Chapter 871 - A Little Spicy Would Be Nice

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Chapter 871: A Little Spicy Would Be Nice

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Elder Ancestor Bai had a solemn expression on his face when he walked out from the Truth Department.

For a reputable and powerful being like him, it did not feel good to be bossed around.

Not to mention being forced to tell the truth.

However, he was not furious.

For this was exactly what he had always thought. The stronger ones would always dominate. The so-called equality of humanitarianism was only a facade.

Vigilante A, you insisted on walking the same path after all… He had great plans, how could he be willing to be controlled by others? He touched the golden fillet beneath his hat, the hatred he felt towards Vigilante A arised from within. Hmph, we shall wait and see. One day, I would repay all the humiliation that you caused me twice as much! Two rays of light emitted from his eyes, then he disappeared into thin air.

Not long after, he met with Nie Yuan in a temple in Underground Greater Rat Kingdom.

“Master, you left in a hurry just now. What’s the matter?” Nie Yuan could not suppress his curiosity.

“Do I have to report to you where I’ve been?” Elder Ancestor Bai said coldly.

Nie Yuan shuddered uncontrollably, then he lowered his head and apologized, “I dare not. I’m just worried about your safety.”

“Just worry about your own,” Elder Ancestor Bai looked up and saw the incessant flow of crowd in front of the temple. He eased up on the tension on his face.

That was his foundation.

He looked weak, but if he could endure for now, that would be an immense source of strength in the future.

Although the Gods and Deities descending from the Upper Realm posed a huge threat, he was already well prepared. When he took over Land of Culinary, it would be his basis to open up exoterically.

It was impossible to stay on Earth.

After all, the Earth was a planet in the Solar System, unlike the Upper Realm that was a worldview of a piece of land.

Unfortunately, Greater Rat Demons had the characteristics of a normal living creature. Although they were more adaptable to the environment compared to humans, it was impossible for them to survive on a planet that was not fully developed.

They could not survive without oxygen, air, sunlight and optimum temperature.

He thought about that and said flatly, “Yuan’er, I have a task for you today.”

“Please go ahead and give me your orders,” Nie Yuan was resentful on the inside, but he was still obedient and respectful.

This old man was never aware of his hard work and the troubles of him constantly going back and forth. He even put in great effort in order for him to leave the arcane realm of Vigilante A.

Now he was giving commands and ordering him around. Sooner or later, he would make him understand that he would be the one to have the last laugh.

“Search for biologists in the human race. I want to modify the Greater Rat Clan.”

“Yes, Elder Ancestor,” Nie Yuan nodded. He did not ask any further questions.

The first round, a soup with sentiments. Out of nine contestants, three were eliminated. The rest already found the trick to it.

Unfortunately, some went overboard…

The soup that Fang Ning made was spicy, but after that it was just aromatic.

Two of them made a soup that tasted bitter… Trying to get the worm to remember its bitter past.

Even though it was extremely bitter, Chong Daqing had to admit that it was indeed a soup with sentiments. The rest of them were disqualified….

For humans, bitter food was often an indication of toxic, so it evolved to an instinct to reject anything that tasted bitter.

Defeating your opponent with an innovative move was right. However, it would not work if one went overboard.

So they were eliminated…

“Alright, let’s move on to the second round…,” Chong Daqing said unenthusiastically.

There was once it thought that this was a dream come true. It was in the beginning, it was delighted for the chance to taste different food.

However, when Fang the cook made a soup with sentiments according to the rule, it immediately regretted.

The rule should not have been added if it had known.

Having to cry and laugh after eating… that’s torturing!

Fairy tales were deceiving indeed. Soup with sentiments, a dish with shining radiance, as long as the food tasted good, that was all that mattered. To eat something that would make one feel emotional, was that not causing trouble to yourself?

Hence, it decided that for the next two rounds, the taste would be the main criteria.

“Each of you would have to make nine vegetarian dishes and nine non-vegetarian dishes. The top three contestants would make it to the final round,” Chong Daqing added, “There’s no need for the food to have sentiments this round, the taste would be the only judging criteria.”

The crowd of people looked at each other and smiled after hearing that. The speech was direct and straightforward, it seemed like it was traumatized.

Fang Ning reappeared on the competition ground.

Vigilante A was not here, because he needed the System to seize him and cook…

It was impossible for the System to seize his soul.

The crowd was not shocked, everyone knew that the Venerable Dragon God was busy. The appearance of Fang the cook was already a great honor to them.

“I fell into your trap. You didn’t need me in the beginning, but now I have to cook for you,” Sir System muttered.

“You’ve got multi-background processes anyway, it wouldn’t be a waste of your time,” Fang Ning said.

After that, the crowd saw Fang the cook moving his hands. All the pots and pans, fire and charcoal stove were all moving synchronously. It was godlike. It seemed like if one wanted to be a top chef, one had to be a powerhouse among the cultivators.

The ones who worked in the logistics department felt stirring waves in their hearts after seeing that.

They only saw a part of it, but they could tell what was going on.

Out of all the industries, it seemed like the top in each industry must be a cultivator.

If one was not a cultivator, it would be impossible to be the best in the industry.

However, there was a problem. If one was a powerhouse among the cultivators, would it be necessary for one to work in other industries?

Not long after, Fang Ning was the first to complete eighteen dishes.

Chong Daqing flew over after that.

It used a pair of silver chopsticks to taste the dish and it was surprised.

It switched to other utensils, but the same evaluation was given.

It put on a bitter expression on its face, “Fang the cook, you were tricking me before. I can’t believe that you’re so petty…”

The rest of them could tell that the inheritor had been determined. Godlike creation? It was their first time hearing that.

Fang Ning was at a loss for words, and had no way to explain.

Should he tell it that it was not a one-man’s job?

“Since when did I trick you? I did everything for your own good. A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. You have to be grateful for what you have and you can’t be greedy,” Fang Ning said earnestly.

Fortunately, Vigilante A was the one who owed Chong Daqing a debt of gratitude. As for his real identity, it did not matter much.

Otherwise, he would not have dared to say that…

Chong Daqing looked confused, it seemed like it did not understand his words fully. In the temptation of delicious food, it decided to put everything behind and to start tasting.

This time, it learned its lesson and started eating by taking small bites.

“Don’t worry. It’s not spicy…” Fang Ning was speechless.

“I think it’ll be nice if it’s a little spicy…,” Chong Daqing blinked its eyes and said.

Fang Ning did not feel like responding. Did it really think that he was a professional cook?