Chapter 865 - The Plot

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Chapter 865: The Plot

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On a secluded island situated on the rough waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

There were layers of fog covering the island. Situated below was the hidden constructions within the forest. Even the satellites in the sky were unable to detect anything. This was something quite common for the island.

Many of these uninhabited islands were populated with demons because of this.

As long as they did not pose a threat to humans, even the Pharos of the East with his daily inspections would not interfere too much at this point in time.

There was a portion of the island that was different though. It was not taken over by any demon, but a god…

The Moon Goddess walked as her long dress dragged along and appeared at a blue hall.

The hall’s area was wide, in the middle was a living brain she had obtained by casting a spell. It was surrounded by various apparatuses and screens.

The living brain’s circumference was more than hundreds of meters, just its radius alone was ten over meters. It looked bigger than a basketball court.

It was squirming slightly; its greyish white texture resembled a brain worm from a science fiction movie that would freak people out.

In front of the apparatus sat a few young people who did not seem fearful. They were active in deep discussion and were typing furiously on their keyboards. It looked like they were analyzing the big brain.

The appearance of the ‘true’ Goddess had these busy young people take pause of their work. They stood up and looked at each other with burning eyes.

At this point, they had probably forgotten that someone had been beaten to the point of his soul dispersing because of that burning look in his eyes. That video had long been trending online.

Their reaction had yet again proven one point, that mankind will never learn from history.

One of them looked like the person in charge. He had a good-looking face; he had a well-proportioned body and was quite muscular. It was very unlike a stereotypical weakly lab technician.

He looked to be around 35 years old, which was considered the peak age of a young scientist.

“My Goddess, as per your instructions, we have analyzed this living brain through the night. It is indeed made by god, it is exquisite. It may have been analyzed within a short time, but we’ve come up with a preliminary result, please do go through it.”

The good-looking person in charge was like a peacock opening its feathers. He pointed towards a huge screen and could not wait to show off the results of their work to the Goddess.

There were many behind him who was looking at him furiously and clenching their teeth in anger.

“This dog should be given the death penalty!” Many were cursing at him.

The Moon Goddess smiled lightly and nodded, turning toward the screen.

This person in charge was someone with potential and a bright future ahead of him. At this moment, he felt as if an electrical charge went through him, and the fatigue he was experiencing from burning the midnight oil the last few days had disappeared.

This was a ‘true goddess’!

Those commonplace netizens that have overused the word ‘goddess’ on their idols to the point of insult could never compare their idols to even a corner of this goddess’ dress.

He hurriedly explained, “This living brain’s computing capability is currently a hundred million times faster than the strongest super calculator Sky River 13th. It would be unbelievable if I hadn’t witnessed it for myself. It has a much higher potential than what you see now because it doesn’t possess the limitations of a traditional calculator. It could expand much more than one can imagine.”

“I see. Everyone has done good work. Do continue with your research and work at understanding its principle basics and structure. I’ve always given rewards and punishment based on merit. All of you would not regret the hard work you’ve out in today,” the Moon Goddess said casually.

“It’s not our place to request anything, it is our honor to be of service to our goddess,” the person in charge lowered his head and said respectfully, much like a lapdog…

The Moon Goddess gave another few encouraging words and left.

Everyone watched as she left, their minds swaying.

This could be the reason why the entire research lab was made up of men…

“Quit looking or your eyeballs might fall out of their sockets. That is a god you are looking at! Beware of god’s wrath…” the person in charge roared and everyone came back to their senses.

You were the one that was looking the most, were you not?

Everyone was not happy with him, but no one said anything.

The lab prioritized seniority and the person in charge was the one with the most experience. He was also considered the genius among them and had published papers that garnered the praise of renowned scientists.

If his ambition was to become a well-known scientist, then most of them would be considered common lab researchers compared to him.

One could not overtake him with hard work because he worked much harder than anyone else.

Everyone had only 24 hours, unless one received revelation from the heavens, there would always be a gap between them.

A dark shadow was searching for something within the realm. Wherever it passed, no one seemed to notice its existence.

The realm was not big, it was only a few thousand square kilometers. It was but a slightly bigger island on the sea.

It was evident by this that the magical energy of the Culinary God was not that great.

Fang Ning’s Morality City and the Land of Sanguinity consisted of a hundred thousand square kilometers, much like a medium-sized country.

There were not many countries on Earth that had land consisting of more than a hundred thousand square kilometers.

However, one could construct a huge city with a population of ten million with just a few thousand square kilometers.

“That’s strange, I’ve been searching for three days straight and yet there’s still no clue. The Culinary God is but a low-level god and doesn’t even compare to me. It’s impossible that he would be a master at concealment. He might be able to hide from these locals but it would be impossible for him to hide from a god like me,” the dark shadow marveled while resting at a corner of the jade white square.

It was looking at the jade white square, which was the last place it searched. Based on its judgment, this would be the least likely place for hiding. Even though it was a square used for inheritance ceremonies.

There were nine big pots situated on the jade white square. Each pot was shimmering green like they were rare treasures.

The pots were arranged in three columns and three rows, between them was a space of about a hundred meters. There were people standing next to each pot.

These were people here to fight for the inheritance.

There was a jade white tall stage in front of the nine pots. A simple looking treasure box was placed on the stage that was attracting everyone’s attention.

On the stage sat a green insect who had salivated all over the ground and was watching the nine pots intently.

The dark shadow was contemplating the square, it seemed the most unlikely of places but after eliminating other locations, this seemed to be the only possibility.

Where would it be hidden?

The tall stage, the box? Or the pot?

Nope, remember that even Homer sometimes nods.

However, he was a god.

The dark shadow turned his sights on the contestants.

Becoming a host on somebody’s body, pretending to be an old man, these were specialty tricks of fallen gods.

The dark shadow laughed to himself at this thought. His god’s intuition is telling him that he was in the right place.

The Culinary God’s fallen soul must be hidden within one of these people.

To find out who this person was would be an easy task for him.

He could test them out.

At this moment, the little insect on the tall stage started to say,” Okay, we will now start the first round of test. You may all begin to make a starter soup. Those who are unable to pass my judging standards will be eliminated. Oh, yes, you may use the pots here or even the utensils you have brought along. There are no limitations in this sense. However, I do need to remind everyone here that these few pots are not your usual pots.”

The people below the stage who are standing near the nine pots immediately started working at these words.

Those who had cultivation bases were not anxious but had started to analyze the big pots in front of them. Sharpening the knives in order to make sure you were able to chop your wood well was a reasoning that everyone was aware of, but not many were able to practice it.

During this era, one was not able to become a good chef without being a cultivator. There were many high-end ingredients that only a cultivator was able to recognize and prepare.