Chapter 875 - Riding the Tide of Times

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Chapter 875: Riding the Tide of Times

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In one of the hospital wards in Underground Greater Rat Kingdom, accompanied by a few ministers, Bai Shixin expressed his sympathy and consoled the demons that were ill in bed.

These hundred thousands of demon rats were the whole foundation of the Greater Rat Clan.

They were the commanders of billions of Greater Rat Demons, the one who kept the whole kingdom running.

Now that almost one-third of them had fallen sick, it had directly affect up to millions of ordinary demon rats. All of a sudden, many industries had become dysfunctional.

At such short notice, Bai Shixin had to order the healthy ones to temporarily take the places of the ones who were sick.

In order to centralize the supply of clan energy, the previous order that allowed the Greater Rat Demons with an insignificant position to take a month off was forced to be called off.

As a result, the supply of clan energy to the arcane realm of Culinary God was greatly reduced.

“Please take good care of yourselves. There will be a vaccine for this plague soon…” Bai Shixin was not afraid to talk to the patients and he even shook their hands.

The ones who got the chance to shake his hands were moved to tears. Who would not want to stay far away from such a serious plague?

Only the King was unafraid to take the risk and attended to them personally.

This time around, he had won the hearts of the civilians.

Bai Shixin was well aware that this was not an epidemic. Instead, someone was instigating trouble.

However, he would not be the target since he still had to be in charge and control the whole situation.

If he had fallen as well, the Greater Rat Clan would be in complete disarray. This would be a disadvantage to the man’s real target, and so he was the least likely to have something happen to him.

He walked out from the ward silently and back to his private car. His stare was solemn and cold.

The car had not started when Bai Shifu suddenly came over and knocked on the window.

The window was lowered.

“Just now, a message was sent by Vigilante A. He has already found out what happened. He wants to summon all the parties and hold a meeting to deal with this matter peacefully.”

“…” Bai Shixin was shocked. “Why is he everywhere?”

Then, he calmed down as he nodded and said, “Being small and weak is a sin indeed. The wishful thinking of dominating Land of Culinary shouldn’t have existed in the first place.”

Inside, Bai Shifu felt a deep sense of regret. Everything had gone well initially. The three humans who were sent in the name of apprenticeship had also completed their tasks smoothly.

Who would have expected that when they were only one step away from their goal, they were faced with so many unforeseen changes and complications?

Looking at the situation, Greater Rat Clan might even be wiped out completely!

Big brother was right. Being small and weak was an original sin.

“The meeting will be held tomorrow morning at eight o ‘clock, right here in the Pacific Ocean.” Bai Shifu handed over a tablet with an electronic map marking on the location.

“He’s really good at picking places.” Bai Shixin looked at it and nodded. “If a fight were to happen, he’d be able to get help from the Heavenly Axiom, and it wouldn’t affect the innocent people at the same time.”

Bai Shifu did not think about that. It was just a meeting venue to him, but it apparently had a lot of hidden meanings behind it. He could not help but had a sudden sense of admiration towards Bai Shixin.

“You’re very wise indeed, big brother. Vigilante A had planned this meticulously, but you managed to see through him at one glance,” Bai Shifu complimented him sincerely.

“Well, both of us will attend, and no one else,” Bai ShiXin decided right away.

Bai Shifu nodded, he understood why he wanted to do so. In Greater Rat Clan, there were no real powerhouses so it would be of no use for so many of them to show up. The lesser the Greater Rat Demons, the easier it would be to deal with the situation.

The next day. Over the central of the Pacific Ocean.

Vigilante A appeared on a cloud.

Fang Ning wondered as he said, “Sir System, why did you choose this place?”

“It’s a good battleground,” Sir System said justly.

Fang Ning was speechless. “You’re really ready to show off your muscles.”

“Of course I am. Otherwise, what rights do I have to get half of the share?” Sir System said credibly.

“You’ve got a point. Let’s wait for a little longer, they should be here soon.”

After a while, Bai Shixin and Bai Shifu appeared in front of Vigilante A.

“The Venerable Dragon God, I haven’t seen you in a while? How have you been?” Bai Shixin asked politely.

“I’m good, but lately there’s been a lot of lowlifes playing tricks behind my back. It’s causing me quite a lot of trouble,” Fang Ning replied flatly.

Bai Shifu shuddered after hearing that. The things that he had done recently, turning humans against one another, digging up humans’ ancestral grave, those were the plain behaviors of a lowlife.

