Chapter 863 - Resurrection

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Chapter 863: Resurrection

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With the question-maker solving the problem himself, Fang Ning did not even bother with trying, his attention fell on Sir System who had gone to search for the nine premium ingredients.

Beside him, the longer Chong Daqing observed, the more she felt that was something was off, finally, she could not help but asked, “Great Azure Dragon, are you cheating?”

“Where did you get that idea?” Vigilante A replied calmly as he expertly cleaned the fragrant vegetable shrub, without leaving any residue.

“How else would you know that these vegetables were the best of the best in this realm?” She asked moodily.

“-And how do you know this?” Vigilante A threw the question back at her.

With limbs propped on her waist, Chong Daqing said in a loud and clear voice, “That’s obviously because I used to come here all the time to steal the food!”

“…” Vigilante A took a few paces before he was able to speak up again, “This is the first time I’ve seen such a bold thief.”

“Uh, that’s actually because I can help the old man determine the growth of the ingredients, that’s why he allowed me to eat them, it’s not like I’m eating for free…” Chong Daqing frantically explained.

“Oh, is that so?” Vigilante A pulled out a red shrub and said, “I don’t think that’s true, I think it’s him tolerating you because of your father.”

“…My old man’s not that important of a person, he’s not even a God.” Chong Daqing refused to admit.

“Oh, there seems to be a newcomer over there, I have to go take a look and tell them the rules around here. Bye now.”

Seeing as the conversation had already been stopped by Sir System, leaving Chong Daqing with no choice but to flee from the scene.

Vigilante A tilted his head and looked over, only to see that the newcomers, one female and two males, were the three students that had been taught by Fang Ning for a week.

“See, I told you you’d end up making your own opponents,” Sir System muttered, “Won’t you lose face if you, the teacher, ended up losing to them?”

“That’s why I need you, Sir System,” Fang Ning said, his voice small, “Also, I’m innocent, I only taught them little bits here and there.”

“I can tell that our opponent is among one of those three. But who is capable of such greatness that they could find out about this realm’s opening, prior to notice?” Sir System exclaimed.

Fang Ning tried to reassure him, “The world is vast, and there is nothing that it doesn’t have, it may just be that they happen to be one of those mysterious ones who are capable of predicting such things, after all, your master-level instincts are only good to sense matters related to yourself, it can’t sense all other things either.”

Meanwhile, as they were conversing, the group of three in a distance, after sharing a few words with Chong Daqing,?had begun to hunt for the ingredients as well.

“I don’t think this bequeathal of yours is smart enough, you still need Chong Daqing to act as guide, otherwise those three newcomers wouldn’t even know where to start.” After seeing this, Fang Ning texted the Culinary God he had recently added on WeChat.

“The first challenge is a test of their wits, if they don’t even have enough sense to know that they should search for the ingredients in advance, then there is no need for them to participate in the following challenges.” Black Pot refuted.

“I see, are all these challenges posed by all you almighty gods the same, each one more deceitful than the other?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“Hehe, how else would we be able to select the best candidate?” Black Pot countered.

Fang Ning kept thinking, finally, he could not help but asked another question, “Is this bequeathal really that important? Why do you all go to such lengths?”

“I see, so that’s why the bequeathal is regarded with such high importance by the almighty in mythology, the key lies within here.” Fang Ning said in realization.

Then, he turned and said to Sir System with awe in his voice, “Sir System, this platform of yours is really something, it would be tremendously difficult to learn of such valuable information in the outside world. The others would definitely not let such information slip unless they were living under someone’s roof.”

“Oh, is that so?” Sir System exclaimed delightedly, “You’re such an honest man, Mr. Multi-millionaire Host, in that case, you only need to pay me a thousand, no need for tens of thousands.”

“Git!” Fang Ning was speechless, “I’m just being modest here, and you’re taking it for real?”

Fang Ning could not deem to be bothered with the stingy Sir System, instead, he continued to ask, “If a newcomer receives the bequeathal and takes over your place, how would you be resurrected?”

“Oh, I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer that question, my friend.” Black Pot sent over a helpless emoji on WeChat.

“I’m sorry, I’ve asked something I shouldn’t.” Fang Ning suddenly realized that this must be a secret among the gods.

If they were not careful enough, they would be taken advantage of, or become someone like Sir System.

“Come to think of it, there’s a lot risk involved in getting his bequeathal after all! To think he had such intentions when he gave us the strategy guide.” Sir System said miserably.

Fang Ning was at a loss for words, “What risks do you bear? We only need one of the things from it, we’re not looking to become the Culinary God, wouldn’t it be fine if we just put this position up for sale?”

“You do have the sliest ideas, Mr. Multi-millionaire Host.” Sir System exclaimed excitedly.

“What do you mean sly ideas? This was his true intention all along! Otherwise, why would he answer my questions, but not of all them and leave us guessing? He knows how powerful you are; he doesn’t want you to become the Culinary God, he wants you to give it away so that he has the chance to be resurrected in the future.” Fang Ning sneered.

“…” Sir System was lost, “How much thought did you two put into so few sentences? You’re not trying to fool again, are you?”

“These are the facts,” Fang Ning made a gesture with his hands, “You may come up with clever ideas sometimes, but you’re still lacking a few in the intelligence department.”

Meanwhile, Vigilante A was helping himself to all the ingredients around, choosing carefully according to the strategy guide given by the Culinary God. Although there had been some changes made to the real test, overall, all was still good.

At this a moment, the sounds of a quarrel could be heard from a distance.

“We saw this white rabbit first, if you knew any better you’d best leave it and get out of sight!” Came a menacing voice.

“It’s been a long time since I last heard such typical lines of a bad guy.” Fang Ning exclaimed.

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“That’s because all those who dared to speak this way in front me are all dead…” Sir System stated proudly.

“Sir System is a force to be reckoned indeed, want to go over and take a look?” asked Fang Ning.

“Nope, it’s stated clearly in the strategy guide that combat is forbidden here, this is a test of the Culinary God after all, not a test of the God of War.”

“You’ve got that wrong, a chef who cannot fight will not be able to become the Culinary God.” Fang Ning said in an unfathomable voice.

“Don’t know, don’t care, why don’t you go?” Sir System scorned.

“I-I’m not going, who knows what sort of traps had the Culinary God set up?” Fang Ning immediately returned to his true form.

In the meantime, the argument on the other side was becoming more and more intense.

“You guys are being unreasonable, clearly we were the ones who caught it first, why should we hand it over? Besides, Miss Daqing had said earlier that combat is forbidden here, we’re not afraid you.” A delicate, feminine voice argued.

“Hoho, it may be forbidden here, but it’s a different story outside.” The domineering voice continued to threaten.

“Don’t be afraid of him, if you become the Culinary God, what do you have to fear of these two pond-level experts?” A voice encouraged.

“Hahaha! You guys look like you won’t even be able to withstand a gust of wind, you’re just commoners who haven’t even entered the path of cultivation, if it weren’t for the fact violence is prohibited here, I could kill you all with just a glare!” The menacing voice threatened dangerously.

“Oh, Sir System, are you really going to leave them be? Won’t this ruin your heroic honor?” Fang Ning reminded him.

“What is there to care about? There are endless arguments in this world, I can’t possibly interfere with all of them, not unless someone made the first move.” Sir System said apathetically.