Chapter 872 - Rights

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Three days later, The Bequeathal of Culinary God came to a successful end.

Fang Ning was relieved that he did not let himself down and managed to get the treasure box.

There was only a book in the treasure box, and it was “Culinary Arts of The Upper Realm” just like Culinary God said.

He did not know when Sir System stole it…

“Stop accusing me out of nothing. I had the permission of the owner alright?” Sir System said bitterly.

Although the rest were envious, they still picked up the pieces and went home.

That was the advantage of being powerful. When you obtained something that was highly valued, people may envy but they never had the nerves to do anything about it.

Fang Ning observed the peaceful scene, then he sighed, “You need to have a certain amount of power to have a certain amount of wealth. Without corresponding power, the amount of wealth could be a threat.”

“Richie, it seems like you’re referring to me?” Sir System said proudly.

“…,” Fang Ning had nothing to say because that was true.

Suddenly, a rumbling noise was heard, the whole ground was shaking towards every direction.

Chong Daqing who was escorting the people out suddenly realized that the door could no longer be opened…

“What’s going on?” the crowd fell into a state of anxiety and fear.

“The Venerable Dragon God is gone?” suddenly someone exclaimed.

Everyone panicked and became even more distressed after hearing that. Seeing that the situation had come to this state, but Dragon God only appeared once and disappeared after that.

What could be done? Chong Daqing took charge of the situation. It vibrated its body and spread out its prestige all over.

“What’s with the fuss? This is my territory, who would have the nerves to do anything here?” the crowd calmed down a little. There was no Dragon God, but at least they had Insect God.

Someone said wittily, “Insect God, we’re well-behaved people who abide by the rules. You’ve eaten our dishes, although it’s not comparable to God Chef Fang, it was still a rare opportunity. If we can make it out here safely, we’re willing to serve you in the future.”

Its eyes lit up and nodded to the man who said that, “Don’t worry. Since you’re a good man, I’ll ensure your safety.”

“It looks like they’ve finally started…,” Fang Ning said to Sir System secretly.

“Let’s just wait and see,” Sir System expressed its lack of interest.

At this time, clouds of white smoke came rushing in from afar, diffusing all over White Jade Square.

Some of them were afraid and were running away from the smoke.

Only Fang Ning knew what it truly was, so he was not worried.

As the white smoke approached, only a part of it stayed in the air, most of it had already seeped through the grounds.

Fang Ning observed clearly, he was aware that the transformation of the grotto-heaven of this realm was taking place.

At this moment, God of Plagues who was hiding somewhere in the square already knew about the existence of the white smoke. He was a god after all. He was extremely delighted after seeing that.

“I can’t believe that someone’s using this secret technique to transform the arcane realm. The odds are in my favor!” He was extremely glad that Moon Goddess did not come with him.

It was easy to deal with a common enemy, but it was hard to distribute the gains. That was the main reason that caused the split of alliances. Everyone worked together to bring down the mutual enemy, but when the enemy was defeated and the distribution of profits was involved, they would burn the bridge after crossing it and go up against one another.

Supposedly when the Bequeathal of Culinary God ended, this arcane realm would gradually dissipate, be absorbed and assimilated by the outer universe.

Now the white smoke had given it a possibility to exist for a long time.

“This is the clan energy, it could be used to reinforce this realm first, then…” the God of Plagues could not help but to feel excited.

Although he was a god, he could feel the joys and sorrows like the others.

That occurrence was enough to make him happy.

“However, we still have an obstacle to remove…,” he stared at Fang Ning coldly. These ignorant mortals thought that they could only rely on Insect God, but they did not know that the true Dragon God was actually around them.

Just when Fang Ning and Sir System wanted to stand aside and observed, they suddenly heard a voice.

After hearing the sound, he moved faintly and disappeared in front of everyone.

Someone noticed his disappearance and said in dismay, “Oh no, Fang the cook has been taken away…”

“What? Who would do that on my watch?” Chong Daqing was furious.

In the name of the bequeathal, it got the chance to taste his godlike creation dishes. It was still looking forward to the next round. How could he be gone in an instant?

“You’re wrong, it seemed like he left on his own…,” someone refuted.

“How could he suddenly disappear? You’re suggesting that Fang the cook has the ability to teleport?” that person disagreed.

“Stop arguing, let me use my senses,” Chong Daqing swung its dozens of legs and suppressed the voice of the crowd.

All of them became solemn. Their chances of survival depended on Insect God.

They instinctively gathered behind Chong Daqing.

It was a weird sight. A group of tall and huge humans protected by a palm-sized bug…

However, the reality was that size was not a determinant of strength.

At this moment. Fang Ning appeared on the riverside.

A black figure was standing across him.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush. Vigilante A, please leave. I don’t want to go up against you today,” God of Plagues said coldly.

Fang Ning felt waves of anger rushing to his chest. He was already tricked by him multiple times before.

If he did not have the ability to wipe out all the humans instantly, he would have let Sir System fight back.

It was not easy to put up with him for so long.

He was soft-hearted and had a lot of unnecessary concerns. If it was one of the characters in the novels instead of him, it would start killing without a second thought, whether if the opponent was just an avatar.

“Hmph, I know what you’re trying to do. You don’t have any rights to meddle in the affairs of this realm!” Fang Ning said coldly.

“Haha!” God of Plagues laughed hysterically, “This is a legacy of Gods and Deities from the Upper Realm, and I’m one of them. You’re telling me that I have no rights?”

“Of course, because its owner is still here, and you’re not the one who stabilized it,” Fang Ning said without a trace of politeness.

“So what? They are outcasts that are just like the fallen angels, what’s left of them is just an empty soul. The ones who helped to stabilize it were only a bunch of demons, what rights do they have to reap the benefits of this grotto-heaven?” God of Plagues said coldly.

Fang Ning was not surprised that he knew about these. After all, he was a god, The Method of Divine Calculation was just an elementary skill to him.

“Even so, they still have more rights than you,” Fang Ning said flatly.

“Hehe, it seemed like you’re here to maintain some boring justice? Don’t you think that you’re being too nosy? What benefits do you get from it?” God of Plagues changed the subject and tried to provoke him.

“Benefits? I’m just insisting on my path. Unlike you, pretending to be a god when you’re actually just a devil. Everything you do revolves around personal gains, there’s no moral bottom line for you,” Fang Ning said justly.

“…,” God of Plagues looked at Fang Ning and frowned. I had seen stubborn fellows like him in the Upper Realm. They all ended up dead…but he was different than the rest of them, he was too powerful to be true.