He had mocked himself when he soon realized that he was not qualified to be the lowlife that Vigilante A just called out…

The lowlifes that could be remembered by Dragon God were powerhouses of at least lake-level and above.

How could he possibly care about the tricks he pulled?

Bai Shixin smiled. “The more powerful you are, the greater the responsibility you have to bear. The Venerable Dragon God is the most powerful being in this realm, you have to maintain the public order. It’s hard to avoid putting in the effort and hard work.”

Fang Ning was speechless. This might be true for the other heroes, but not for Sir System. The more powerful Sir System was, the more wealth he obtained…

However, he could never foul his own nest. He nodded. “Since it was a path that I chose on my own, I will not have any complaints. After all, a buffoon who performs antics could only do it for so long.”

Bai Shifu did not sense any unusualness, he thought that it was just a normal conversation between the both of them.

Bai Shixin squinted his eyes before he immediately understood what he was trying to imply.

It seemed like human history was repeating itself again today…

A moment later, Elder Ancestor Bai and Nie Yuan appeared in the sky as well.

The four most important figures in the Greater Rat Clan, but none of them said anything after seeing each other.

“You’ve observed for so long. Isn’t it time for you to show yourself?” Fang Ning scanned through the crowd and suddenly said. The rest did not say anything. They just instinctively looked around to search for the hidden figure.

“Hehe, it seems like all of you have made a wise decision,” a triumphant voice ascended from nowhere.

The crowd saw a black figure emerged from a cloud and slowly took shape. It was the God of Plagues from the Upper Realm who had recently risen to fame on Earth.

The eyes of Bai Shifu were burning with rage. He finally understood what had happened.

It was this despicable god who was behind everything that happened!

He took on the command of Bai Shixin and he put in strenuous efforts in planning. He paid a huge price just to have three humans as Fang Ning’s apprentices, then he had them lurked into Land of Culinary to set up an altar.

In the Greater Rat Kingdom, he had contributed in accumulating clan energy. He was working hard every day.

Instead, all he got in return was this evil god wanting to share the fruits of his labor without working hard for it!

Truthfully, he was more willing to hand over the arcane realm to Vigilante A than this evil god!

If it was given to Vigilante A, he would be owed a debt of gratitude that would be repaid in the future. If it was given to this evil god, he would never get anything out of it.

Weakness was an original sin!

Bai Shifu gritted his teeth, but he did not dare to say anything cruel. He clearly understood that his words might cause death upon hundreds and thousands of them in the clan.

Bai Shixin said calmly, “Now I know that you actually wanted that place. If only you said it earlier, we wouldn’t have to come to this today. We would have given it to you willingly with both hands. However, the clan energy to the arcane realm is in short supply, there’s a problem with the solidification of the arcane realm. There will be hidden dangers that might blow up in the future, and I’m afraid that it’s not suitable for gods to live in.”

Fang Ning felt a sense of admiration towards his endurance. He was genuinely concerned about his well-being although he was being oppressed to extremity.

“Such a pushover. I thought they were going to fight. I was already prepared to sit by and reap the benefits,” Sir System said bitterly.

“Well, nice try. That’s a pleasant thought, really…” Fang Ning scorned.

“I don’t even have a face, can’t I at least wish to look pleasant?” Sir System said.

The God of Plagues was stunned. Then, he looked at Bai Shixin and nodded. “You’re a man who knows how to ride the tide of times, and that’s hard to come by. However, some people might not think that way.”

“Hmph, you resort to forceful and deceitful means to get what you want. You’ve completely disgraced the gods!” Fang Ning said righteously, “If it wasn’t for the bigger picture, I would’ve destroyed you to ashes and banned you from entering this realm!”

God of Plagues trembled before he said coldly, “You can try…”

Bai Shifu’s anger was building up, but he also understood that both parties could not fight against one another.

If both parties ended in common destruction, the Greater Rat Clan would be collateral damage and the biggest victim.

Just like the mythology of Nuwa mended the sky and the war between Gong Gong and Zhu Rong, both stories led to disastrous events. The biggest victims in both stories ended up being the helpless mortals.

“I’m grateful that the Venerable One spoke boldly in defense of justice. However, just like Shixin said, we can’t afford to offend the gods. If so, then the arcane realm should be given to him,” Elder Ancestor Bai suddenly said.

The God of Plagues smiled faintly. It seemed like he appreciated their tactfulness in making the right decision.

There would not even be a meeting if it was in the Upper Realm. They would just hand it in obediently once the word got out.