Chapter 868 - Immortality

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Chapter 868: Immortality

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There was an uncertain look on the face of the God of Plagues. There was no need for any testing now.

He already knew the location of the Culinary God’s soul, but he was not happy about it.

This was the worst situation. It was harder to snatch someone out of Vigilante A’s hands than trying to wrangle a bone from a dog’s mouth.

As for trying to blackmail him via dubious methods, there was no way it could be used more than once. Overusing such a method would definitely result in heavenly wrath.

This would explain the problems he met before about why he was unable to detect the Culinary God’s soul and why Vigilante A could suddenly detect his presence.

At this moment, Vigilante A had spotted the dark shadow he was residing in.

“I found him. Well, who would have thought it’s this chicken rib,” Sir System was initially excited but was disappointed after.

“Yeah. Not only will there not be experience points, but it would also bring upon hidden dangers. If he suddenly decides to take the lives of everyone on Earth as hostages, it would be really troublesome. It’s definitely something he can pull off,” Fang Ning had seen the dark shadow through the System view.

“Hey, he might still be of use. I can use him to increase rent,” Sir System suddenly said.

“You, you, I have no idea what to say to you. If you meet other friends within the System World, don’t ever let anyone know that I’m your host. I would not want to be embarrassed…” Fang Ning shook his head and sighed.

“If you meet other friends within the System World, don’t ever let anyone know that I’m your host. I would not want to be embarrassed…” Sir System repeated on purpose.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.

Indeed, a master grade System would be tied to a master grade host.

Fang Ning sat lazily on the chair. He suddenly moved and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

This was the envy of everyone. They knew that Vigilante A had a portable dimension. Fang Ning was obviously given the authority to freely go in and out.

After entering the System space, Fang Ning saw Sir System brazenly showing the Culinary God the outside view as expected.

“You know who it is, right?” Sir System asked matter-of-factly.

“Isn’t this the one feared by man, avoided by spirits and hated by gods? This is the God of Plagues. Why is he here?” Black pot was a little surprised.

“Hmph, he wouldn’t be interested in your Culinary God inheritance, would he?”

“…” Black pot immediately knew what he wanted. He did not say anything but was in fact, deeply grateful at the moment.

This was indeed the turning of fortunes by the Heavenly Axiom, blessings and curses were no guarantees. When he was placed in this mysterious space by this mysterious presence, he had felt perturbed as he thought he would lose his life.

In fact, it looked like he had instead dodged a bullet.

“That’s why the rent here would be increased. You are, after all, a soul that’s been coveted by a god. It’s real strength consuming to keep you safe,” Sir System took the opportunity to mention it.

Black pot was helpless about it. This mysterious presence was indeed formidable, but he was quite different from other superior powerhouses. He really took the opportunity to wring you dry…

Unfortunately, it was a reasonable excuse, but Vigilante A should really have more grace, right?

When he still possessed the position of Culinary God, mortals would give him offerings. No matter good or bad, as long they were offerings made with sincerity, he would reward them. He was actually a rare god who was generous.

In comparison, this guy here was definitely a god of stinginess.

However, to say that there are not good gods and no reward for the good, was not entirely true. At the very least, he did not end up in the hands of the God of Plagues.

One will always be enemies with those in the same industry. This was a phrase that could be used anywhere.

He could not imagine what would happen if he was in the hands of the God of Plagues. These evil gods had ways to torment people that would exceed the imagination of humankind.

From this point of view, this mysterious presence was considered to be merciful and kind…

After thinking for a minute, the black pot replied, “I currently have nothing, but I can’t be sitting idle while using up your resources. Why don’t you give me some work to do?”

Fang Ning nodded at the words. This should be what a god should be, resilient and resourceful, quite unlike mortal emperors who refuse to get their hands dirty because of their so-called dignity.

“What else can you do besides cooking?” Sir System replied gloomily.

“No, no, it’s the opposite. I have never made a meal, nor do I know how to cook…” Black pot suddenly said.

“What? If you can’t cook, how did you become an expert on food? And you even came up with so many recipes!” Sir System was astounded.

