Chapter 879 - Alignment of the Five Planets

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Chapter 879: Alignment of the Five Planets

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Time flew by. Two weeks went by in a flash, and it was the fourth year and third month of Shenyuan. Spring returned to the north, and the countryside was gradually taken over by greenery.

These days, after the Culinary God’s Realm was stabilized, everything was fine. Nothing big happened.

Fang Ning could finally slack off again. The System was in the midst of cultivation, utilizing all its threads in its attempt to reach breakthrough of a method to the God level, and so it had no time for him.

At first, he persevered with only his self-discipline to rein himself in, but his efforts began to falter after a short while when Sir still did not speak to him.

And so he continued to waver between regret and pleasure.

‘I should have fun for a day and start work tomorrow…

‘One more day, and I’ll start getting busy tomorrow…

‘Oops, I had a tad too much fun today! I feel so guilty. Maybe I should get back to work now…’

Fang Ning spent the entirety of the past fortnight in this manner.

This was inevitable. Before, he had set his mind on his goals with spectacular resolve, but his determination naturally receded with time.

A wise man once said, “One without determination constantly has aspirations, while one that is determined sets long-term goals.” The real struggle was to cultivate good habits in daily life, as opposed to cramming everything in a short time.

Fang Ning understood this well, but he would helplessly succumb to laziness without outside supervision.

He was like a student who did well in his senior year of high school. Under the supervision of his parents and teachers, he could study 14 hours a day and get excellent grades, but he would get carried away when he got into college… This was very normal.

That day, he played for a while and felt a little empty and aimless. Being afraid of Sir System admonishing him after he emerged from his training in isolation, he wanted to work on something. He ran to the Alchemy Lab, only to see Black Pot there, working on a pill.

Previously when the Culinary God’s Sacred Realm was quartered, he retained a part of it, but he still did not dare to return home in fear of being pursued by the God of Plagues.

And so, he continued to pay a hefty sum for a hotel room in the System.

Sir and Fang Ning did not need to worry about the god being unable to afford the room, as he was now a landlord. As long as the land generated produce, it was the most stable income a man could earn.

Fang Ning struggled to start a conversation. “Old Master Culinary God, how long would making one of your medicinal pills take? I feel like it’s been a long time…”

“Haha.” Black Pot’s good mood was evident in the mirth in his words. “Three months at least, three years otherwise. Compared to those master alchemists, I’m much faster, but my skill is not comparable to the Tao Master’s, of course.”

“Tsk…” Fang Ning was boggled. Sir could make a pill in a few minutes’ time, and three hours maximum; the System’s efficiency was really insurmountable.

That was why those gods and deities would not produce those extremely precious magical items and treasures in bulk, even though they could do so. They only made enough for themselves and those closest to them.

Aside from their high statuses, one of the main reasons was that it consumed too much time — time they would rather use to cultivate and enjoy life’s pleasures than fulfill the demand of the market.

After all, they were not producers. Barring that, they did not work to satisfy the demand of the laymen of the cultivation world.

He then begged, “Old Master Culinary God, are you willing to take in a disciple?”

“Oh, do you want to learn alchemy too?” Black Pot said lightly. It was obvious that he was a little reserved. That was expected; no one was willing to impart their unique expertise to other people.

This reservation was something that was constant no matter the time and place. Otherwise, the modern patenting procedure would not have existed. Now, it was impossible to master multiple techniques without offering exorbitant material rewards in return.

“As your junior, I would not dare to wish for it. I only hope to learn the basics.” Fang Ning replied humbly.

Black Pot spoke up after a momentary silence. “I’ll teach you some of the basics, only because we’re both tenants under the roof of another. Even so, the fee isn’t going to be cheap…”

“I’m willing to pay off one year of your rent as payment…” Fang Ning said quickly.

“Huh, multi-millionaire, this artifice of yours really has me written all over it…” Sir System said with delight, having appeared suddenly.

“Ah? When did you finish your training?” Fang Ning asked him, shocked.

Sir was in turn startled by that. “Why are you so surprised? Why would you ask? I finished just now. Looks like you were working quite hard! I thought you would go out and play without my presence.”

“Uhh, how would that be possible? Am I that kind of person?” Upon hearing that, Fang Ning answered with more confidence. “Since I have uttered my vows, I will obey them. Look, I’m trying to coax Culinary God’s methods of making pills out of him now, am I not? Mastering those methods on our own beats borrowing them from other people after all, and you could use your EXP to theorize them so that your skill improves.”

“You’re right! Although I’m proficient in Alchemy, I cannot make pills that are of overly high caliber since I don’t have the materials necessary. This Culinary God’ s ability to create pills from the essence of normal food items is exceptional, as fitting of one who has mastered the Order. His ability to turn coal into diamonds is something worth learning.” Sir System said, ecstatic.

Black Pot nodded upon hearing those words. “Very well. I’ll impart to you a recipe for a beginner-level medicinal pill. Extract the essences from ten thousand flowers and refine them into a pill — it can reduce one’s age by ten years. In the Upper Realm, being in possession of only one of these pills would mean a life of prosperity and wealth. Even royalty would find it hard to acquire one.”

“Thank you, sir.” Fang Ning hastened to thank him.

“You’re welcome. I’ll teach you how to distinguish edible flowers from those that aren’t, how to extract their essences, how to refine them, and also how you can preserve those methods. I’ll only teach you how to make the pill when you’re proficient in all those.” Black Pot said.

Fang Ning still thought of it as a bargain, because he did not know how lucky he was.

During this Era of Mythology, a time of strife, the unyielding stability of the System Space was as valuable as a safe house during warfare.

The Culinary God’s soul was an invaluable treasure. The God of Plagues’ desire for it was almost as clear as day.

Under those circumstances, one year of sanctuary was worth one of the Culinary God’s own recipes.

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With a year of safety and peace, regaining his Divine Power with one-fifth of his grotto-heaven was possible. That was why the god was willing to impart his secret methods.

Following that, Fang Ning started to learn from the Black Pot with gusto. Sir was done with cultivation, and that meant that he had to rein himself in and continue working hard.

Mercury, The Solar System.

Gu Buwei stood on the burning hot surface of the planet, his gaze frigid.

He looked up toward Earth, the blue-and-white planet, and turned in the direction of the dark skies, where there was a cluster of nebulae. He did a calculation in his mind for a while and lay a white crystal down into the river of magma coursing beneath him.

Determine suitable locations and place five crystals on five different planets — this was his grandmaster’s bidding. The grandmaster did not tell him what all of that was for, but he knew that it was part of their efforts against the gods.

Finding a suitable location on Mercury had cost him the better half of a month.

His master set three criteria regarding the locations. One, the planet Earth must be visible from the spot. Two, the spot must be in line with those on the other four. Three, it must match the numbers corresponding with the Five Elementals.

Except for him, no one else could complete this mission.

The Grandmaster, naturally, could not appear. If he did, he would definitely meet his demise.

Now that Mercury was all set, the next step was Venus, and then Mars, Jupiter and finally Saturn. Only after he was done with all five planets would the Grandmaster have ensuing arrangements, but that would have to wait until the celestial event “Alignment of the Five Planets” happened.

He believed that this would shock the pants off those high-and-mighty gods. This was the power of Precognitive Divination!