Chapter 878 - Probing Into

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Chapter 878: Probing Into

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On Lunaette in the Azure Mountain Realm.

In a secluded and winding mountain cave, its unearthly chilliness formed an invisible shield that kept all the passerby away from it.

On the cave ground, there were rows of glass coffins with lifelike human bodies inside.

Gu Buwei, who was wearing a long robe stood in front of the coffins. He looked at the frozen bodies and could not help but feel a sense of great sympathy towards them.

More than a month had passed and yet the plague caused by the God of Plagues was still incurable.

Before that, he had sought help from Vigilante A and the best disciples of Hundred Herbs Geezer, but all of them had no means to help with the situation.

To prevent their bodies from decaying, he had to use the power of the arcane realm to freeze all of them completely in this deep and hidden mountain cave.

After all, it was not a good thing to be kept alive by an intravenous drip. As long as the body was physically active, being bedridden would bring many hidden health dangers. It might be acceptable to mortals, but for the cultivators, it might ruin their cultivation base in the future.

The power of the arcane realm that grandmaster made use of could freeze their current physiological states in store for the future.

He felt a sense of powerlessness, as this would be the end of an ordinary cultivator who fought against the gods and deities.

The Grandmaster himself had integrated with the Azure Mountain Realm’s Order so he did not have to be afraid of the epidemic.

However, the disciples did not have this ability. Their chances of escaping from this fatal lot depended on the mood of the one who caused it.

After taking a look for a while, he had every frozen person engraved on his mind before he came out of the cave.

He did not know when he would be seeing them next after bidding them goodbye this time.

He had a quiet temperament. It would be hypocritical to say that he had a strong bond with his junior brothers and martial uncles. It was more like a situation of ‘the fox mourning over the death of a hare’. (TN: It literally means animals grieving for their own kind. It is used to describe a situation when a person sympathizes with another person of their like upon learning their misfortune.)

Mortals thought gods were upright and fair, but what they did not know was that gods like that only existed in myths.

In reality, although the gods were the strongest beings on top of the biological chain, they could never be associated with uprightness and fairness.

The ones who idolized and worshipped the powerhouses had been hit by the harsh reality in the face multiple times.

There was nothing to complain about. Then, when human themselves arrive at the top of the biological chain, they would recklessly slaughter all the creatures that could bring them benefits. It was simply his turn now.

That was the truth of reality.

Gu Buwei was well aware of it. However, it did not mean that he had to give in and bow before the gods.

Upon exiting the arcane realm, he arrived at the foot of the mountain. Just when he was about to leave after catching a last glimpse of the mountain gate, his mistress, Qi Hui appeared.

“You’re going to perform a great deed. Let me send you off.” Qi Hui’s eyes were reddish at the rims. It seemed like she had cried again.

That was an unusual act for a cultivator, but Gu Buwei sympathized with her. She had lost her sister, and then her husband. On top of that, she was a soft-hearted person, so it was not surprising to see her act this way.

“You can be relieved. Nothing will happen to master on grandmaster’s watch,” he said in a consoling manner.

“Well, go ahead and do what grandmaster wanted you to do. The mountains will be guarded by us women.” Qi Hui pulled herself together and took out a silver pendant.

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“This is your master’s amulet. Now that he’s frozen, it’s of no use to him anymore. Bring it with you.” Qi Hui handed it over to him.

In an unmodest manner, he immediately stretched out his hand to receive it before he hung it on his neck. He then gave her a deep bow and left without turning back.

The great deed that he was going to perform was to probe into the gods!

Success and failure both had been possible scenarios to him. He used to just go with the flow, and inaction was his strategy.

This time he had already decided that it would be to conquer or to die!

In Japan Archipelago.

The God of Plagues returned to his Biological Computer Lab that was basically a huge underground vault in great contentment. The Moon Goddess was looking at the grey matter of the brains in there.

“It seems like the future origin of life had a fruitful trip?” She congratulated him.

