Chapter 881 - The Wrath of Heaven

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Chapter 881: The Wrath of Heaven

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In the dark starry sky, Gu Buwei rushed forward; Venus was getting closer.

Based on the direction he had positioned, he moved swiftly for some distance and wandered afterwards in outer space. Such repetition allowed him to approach the target gradually.

On average, he moved at least a hundredth of the speed of light. Although he was not fast, it was enough for a journey within the solar system. After all, the distance between the sun and the earth was eight light-minutes, which would be 800 minutes counted in his speed. A dozen or more hours was what needed to run towards the embrace of the sun from the earth…

While moving forward, Gu Buwei suddenly saw a twinkle of light sparkling from afar, approaching fast.

A weight sunk inside him at that moment, ‘Have they come this quickly?’.

Both the grandmaster and himself had underestimated the gods and deities!

He subconsciously pressed a button on his sleeve.

It was a radio wave transmitter that could emit electromagnetic waves of great distance back to earth.

This certainly required a few minutes; hence, he needed to and believed that he could defer whoever was coming to his way. The other party may not understand what he was doing, as he himself did not even understand… He was merely doing what the procedure entailed.

“Eh? Why is this lad, Gu Buwei, asking for help on WeChat? It mentioned that he’s in outer space. Is WeChat so awesome that it can even connect to the Internet in outer space?!” Sir System said, surprised.

Fang Ning was instantly speechless and took the chance to poke fun at him, “Are you stupid? Don’t tell me that you don’t know about the concept of relaying? Outer space definitely doesn’t have Internet, but wireless communication can be carried out. Humans could already communicate with people on the moon long ago. I believe that he probably sent a signal back to earth; a designated receptor then accepted the signal and transmitted the message that was sent to us…”

Sir System finally understood, thanks to Fang Ning’s patient explanation.

“Oh, I see. Do we have to save him then?” Sir asked.

“Of course, he must be saved. We took his reward last time but the matter wasn’t successfully dealt with. To give up halfway will harm our reputation as heroes a great deal. Besides, The Tripartite Monument of the Heavens, the Earth and the Humans isn’t completed yet. The last monument has to be with him. The fellow should not be harmed.” Fang Ning said in a resolved tone.

“I better get going then. This universe sure is troublesome; if the map isn’t opened, only stars can be seen, not the person. Luckily, he hasn’t run too far away or else it’ll be difficult to look for him. What does ‘standing in between Mercury and Venus’ mean… Will you know this place if it’s you?” Sir muttered.

“I definitely won’t know where that is. I can get lost in Qi City even though I’ve lived there for more than a decade. Can you believe it?” said Fang Ning while he shook his head.

“I do. You used to stay indoors every day. It’s weird if you do recognize the roads.” Sir grabbed the chance to return the sarcasm he made earlier.

“Nonsense, I used to go out often, alright? Otherwise, how would I have money to pay for food and rent?” Fang Ning retorted.

A while later, Vigilante A appeared amidst the starry sky; yet what surprised Fang Ning and Sir was that Gu Buwei was not in any sort of danger.

Instead, he was talking to someone familiar.

Someone which everyone knew — Zhi Nan, the Great Demon Saint who had not appeared in a long time.

“Is this fellow trying to cry wolf?” Sir asked miserably.

“He’s not a three-year-old boy, how would he dare to tell us such a lie? He knows very well how precious an opportunity of rescue is. He must have thought the Great Demon Saint wants to kill him, that’s why he immediately notified us. It’s understandable. Since it’s on a universal scale, the transmission of information requires more than ten minutes. He can’t be only informing us after he’s completely certain. If there’s danger, he could have died while waiting for the message being sent to us.” said Fang Ning.

He actually did not have malice against Gu Buwei. In fact, Fang Ning would not be having the Two Divine Monuments by his side without him. He had the basic strength to arm-wrestle often with Sir System because of the two treasures.

“What exactly is he doing? To become friends with the Great Demon Saint?” Sir asked in a gloomy fashion.

At this moment, Gu Buwei had already realized the presence of the Vigilante A.

He hastily turned around and bowed:?“Thank you so much, the Venerable One, to come to my rescue regardless of the hardship. Although it’s a false alarm, I can’t thank you enough. Here are a few of my meager gifts as a tribute…”

Subsequently, Sir System was no longer having any complaints… for the ‘meager gifts’ were actually generous.

He had given them three Space Rings, each brimmed with precious herbs and minerals — the commodities that Sir System urgently needed.

Of course, Fang Ning and Sir System did not know that Gu Buwei had brought virtually one-third of the riches of the Azure Mountain along with him on this trip, which was also approved by the grandmaster.

Now among his masters, all members of the main force were paralyzed. It would be a waste of resources to have those talismans and treasures there. Thus, he borrowed all of them.

The personal talisman of the Master was even given to him by the Mistress, let alone the talismans of the others.

Essentially, what he was doing was too great; every point of success mattered.

This was absolutely not the right moment to be stingy.

In ancient times, Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu, was only a goal away from the summit, yet he failed in the end. The main reason was his stinginess. On the contrary, Liu Bang, who was a gang leader, could readily fulfill the promises of kings and gather reinforcements.

After keeping the gifts, Vigilante A said indifferently, “If so, I’ll be returning. You two continue conversing.”

“Wait,” when his intonation faded, the Great Demon Saint on the opposite side uttered, “Due to my absence on earth in recent years, the Black Robe and others were tended to, thanks to you. What happened between us in the past would be written off.”

“Suit yourself. As long as you all don’t do evil, I won’t look for trouble. However, if you do, just don’t speak of any sentiment.” Vigilante A said with an unenthusiastic tone.

“The sinner must be somebody else above today’s Earth, no? However, you, the Venerable Dragon God, also appear to be incapable of looking for them.” sighed the Great Demon Saint while shaking his head, as if he felt sorry for him.

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“Hmph, what do you mean?” Vigilante A said.

“What do I mean? You know very well what I meant. Contrary to expectations, I can help you deport them. Deem it as a token given to you for taking the Black Robe under your protection. However, they still can come down in the future. If you want to settle it once and for all, you best consider what I’ve said in the early years.” smiled Zhi Nan.

“Urgh, Big Billionaire, what is this bald donkey talking about?” Sir System said.

With a solemn tone, Fang Ning said, “He’s being arrogant; he has the ability to do what we can’t and wants us to consider whether we should rely on his help. Didn’t he previously mention that he wanted me to become his Demon General and to help pave my career prospect of being a Demon Deity?”

“Urgh, rely on him? Does that mean that I have to offer him a portion of my wealth which I’ve accumulated with great effort?” Sir refused at once. “This is absolutely impossible. Independence is the principle of the Hero. Otherwise, it would resemble the vines on the trees. Wavering and indecisive. Nothing that corresponds with my chivalrous principles.”

“Eh, what you said is pleasant to hear, yet isn’t it still because of the money mentioned beforehand?” Fang Ning said with disdain.

“It was not contradictory at first.” justified Sir System.

“Forget it, you go and refuse.” Fang Ning had no idea as well; he did not understand what exactly the Great Demon Saint had to rely upon, to dare speak such words, after not meeting for a few years.

It was worth mentioning that Sir System chased after him into a hopeless situation several years ago…