilst Axiom Daddy’s a one-time deal, you put them in long-term debt. Of course you can’t be compared to him.”

As Vigilante A walked across the river, he finally saw a familiar figure, no, a familiar insect.

On a large cotton ball, lied Chong Daqing.

She was wandering back and forth, and after she discovered Vigilante A’s presence, she immediately flew towards him, riding on the Big Cotton Ball.

“By the way, Great Dragon, isn’t that Chef Fang your cook? In the outside world, it made sense for you to keep him from going outside the herb garden, but, now, in order to acquire the bequeathal, he has to come out and personally cook the dish.” Chong Daqing reminded him.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about this, when it’s time for him to show his face, he’ll come out.” Vigilante A answered impassively.

“Hmmph, what a waste of my concern, don’t blame me if you fail, remember that it’s not allowed for someone to take the test in place of another. Based on the quality of that last meal, you don’t stand a chance!” Chong Daqing said, aggravated.

Fang Ning could not find any words for her, the question maker himself was currently staying in Sir System’s house, what worry did they have still for their chances of passing?

Nonetheless, he knew that Daqing was only acting out of a kind heart, and promptly advised Sir System, “Don’t be so cold, would it kill you to show some emotion?”

“Shut up you, she doesn’t care if we pass the test or not, she’s only worried that she won’t get to eat good food. She’s probably still holding a grudge from that pot of sweet potato corn rice you gave her and shifted the blame onto Vigilante A, that’s why she wants to know if Chef Fang will personally attend the test.” Sir System scoffed.

“It is also said that I did not know how to understand it. Is this the legend…” Fang Ning was shocked.

“That’s true, I can’t I believe I couldn’t read her as well as you did, is this what they call…” Fang Ning trailed off with a gasp.

“What?” Sir System quickly asked.

“Only idiots knew idiots best.” Fang Ning took the opportunity and ran with it.

“…” Sir System was rendered speechless.

After a while, Vigilante A continued walking straight.

Chong Daqing following by his side.

Suddenly, Vigilante A asked, “I haven’t asked you yet, but why are you here?”

“Of course I’m here, I’m not only responsible for delivering messages and opening the door, I’m also an esteemed judge.” Chong Daqing said proudly.

“There should ten judges right…”

“Eh, how did you know?” Chong Daqing asked sulkily, “I was sure I hadn’t told anyone.”

“Hoho, that’s because my training had recently improved greatly that I’m even capable of calculating something like this.” Vigilante A replied with a straight face.

“That’s really impressive. There are indeed ten judges, but the others are all the Culinary God’s tools, pots, pans, and whatnots. They can only evaluate the method of preparation used in a dish, the quality of ingredients, the balance of flavors, but aren’t able to identify the emotions contained in them.” Chong Daqing boasted.

“That doesn’t sound right, you’re not trying to bluff me are you…” Vigilante A shook his head in question.

“No I’m not, I’ve always been an honest little insect, I wouldn’t lie.” Chong Daqing said as she blinked her big, buggy eyes.

“Hey, Richie, this doesn’t tie up with what’s in the Culinary God’s strategy guide, he only mentioned that the food needed to be of top quality; made with the nine most suitable ingredients selected from here, use the Nine-Nine Preparation Method, and voila, an exquisite dish fit for gods would be ready. Since when were there any mentions of emotions?” Sir System whispered to Fang Ning.

“You’re asking me, how am I supposed to know? Why don’t you just ask him?” Fang Ning sneered.

When Black Pot heard of this, he did not speak up for a long while.

“Sigh, I understand, this is an inevitable variable. The bequeathal is to be tailored to suit its surrounding conditions, there was no need for concern about this back in the Upper Realm, but now that it’s arrived in Earth, ’emotion’ has become a factor that had to be taken into consideration. Because only the only thing people have in common are emotions, all others are varied. My realm must have sensed this in this Heavenly Axiom, and therefore adapted appropriately. ” Black Pot was quick to give an explanation.

“So not even the question maker is able to control the tasks set? Alright, then your first payment needs to be cut, you may now only stay up to ten days here instead of a month.” Sir System immediately decided.

Black Pot was rendered speechless.

Fang Ning quietly said to him, “Don’t go overboard, what if he really decided to leave, what would you do then? You can’t possibly force him to stay, can you? He’s not the same as the two monuments, he’s an actual living soul. You can’t break your oath of heroism and resort to forcing others into submission.”

“Look at you, so young and naive,” Sir System berated him, “He won’t leave, the outside world’s a mess right now, we’re his best bet. If he leaves, he’s sure to get caught and end up as food for others.”

“Uh, you may have a point there.” Fang Ning thought over the other’s words and came to an understanding.

Putting all others aside, if the Great Devil Saint or the two other gods found out that the Culinary God had actually been residing inside a black pot all this time, he was sure to become a nutritious supplement for them!

In all truthness, it was probably only Sir System and himself, who would not stoop so low as to kill a god for the sake of making medicine.

Black Pot must have realized this, which was why it had hidden inside an unassuming river, terrified of being discovered.

However, looking at him now, it was clear that he knew that Fang Ning and Sir System had no such intentions for him, he was an intelligent god indeed.

Which was why the other party would try its best to continue to fork out payment for rent.

Sure enough, after a while, Black Pot spoke up again, “That’s fine, let me do research on how to prepare food that is filled with emotion, I will tell you the method of preparation after.”

“That would be best, you hurry up now.” Sir System urged the black pot.

Fang Ning could not understand and asked, “Sir System, with your master, or rather, legendary-level culinary skills, it should a piece of cake for you to acquire this bequeathal, right? Why go through all the hassle?”

“What do you know? By my calculations, there’s definitely going to be more trouble coming our way. Our opponent must know it, and wouldn’t let us pass so easily.” Sir System said confidently.

“Could it be that the saying is true?” Fang Ning mumbled in a confused manner.

“What saying is it this time?”

“An idiot’s instinct is always right.”