“It was all right. I got one-fifth of the grotto-heaven of the Ol’ Culinary God. The most important part was that I had once again proved that Vigilante A is afraid of me. He had too many concerns,” God of Plagues said pleasingly.

“Hehe, if it was in the Upper Realm, a mortal cultivator like him would not even have the powers to brew storms on rivers and seas. He would not be qualified to contend with us. However, it’s uncertain when the flourishing scene in the past would be restored,” Moon Goddess said.

God of Plagues shook his head. “The times have changed. There’s nothing to be saddened about. The world is a savage place, and the development of the Heavenly Axiom here lacks profound theoretical guidance. Sooner or later, it would develop into the ones we’ve pictured it to be in our minds if we’re patient.”

“They’re not savages as they also walk the path of science. I have carefully analyzed the Heavenly Axiom of this world, and its behavior and strategy are based on the human’s scientific method. Although the methods are still undeveloped, they’re on the right path. Exploration, trial and error, correction, summary, and application… This process will be repeated endlessly, and its progress will be extremely rapid. Besides that, it will not be slowed down by the negative emotions of ordinary creatures, it will not be lazy and frustrating, and it will not sympathize. We all know that the development of a conscious existence like the Heavenly Axiom might get out of hand as it advances…We wouldn’t have had such a long and peaceful life if the Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm hadn’t been under the control of the saints,” Moon Goddess said flatly.

“We don’t have to worry too much about it. After all, it’s under the supervision of the few saints.” God of Plagues was indifferent towards the matter.

Moon Goddess said nothing. Since he was an apprentice of the saints, he knew about all the mysteries, but perhaps it was not appropriate for him to disclose to the outsiders.

To put this in a sentence, it meant that the saints should not be entrusted entirely, and the Heavenly Axiom should not be messed with.

After a while, he said, “When will this biological computer of yours be able to predict the Heavenly Axiom?”

“I wanted to capture Ol’ Culinary God and use him as an arithmetic center, but he’s under the protection of Vigilante A. So, we have no choice but to look at the next best solution which is why I have to act as the arithmetic center myself… Wait, it seems like one of my biological brains is missing?” The God of Plagues glanced around and suddenly realized.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that during my watch, one of the brains had a sudden medical condition and it became rancid after that. I’ve already destroyed it…” Moon Goddess said in a soft manner.

There was no sign of lying on her face.

“Oh, I see. It seems that these biological computers are flawed after all. They’re not as easy to maintain as those electronic computers. Once they’re broken they can’t be fixed at all.” As if he was not suspicious of anything, the God of Plagues nodded.

“There are only 80 of them left. Won’t that be a problem?” Moon Goddess was concerned.

“I supposed not. Perhaps this is the will of heaven, where nothing can ever be perfect. The concept of imperfection might be more in line with the Heavenly Axiom in this case,” God of Plagues said in a remote tone.

“Alright then. Let’s begin.” Moon Goddess urged, “I still think that changes are bound to happen. Unfortunately, most of the Gods and Deities from the Upper Realm are too busy to get involved. Otherwise, we could handle this with great ease if more of their avatars descend.”

“Hmph, it’s not that they’re too busy to be involved, but someone had stopped them from doing so just in case they ever need some straw bags to close up the breach,” God of Plagues said coldly. Then, his figure shifted and entered one of the biological brains.

The Moon Goddess looked intently, as she saw all of the 80 living brains turned red all of a sudden before it turned back to greyish white.

The tubes that connected them were actually thick white filaments. At this time, the sound of blood pumping was emitting between those filaments.

He knew in his heart that this powerful biological computer had started to operate.

These days, he had familiarized himself with human technology. He knew that the advantages of this biological computer compared with the electronic ones were that it consumed less power, and there was no need to worry about the problem of overheating. It could be made with large-scale integration, and it had an extremely high computing speed.

The drawback was the difficulty to take its readings, but this would not be a problem with the incorporation of the avatar of a god.

After all, Gods themselves were an enormous computer memory.