Chapter 880 - Dormancy

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Chapter 880: Dormancy

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Gu Buwei completed his affairs on Mercury, and without stopping, rushed towards Venus which was nearby.

Trekking through outer space was far more arduous than traveling on Earth.

Without air and water, he could only depend on his own cultivation base to persist on his journey. Even if he was already a Lake-level, he still felt a slight weariness settling in at the moment as his magical energy waned while his soul weakened.

Fortunately, he had collected quite an amount of Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills from the market before coming… He poured out a light-red pill from a jade bottle and swallowed it whole.

This was a Soul Strengthening Pill, which was the best remedy to supplement a weakening soul. Of course, for ordinary cultivators, it was an elixir for increasing the soul’s power limits.

However, for him right now, it was merely a consumable.

Nonetheless, this was a necessary sacrifice. Otherwise, he would not be able to travel across the five planets in one go without having to return to Earth in between to recuperate.

For a task as big as this, even a moment of delay could lead to a different outcome, let alone finding the time to rest.

He could not afford any delays, because once the two gods took notice of him, death would immediately befall him and his soul would likely perish.

A long time ago, he felt it strange how some people, despite knowing that their course of action could probably lead to death, would still follow it through without hesitation.

Back then, he struggled to comprehend this. Now, he finally understood.

There were some things where if left undone, death would be inevitable; if they were completed, then perhaps one could live, or it could bring about a better life for one’s descendants.

Naturally, he was not one to care about his descendants, but in order that his life would no longer be subject to the power of those temperamental gods and deities, he decided to take on this extremely risky mission.

Nevertheless, he was not left without any room for maneuvering.

Should he really face the crisis of life and death, there was still someone he could turn to for help.

Within the vastness of outer space pervaded loneliness, as if it were a barren land.

Gu Buwei hastened his way through space. Venus was not too far from Mercury, since both belonged in the same Solar System after all, and their distance was measured by light-minutes.

He heard that the River God of the Sky River was advancing towards some place beyond a hundred light-years away to open a way for human migration. Sure enough, despite having to travel a larger distance, the River God’s abilities seemed to far surpass his own.

Although he could also practice teleportation, the skill was only limited to moving across the distance of thousands of kilometers. The amount of magical energy that would be consumed by constant teleportation across the distance of outer space could push him to the point of collapse.

Therefore, he could only use a combination of running and teleportation as his main mode of movement in order to maintain his speed while allowing his magical energy to recover. Needless to say, he took a large number of pills as well.

If it were not for the fact that the Dragon God Pills were a good value for money, he would not have dared to gorge on them like this. After all, every medicine had its side effects.

However, this conventional way of thinking was not applicable to the Dragon God Pill, because anything produced by the Dragon God must be a God-tier product. The amount to be consumed depended entirely on whether or not one could withstand the energy released from the pill. Yet, consuming the pills in itself would not cause any side effects.

He moved swiftly, but then came to a halt in an abrupt manner that defied the laws of physics, staring into the distant starry sky.

He had seen a bright star there that had suddenly extinguised…

The reason he noticed this was because he was using that particular star as a point of reference to locate himself in space, which led to him instantly detecting it becoming extinguished.

‘What’s going on? It seemed like an ordinary astronomical phenomenon. That star was very far away from us. It has to be at least a few hundred light-years away, and the light we saw should have also been emitted a few hundred years ago. If I see it extinguishing now, it would actually mean that a few hundred years ago, it was extinguished…’

However, something in his heart sensed that this seemingly scientific and logical explanation was not in line with the truth.

This was because of a feeling he had just now about the light emitted from the star, which had appeared to withdraw in an instant, as if it was being absorbed by a black hole.

Light could never escape a black hole.

At the very least, he was still aware of this piece of scientific knowledge.

Yet, if a black hole had appeared, how could it be that it only pulled on the star’s light and not him?

There were too many paradoxes in this equation.

Gu Buwei shook his head, dismissing his train of thought. He did not use the nebulas in outer space to make any further calculations to pinpoint his location, because he knew that the calculation would be too big and rather time-consuming.

Instead, he chose another shining star as his point of orientation before proceeding to advance towards Venus…

Morality City, the Cloud Computational Center of the Red Queen.

Black Robe was using quantum communication to converse with his master.

“We have just let a star successfully enter into dormancy, and its energy has been completely recovered; I’m already sensing the joy of this universe. It seems like it doesn’t want to die as well…” Zhi Nan spoke faintly.

“Congratulations, Master. Your plan has succeeded. From now on, you’ll receive protection from the Origin of Time and Space. Anyone who stands against you will be subject to its deepest malice.” After hearing him, Black Robe conveyed his sincere praise.

Compared to Vigilante A who was struggling on Earth, the gods and deities of the Upper Realm had long kept their eyes on the master of the entire universe, making them worthy to be called wise.

Their demons had already possessed a strategic advantage. As long as the star remained dormant, the Origin of Time and Space would always protect them regardless of how many people they had killed and how much evil they had committed, for it had nothing to do with the other party.

The Heavenly Axiom did not discriminate between good and evil. Likewise, the Origin of Time and Space behaved in the same manner. It would give its protection to whoever proving to be the most beneficial to it.

In the past, this would have been meaningless. After all, this was a materialistic world where there was neither a super-consciousness nor a god of gods. Whether the universe existed or perished, it was not at all a matter of concern for Mother Nature. The only ones who cared were those who lived in this world.

However, things were different now. The invasion of the mysterious side had caused this great universe that was initially impersonal to begin to have self-preservation instincts.

The Earth’s Heavenly Axiom was the first to be awakened. As it gained a clear sense of self, it started becoming self-serving.

As for the entire universe’s Origin of Time and Space, it was still at the self-awakening stage where life had just begun. While it had survival instincts, it lacked a clear sense of self-awareness.

Hearing Black Robe’s compliments, the devil saint’s tone of voice remained flat despite his feeling pleased with himself.

After such a long period of hard work, there were finally some substantial results.

In fact, the execution part was actually not that difficult. The hard part was coming up with this idea in the first place.

There were many things under our noses that were sometimes just left unattended, but once someone managed to do it, those who came after the person would then realize that they, too, could have done it in the same manner.

Unfortunately, it would have been too late for them.

He said plainly, “This is just the beginning. We still have a lot to do. There are more than a hundred billion stars in the Milky Way. With our current method, even if we were saints, we would have neither the mental and physical energy nor the time to accomplish our goal. I still need to seek further improvement in order to show the Origin of Time and Space our greater value. When that time comes, I will have my place among the saints of this universe.”

“Master’s wisdom is as limitless as the sky. You’ll definitely be granted your heart’s desires.” Black Robe continued to flatter him.

“Yes, after some time, I will have to return to Earth. After all, in this vast universe, we wouldn’t have sufficient manpower to execute our plan. While Earth may be smaller in size, there may be more people there who can help me improve on and perfect this method, especially now that we won’t need to worry about anyone getting in our way anymore.

“Indeed, Master. I’ll start recruiting suitable candidates right away. When you return, you’ll be able to use them immediately.” Black Robe, of course, knew what type of people Master needed, for he was always in the process of preparation.

“Very well. When I assume my rightful position in the future, you’ll get to undergo a metamorphosis of spiritual ascension as a direct descendant,” Zhi Nan promised.

“Thank you, Master, for your mercy,” Black Robe suppressed the glee in his heart as he quickly expressed his gratitude.