Chapter 877 - Mystical Pill

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Chapter 877: Mystical Pill

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Under the witness of Vigilante A, four parties swore a heavenly oath. The dispute had come to an end without any disturbance.

Bai Shixin looked across and sneered. It was indeed a re-enactment of ‘When the shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game’. They were fighting against one another for almost half a day, but Vigilante A came in and got the biggest share in the end. All he did was just host the meeting.

As for the Greater Rat Demons who had worked their hearts out, they had ended up with only less than one-fifth of the land.

However, that had been the reality since ancient times to the present. The ones who had worked the hardest always got the least reward.

The amount of effort put in might not be proportional to the gains.

He simply said, “Since everything’s been settled, I hope that you can show mercy and end the plague in my clan. Please spare the demons so that they can continue to contribute.”

God of Plagues waved his hands indifferently. “The curse of the plague has been lifted. You would know once you get back.”

There was no trace of remorse in his words, as if what he did was perfectly justified.

Bai Shixin breathed a sigh of relief. Once again, he had experienced the vulnerability of being small and powerless. The precious lives of hundreds of thousands of Greater Rat Demons relied merely on his words.

At the same time, he deeply understood the value of a powerhouse like Vigilante A. With such great power, people should be grateful that he was not using it for evil means. Besides, he was still willing to help maintain justice.

Although he had a huge appetite when it came to profit-sharing, he was still better than the evil god. After all, he had to take the full responsibility to contend with the God of Plagues, and that was not something that regular powerhouses could do.

In the end, the evil god did not get full authority. Each party got their own fair share of dominance and everyone went their separate ways after that.

“You performed very well this time. What reward would you like?” Sir System asked casually.

“You don’t sound sincere at all. I want hundreds of Immortality Pill in the Bequeathal of Culinary God.” Fang Ning seized the opportunity to make a bold request.

“Hundreds? You wish. No!” Sir System said firmly.

“Ten will do,” Fang Ning made a bargain.

“That’s more like it. The Preservation Area is unlocked, you can go get it. Remember to be truthful,” Sir System said solemnly.

Once Fang Ning heard that, he immediately rushed to the Preservation Area. The lock was indeed opened.

He pushed the door open, but he did not enter directly. Instead, he employed his spiritual sense and a bottle of pills appeared on his hand after that.

He pondered for a while before he took out ten bottles of Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill…

“Damn it! You’re doing what I just told you not to. Why can’t you stand the test of temptation?” Sir System was furious.

“That’s what you allowed me to do… ” Fang Ning said justly as he held the bottles of pills.

“Since when?” the System was frustrated.

“If you didn’t intend to let me grab these, why would you unlock the door? You could’ve just tossed me a bottle of pills. Since you’ve opened the lock, I just took it as approval from you to take whatever I want just like how I used to…” Fang Ning said credibly.

“I’ve been so kind…” Sir System had nothing else to say.

Fang Ning had no time to deal with a halfwit. He took the pills and went into the Draconic Arcane Realm.

“I knew you were going to please your wife. Our friendship is over!” Sir System said to the Fang Ning’s receding figure.

“I’m just repaying a debt that I owed. You owed your fortuitous success today to her ‘Dragonization Ability’.”

After a long time, Fang Ning returned with a delightful face. He had obviously gained a huge satisfaction from Draconic Arcane Realm.

After all, he was just a human who required validation from another human being.

No matter who the person was, even if he was a hermit, it would not feel good to always be despised and looked down on by others.

Being optimistic also meant being unwilling to accept the truth.

In the riverside mansion of Madam Zhao and her family in the Draconic Arcane Realm.

“Our son-in-law did not let us down. He has succeeded in just a few years.” Madam Zhao was talking to her husband President Zhao.

“Yes. Lil Fang is a man of integrity. It’s commendable that he has never forgotten to stay true to himself,” President Zhao said in a gratified way.

He was not wrong about him. A few years ago, Madam Zhao handed her celestial arts that were passed down from previous generations in her family to him. She even wanted to marry her daughter to him, all just for the immortality pill.

He did not want to sacrifice her daughter’s happiness for his personal gains. Fortunately, their feelings were mutual and Fang Ning was someone who could be entrusted.

He did not change just because he had the Venerable Dragon God to back him up. He was still a man of honor. He even asked them to take shelter in Draconic Arcane Realm to avoid the possible dangers out there.

Due to that, they had lived in peace for the past few years. The world out there was constantly changing and a lot of terrifying and horrible incidents had taken place without them being aware of it.

In the business field, he was accustomed to the younger generation who would change their stance in an instant. They would act respectfully in front of you, but once they had made a name for themselves, they would immediately turn their backs on you. People as realistic as they were could be seen everywhere.

In comparison, Fang Ning seemed like a genuine and trustworthy person.

“You should consume this Immortality Pill now. Soon, we can all live a long and healthy life,” Madam Zhao said.

“Our daughter is still cultivating in isolation. Shall we wait for her to take the pill together?” President Zhao was always worried about his daughter.

“She doesn’t need it. If she manages to cultivate successfully, she can easily have a lifespan of a thousand years. Let’s not waste this precious pill. A pill to prolong humans’ lives is hard to come by and it cannot be bought with money.” Madam Zhao did not want to delay it any longer. She opened her mouth and swallowed the pill right away.

“Alright then.” President Zhao was an ordinary human after all. His heart still longed for a mystical pill like this.

Throughout the ages, from all of the emperors and generals to countless heroes and heroines, there was no one who did not yearn for immortality.

Qin Huang and Han Wu were the greatest poets in their time with magnificent achievements. However, they were both ruined on the path of seeking immortality in their old age.

He was now the boss of a small and well-capitalized modern company, yet he had already been given something these emperors and generals could only wish for.

It was not that he was stronger than them, but he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

A hero could only achieve so much if the timing was not on their side.

President Zhao picked up the jade bottle that Fang Ning put down from which he poured out a golden pill. He placed it directly into his mouth without hesitating.

After that, he could not help but closed his eyes. His whole body seemed to be soaked in a warm stream.

It seemed like he was taken back to the time when he was still in the womb. It was as if every cell of his was reborn.

He was a modern man after all. As the head of a company, he had watched a variety of science documentaries about healthcare and wellness.

He assumed that the cells of his whole body were coming alive again under the influence of the drug, but he was not a biologist and it was hard to imagine how this process would work.

The new era was dangerous and scary, but it was also full of opportunities!

The unlucky ones might not live to see the sun rising up the next day, but the lucky ones might have the chance to live forever.

Fortune and misfortune were always so unfathomable.

He could only try his best in doing good, in hopes that life would reward him greatly.

“How do you feel?” After a while, Madam Zhao asked out of concern.

“I feel great. This is a mystical pill indeed. I feel like I’m twenty years younger.”

“That’s not a feeling. Go look in the mirror, you are younger by twenty years.” Madam Zhao laughed.

President Zhao opened his eyes and looked at his hands. The wrinkles on his hands had disappeared; it was his pair of hands when he was younger.

He hurried to the full-length mirror. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and was overjoyed.

“I’m really young and that’s good. I no longer need to worry about people laughing at me robbing the cradle behind my back when I’m being seen with you,” he could not help but said.

“Tell me about it…” Madam Zhao was already pulling on his ears.

“Ouch, please let go. I was only joking,” President Zhao immediately begged for mercy.

The spring sunshine that was fused with laughter once again spread out in this harmonious family…