Chapter 873 - Deal

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The number of enemies determined the size of the obstacle, and the God of Plagues understood this truth very well.

At this moment, he did not believe that Vigilante A simply wanted to adhere to his cultivation path. Instead, he was convinced that Vigilante A must still be holding a grudge. He just did not want it to fall into his hands.

If only he could carry out his plan to retrieve it secretly because seizing the arcane realm was such a elaborate move that it would be impossible to hide from others.

Moreover, to merge with the arcane realm and to master its order would take too much time and effort.

He would never succeed without eliminating a variable like Vigilante A.

The black figure stared coldly at Vigilante A. He wanted to threaten him with the fate of humans.

However, he held it in. After all, he had done it once before. He did not want to fuel his opponent’s anger that could perish them both.

Not forgetting that he was also a top-level powerhouse. If he is always threatened with the trivial lives of humans, with what he can and cannot do, he might stop caring about it eventually. Once or twice might be fine but after a while, he will not think twice anymore.

He had to save this opportunity of deterrence for the future in case his survival was put in danger.

This was the tolerance of a god, unlike a mortal. If a mortal had uncovered the weak spot of an opponent, they would ram him or her into the corner until both of them end in destruction.

In reality, there were quite a number of similar cases in reality as well. When one got something on one’s opponent, they would keep threatening one time after another, until they were killed.

The God of Plagues had already evaluated Vigilante A’s rage threshold. For now, he was trying to prevent Vigilante A from bursting.

None of them said anything. They just stood across each other by the riverbank, with sounds of the river flowing, making the atmosphere even more solemn than it already was.

Although the surroundings were calm and quiet, System Space was not.

The System would never let this opportunity slip away.

“Something interesting happened just now. Let me show you.”

Black Pot, who was cultivating pills in the Alchemy Lab stopped what he was doing after an image appeared before him.

“What are your terms and conditions?”

Since Sir System had previously used the God of Plagues’ presence to increase the rent, he already knew that this detestable being had appeared in the grotto-heaven of his arcane realm.

The appearance of the white smoke had shown him hopes of being reborn.

If the grotto-heaven could be maintained in the new world, as a rightful owner himself, he could easily rely on it as a place to reborn.

To prevent unforeseen changes, he did not tell anyone about the truth of the mysterious white smoke.

However, he could no longer hide the truth now.

More so, because of the intervention of the opponent, it had caused his lies to be exposed.

However, he was not ashamed. After all, the relationship between gods had always been filled with deceit and lies.

The honest and truthful ones would always be the first to be eliminated.

It was the same even for a harmless Culinary God.

At this time, Sir System said complacently, “That’s simple. I can help you to take back your rightful belongings, but I will need some reward for that.”

“Reward? What do you want?” Black Pot said flatly.

“Half of the output of this grotto-heaven in the future,” Sir System demanded.

“Deal!” Black Pot immediately agreed.

“…” Sir System was utterly speechless.

“Sir System, it seems like you’ve made a bad bargain…” Fang Ning covered his head with his hands and did not know what else to say.

“Damn it! I’m indeed an honest and simple-minded system. I should’ve let him make the offer first… I shouldn’t have said it myself.” Sir System was extremely frustrated.

“That’s heaven’s will and it’s not up to you. After all, he’s a god. It’s not easy to take advantage of him. He’s not like Axiom Daddy who had just completed his formation. He’s a god with a few million years of experience,” Fang Ning said in a consoling manner.

“Millions of years? They don’t seem that wise to me…” Sir System was bitter. “Only if I’m a devilish system, I could just easily go back on my word.”

“That’s impossible. I’m a good person after all. I can’t be seized by a devilish system, so this is just contradicting.” Fang Ning shook his head.

“A good person can fall into depravity…” Sir System refuted.

“Cut out the crap. Don’t forget your righteousness because of trivial gains, and don’t hold yourself back when it comes to important deeds. Sometimes a loss can be a blessing in disguise. At least you’ve gotten half of the share, others don’t even have the chance to bargain,” Fang Ning lectured the System.

The System calmed down. “You’re right. A great man rarely stoops to pettiness or harbors grievance for others’ past wrongs. Seeing that he’s just a ghost now, I’ll stop fussing about it.”

The System said to Black Pot, “In that case, then that’s settled. How do you wish to manage this arcane realm?”

Black Pot juddered. He was aware of the power of this mythical being. Although he was slow-witted, his powers were beyond doubt.

With his help, the odds of winning could now be raised to ninety percent from the initial thirty percent.

“That’s simple. We shall wait and see. When the grotto-heaven is completely stabilized, I would be able to control it once you escort my soul out. But you must ensure that my soul is not disturbed by outsiders when I am trying to take control,” Black Pot said slowly.

“That’s fairly simple, but you lied to us just now. How can I believe that you’ll pay me as promised once you’ve succeeded?” Sir System was doubtful.

Besides its host, it could never trust anyone else. Of course its trust towards its host had been decreasing because of its host’s trickery…

“How about I swear an oath?” Black Pot sighed. It was easy to lie, but it would be hard to regain someone’s trust once it had been broken.

That was the consequence of his actions. He could have become friends with this mythical being, but now their relationship could only be built upon personal gains.

“That doesn’t work. Gods like you have too many ways to break an oath. I have an idea. If you’re willing to put on this golden fillet, I’ll promise you,” Sir System said as it tossed a golden hoop tof Black Pot.

“…” Black Pot hesitated for a while.

He was well aware that he would be controlled by others once he put that on.

Yet if he did not, it would be hard for him to gain the trust of this mythical being.

With his existing powers, the chances of him getting back the grotto-heaven on his own were too low.

Besides, there was also the God of Plagues who had been eyeing on the grotto-heaven and had clearly expressed his desire to seize it.

He lied just so he could let it take the risk for him to get what he wanted without it being aware.

However, his goal could no longer be achieved, he must pay the real price now…

He believed that once he restored his status, he would have a way to remove the golden fillet.

The fortune did indeed favor the fools. If it was the foolish god who had to deal with this mystical being, he would have made a gain.

He thought of that and stopped hesitating. Then, he placed the golden fillet on the handle of the pot…

“Great. When the time comes, I’ll remove it for you,” Sir System said plausibly.

Fang Ning was stunned. The god had no clue about the golden fillet although he was said to be wise because he had seen a great deal of life.

He must have thought that it was just a form of restraint.

In fact, it was System Bind. If one was willingly put it on oneself, it would be impossible to take it off… Unless it was done by the System.

There had already been a few victims.