Chapter 866 - Speak With Conscience

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Chapter 866: Speak With Conscience

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Fang Ning had appeared and was standing next to Vigilante A.

That was right, it was not a substitute nor a mechanical puppet. It was Fang Ning himself.

However, one was his physical being and the other was his soul.

The only person who could tell them apart was the dark shadow at the scene.

He watched this scene and nodded to himself, “Vigilante A’s true identity is actually a chef. This really is a situation where the waves wash the sands because of the wind.”

“However, me not being able to see through this is really my problem. This should not happen. Have I met with some plot against myself?”

The dark shadow contemplated this.

At this moment, Fang Ning was dishing out his last effort.

“Sir System, can’t you just take over this time around?”

“That’s not possible. You have been with me for so many years and are a lake-level powerhouse. You even possess the strategy given to you by the person that came up with this test, that’s a lot of advantages. If you can’t even beat these chefs who aren’t even pond-level quality, then you might as well go home now,” Sir System was adamant.

“Fine, don’t regret it if I lose,” Fang Ning threatened while analyzing the big pot in front of him,

“If we lose, you’re the one that should be regretting it. You would be the one losing face since everyone would be saying that the namesake of God Chef Fang is nothing but a name, and is someone who can only make his way in small cities with no ability to show at major events. Also, your mother-in-law, father-in-law, and wife would be very disappointed in you, they are waiting for those life-extending pills,” Sir System was gloating.

Fang Ning felt cold all over and his hands shook, nearly knocking over the pot.

“Are you so heartless as to see me get embarrassed?” Fang Ning said under his breath.

“Be contented. It’s a peaceful competition now, there’s no knife or guns and all you need to do is cook. You even have the opportunity to practice your skills.?The saying goes that when a great responsibility falls onto the man, his computer must be hidden away, his phone be taken, his wifi be cut, his line for the internet will be broken, and he will be filled with boredom. He will then meditate, drink tea, reflect upon himself, begin training, read, play music, practice writing, gain wisdom, receive epiphany, improve, and at last make something of himself. I’ve yet to do anything too extremely heartless,” Sir System said in delight.

“You are really vicious!” Fang Ning clenched his teeth as he knew that this second-rate good must have eaten lead to turn his heart into cold, hard metal.

One thing he did not understand was if he did end up losing, the treasure in the box on the tall stage would be gone for good.

This system had always been a stingy character, it would never allow this situation to happen.

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“Hahahaha, you will definitely not understand why. Anyway, I will definitely not be helping you cook any meals,” Sir System was adamant.

“Hmph, I initially did not understand but now that I’ve heard your words, I think I’ve kind of understand now. That box on that tall stage contains only a book on the inheritance of the Culinary God. Any other treasure there is should now be in your hands,” Fang Ning said faintly.

“You’ve actually managed to guess it!” Sir System was shocked.

“But of course, don’t you know who am I? I’m a wise man!” This time, it was Fang Ning’s turn to be delighted.

“What wise man? It’s just because you’ve been staying in my stomach for so long that you’re able to see through me. I am highly suspicious of you peeping into my System Preservation Area through the keyhole… Looks like it’s not locked up enough, I’d need to add on another secure door,” Sir System said moodily.

“Who has the free time to peep into your storeroom?” Fang Ning was quickly distressed again after guessing the answer.

This meant that Sir System was not going to take over and help me cook!

This fellow had the culinary skills of the System and was up to par with the culinary inheritance of the Culinary God, one might say even better than the Culinary God.

That was why the System did not bother wasting any time to get that inheritance, which was why it did not agree to take over.

One thing was different between the both of them was that Sir System was never afraid to be embarrassed, but Fang Ning was.

He had always had the moniker of ‘World’s No.1 God Chef’. While he did not think much of it on a usual basis, but it was still something that he had earned for himself legitimately and not something earned from Vigilante A.

If he were to cook a meal in front of the public eye and it turned out to be worse than his disciples or other recluse masters, how could he face anyone else?

Just as that bastard had said, how could he face his in-laws when he returns home?

The pills for extending life would be easy to retrieve. He could just fool Sir System by appropriating it.

However, without victory, it would be hard to get it when missing a winner’s nomination.

Fang Ning closed his eyes and tried to remember what he had learned from the System’s culinary skills.

He had previously picked up some skills from the System while in the alchemy lab. He had only one aim then, and it was to cook in his home in the future. He can’t really allow a mechanical puppet to cook at home, can he?

That would definitely create a lot of trouble.

While there were not many opportunities to cook, chances do arise occasionally.

He was rather grateful now that he had made an effort to learn before, otherwise, he would really be at a loss now.

An afternoon passed by, there was already serving up a pot of fresh-made delicious soup up to the tall stage.

Chong Daqing was the first to bring out a bright, golden spoon to reach into the pot.

The spoon’s golden light went into effect and Chong Daqing nodded. She faced the middle-aged woman who brought the pot and said, “Yes, the spoon god has approved. This pot of soup is considered low quality, but it is still passable.”

The middle-aged woman placed her palms together in gratitude and said, “Thank you spoon god, thank you, insect god.”

After that, Chong Daqing took out a pair of silver chopsticks and reached into the pot with it, picking out some vegetables.

The chopsticks did not light up.

“Sigh, this is too bad. This pair of chopsticks god does not feel good about this and thinks this pot of soup does not qualify,” Chong Daqing said regretfully.

The middle-aged woman’s face turned grey.

She worked for an upcoming family of cultivators. Her culinary skills were naturally superior, and she was definitely qualified to receive awards in national culinary contests.

This time, her employers did not request for her victory but only to get a ranking in order to earn some reputation.

Afterward, Chong Daqing took out another seven culinary tools which included a spatula, a basin, a knife… Of all the nine tools, only four approved of its low quality. As for the other five, they did not agree.

“Don’t worry, there’s still me. As long as approve, none of their opinions matter,” Chong Daqing guaranteed.

“Urm…” The middle-aged woman was still muddled when her support team behind her started signaling her with their eyes.

She took a while to react and immediately implored, “As long as the insect god approved, we, we will be very appreciative.”

Chong Daqing gave a big smile at the words; it was about to agree with approval when a calm and steady voice was heard.

“Would a dirty situation like public bribery be seen at this inheritance of the gods under broad daylight?”

Chong Daqing clenched her teeth in anger, the Great Azure Dragon was interfering again…

He was always like its dear old dad, everything must be from the point of reason, which often rendered it speechless.

“Of course not, I am speaking from my conscience. I’ve always been an honest insect. This inheritance of the Culinary God will be conducted with truthful judgment and not for selfish reasons,” its pair of insect legs pressed heart on its chest.

Everyone looked at each other as they suddenly understood why a chef’s competition would require God Chef Fang to bring along this undefeated hero to join the crowd.

So, this was because he had realized long ago that if the process was guaranteed to be fair, then he would definitely emerge the winner.

Everyone lost their spirit at this thought and started to get distracted.

Right at the moment, they suddenly realized that everyone was just there to accompany him for the test, the real victor had been decided long ago.