Chapter 876 - Cut the Gordian Knot

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Chapter 876: Cut the Gordian Knot

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When Elder Ancestor Bai said that, Bai Shifu showed a disappointment in his eyes that could hardly be contained.

He thought that he might have had some ways to make the evil god concede.

Now, although it seemed that Elder Ancestor Bai might be wise, he could only deal with his equals. In the face of the superior gods, he was just like the weak mortals who could only bend the knee and bow before them.

However, Vigilante A was different now. A few years ago, Elder Ancestor Bai could still be compared to him. Looking at the current situation, one could denounce the evil gods publicly, another one could only bow and scrape before the gods. They were worlds apart in comparison.

Bai Shixin was calm and not quite disappointed. Elder Ancestor Bai might have strong powers and be wiser than the others, but he was still far away from being a god. If the Greater Rat Clan thrived and grew stronger only would he have the hopes of becoming a god.

Whereas the person they were dealing with was already a god from millions of years ago.

As for an anomaly like Vigilante A, he was someone who was bestowed with heaven’s luck. There were always some people in the world who were like this. As a wise man, he had already acknowledged the reality.

“Wait, this arcane realm has an owner. Even if you want to stoop to compromise and avoid trouble, it can’t be given to him,” Fang Ning suddenly said.

The rest were in shock after hearing that. Elder Ancestor Bai’s eyes were frozen, then he asked, “Culinary God’s still alive?”

“That’s impossible. If he was still alive, then why would he leave the bequeathal behind?” Bai Shixin shook his head.

Fang Ning waved his hands, and a black pot appeared in front of everyone.

A breath of god suddenly filled the air.

Unlike the God of Plagues with his illusory black figure, this was real and existent.

Over the black pot appeared a white-bearded old man with a dignified face, who had a mild and benevolent countenance.

“Well, this old man looks decent. You can’t tell that he could actually lie so naturally, I think he’s as good as you in this aspect.” Sir System sighed.

“Don’t take me as a negative example,” Fang Ning said bitterly.

“I know you best, of course I have to take you as an example,” Sir System said credibly.

At this time, Culinary God smiled. “In this state, I can’t really be regarded as being alive. I was fortunate to have been blessed with Heaven’s luck to survive. However, the grotto-heaven that was in my possession while I was still alive can’t be simply given to anyone.”

Bai Shixin concurred with Culinary God and nodded. If the Culinary God was still in one piece, they would never have the rights to seize the grotto-heaven.

However, he could not understand why he had ended up like this.

The secret of it was inaccessible to him due to his current level, but it seemed like it would be a shocking one.

Then, he simply said, “Culinary God, do you still want to contend in your current state? Better to hand it to me than a bunch of demons, at least that would not be a humiliation to you.”

“Hmph, you’re a god who spreads diseases and inflict torture upon others. You disgust everyone. I’m the god who has tasted countless delicacies in the world. We were born to be rivals. How can I hand over my grotto-heaven to you? I would rather watch it be destroyed than letting my food haven transform into a drug den,” Culinary God put away his smile as he said coldly.

Bai Shixin watched discreetly, saying nothing.

Seeing two gods from the Upper Realm bickering in the middle of nowhere, it was an insightful experience to him.

It seemed like these gods, who were supposedly high above everyone else were nothing more than ordinary. They would fight for their dignity as well as fight against someone due to their personal resentment and grudges.

Deep down, he was pleased. He did not show up for nothing. This had allowed him to see the true colors of the gods.

These gods had lost their powers that were as strong as the overturning clouds and the raging storm. What was left of them was only their wisdom.

In this regard, he did not think that he was lacking compared to them.

The key here was to grasp enough information. As long the information was accurate and complete, the other party would not be able to trick them.

“…” A feeling of shame flashed past his face. He was silent because he could not refute.

If he had a choice to start everything all over again, would he still be a Culinary God?

The great destruction was coming, and the Upper Realm was faced with extinction. They needed someone to burn themselves to delay the process and gods like him were the best fuelwood.

There was an order to it. As some gods do not have a prominent background and powerful forces to back them up, they were the ones who had to burn first.

Just like the River God of the Sky River, although he was one of the noble ancestral gods, he had to be burned because of his connections that would lead to plenty of complications.

The God of Plagues was willing to give up on most of his powers to descend because of this.

The situation came to a deadlock. Everyone was silent.

It was apparent that all four parties had come on stage and were surrounding their prey, signaling the solidifying the grotto-heaven.

Truthfully, Fang Ning was not attracted to the prey.

Whether it was half of his ownership in Spiritual Insect Realm, or the Morality City and Land of Sanguinity that fully belonged to him, any of them would be several times better than this semi-finished Land of Culinary. How could he be attracted to it?

Sir System gave him a smack on his head when Fang Ning thought about that.

“Look at you. You immediately stopped cherishing once you’ve accumulated some wealth. Don’t you know that the sage once said that the less you slack off, the more wealth you get; the more wealth you get, the more you cannot relax.”

“Okay, you’re always right. I’m just thinking about it, I can’t possibly give up on my rightful profits.” Fang Ning felt wronged.

“Don’t even think about it. A fire is started from a spark, you know that?” Sir System said earnestly.

Fang Ning muttered, ”?Why don’t you stop being a chivalrous system? You can be a Grandet system. Tofu Xi Shi and Yan Jiansheng can be your seniors…”?1

“…” Sir System was speechless.

After a moment, Fang Ning suddenly said, “I hate to bother myself with unnecessary trouble. This is the map of Land of Culinary, let’s just cut the Gordian knot…”

He pointed his fingers in the air, a circular map consisting of the ups and downs of the terrain appeared in the landscape.

“Well, Richie, your way of drawing really won me over…” Sir System was very satisfied.

The other three looked at each other.

The God of Plagues thought for a while before it took the lead and nodded. “If that’s the case, I’ll show you some respect. I don’t want to be entangled in an endless war.”

The biggest saboteur has bowed, and the other two parties had no reason to go on about it.

They all knew that if they went on, neither side would benefit. Now it was clear that the Venerable Dragon God was the strongest. He was the mediator, so he naturally got the biggest share.

Others had no choice but to give in because profits were the main goal for them. As for him, he had nothing to lose even if he did not have a share in Land of Culinary, so he had the final say.