“This is because I became a god by tasting many dishes. As long as I’ve tasted it, I can immediately deduce how it’s made… This is why the truth of the Culinary God’s inheritance is the “Culinary Arts of the Upper Realm” black pot said faintly.

“Magnificent, truly magnificent,” Fang Ning was truly impressed. This was a really carefree way of being a god.

“Then what do you know?” Sir System continued asking.

“I can absorb the essence of food for alchemy purposes. To be precise, I can create life-extending pills,” black pot said proudly.

“Urm, you are a god, why would you make mortal pills?” Sir System was curious.

“This is because the gods won’t make me any meals. It’s not easy to nurture a good chef and they have no time for cultivation. I can’t let them die of old age the moment I’ve managed to nurture them, right?” Black pots said with force.

“This is really strong reasoning. This is great because I have an alchemy lab. You can work for me and specialize in creating life-extending pills. Your rental will be taken off your pay,” Sir System said happily.

“Okay,” black pot agreed heartily. A god under another’s roof would need to be humble.

Fang Ning immediately reminded, “Sir System, yours is a System building, can a spirit from the outside use it? Isn’t it tied to me?”

“How many times have you used it anyway? I’ll open it up to whomever I want to because it belongs to me,” Sir System was adamant.

“That’s not possible, I think it would need my agreement,” Fang Ning shook his head.

“…You, when did you find out about this?” Sir System was panicking.

“I’ve known about this for a long time, I was just too lazy to mention it. You’ve said it once before that ‘These System buildings can’t be used by spirits from the outside, but the host and I are one. If I can use it, so can you.’ At that point, I guessed that I must have some share in this, as well as some saying rights,” Fang Ning said in delight.

“Then I guess you would agree to this,” Sir System said without explanation.

“I won’t agree unless you help me with the remaining tests,” Fang Ning took the opportunity to say.

“Urm… How could you have the nerve to say this? I’m doing this for both our benefit. As you said, other spirits might not be able to use it, but this black pot is different. He used to be a god who existed to keep the rules. I just need to do some modification and he will be able to use it,” Sir System said bitterly.

“Of course, I have the nerve. Compared to you, this is nothing,” Fang Ning clenched his teeth.

This was not typical of him but there was no other choice. If he had lost the subsequent tests, he would not be able to live with himself.

“Fine, I’ll help. Would you agree now?” Sir System clenched its teeth as it said.

“Isn’t that good? We are of one body and one heart, which is why we should be of one heart and one value. We can’t always be putting each other down. We should live in harmony, not fighting each other,” Fang Ning said earnestly.

“When it’s beneficial for you, then you’ll want harmony; when there’s nothing in it for you, you’ll fight it. I’ve long seen through you,” Sir System said bitterly.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless; this was the truth.

System notification: [The System consumed thirty million experience points to modify the alchemy lab, adding on new mode for alchemy furnace, it can now be used by a designated person.]

“Okay, this designated person will be black pot. Immortality pills, I think we don’t need to get involved in any other industries. This alone could guarantee us a life of never worrying about money,” Fang Ning was impressed.

“If humankind decides to use technology for immortality, wouldn’t these be useless?” Sir System thought far ahead when it came to profitability.

“Hoho, impossible. If you don’t believe it, you can ask black pot. He is a god, he would have insider information,” Fang Ning shook his head and sighed.

Sir System asked the question on the spot.

“That would be impossible. If you are from this world with no Heavenly Axiom consciousness, it might be possible. However, once you have the Heavenly Axiom consciousness, all living things would have no hope for immortality. Or should I say, unless one can overtake it, otherwise there would be no possibility for immortality,” black pot confirmed.

“Why is that?” Sir System was curious.

“Hoho, if immortality exists, there would be no motivation to be better. The Upper Realm had only produced a few sages and it was enough to put that whole world to a stop. The Heavenly Axiom of this world would definitely learn from that. Life can be extended but there would not be immortality,” black pot said casually.

“I see,” Sir System was enlightened.