Chapter 882 - It’s Difficult to Learn From Enemies

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Chapter 882: It’s Difficult to Learn From Enemies

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In the dark cosmic sky, three people who would decide the fate of Earth in the future met once again. The wheel of fate began to turn…

Fang Ning looked at the current scene with a sigh. It was unfortunate that one of them had no self-awareness of his role in determining the future course of history.

“Rejection is a must, but before that, I want to see if he was bragging,” Sir System decided after listening to Fang Ning’s answer.

Fang Ning immediately agreed, “Very well, let’s see how he drives off the two gods, we can learn from him secretly and have more development time too. We don’t have to pay for it anyway…”

“Well, Mr. Rich Boss, you already know me very well,” Sir System was gratified.

“No, no, I don’t know you well at all. We’re different. You have something wrong here…” Fang Ning pointed to his head.

“…” Sir System was at a loss for words.

Hence, Vigilante A said, “I’ll never become a devil, just give up. However, the two gods did wreak havoc on Earth and I’ve been ignoring it for the sake of all living beings’ fate. If you drive them away, you can definitely accumulate more Yin merits…” (TN: Yin merits carry two ,meanings. It can refer to merits attained after doing good deeds unbeknownst to others or merits that can be brought to the netherworld after doing good deeds in this world.)

Gu Buwei was speechless after hearing that. This hero was good with words. It might sound fine for mortals, but for this devil lord, asking him to accumulate Yin merits was equivalent to saying the other party would die…

For cultivators, the word “death” was a taboo. After all, the fundamental purpose of cultivation was to avoid death.

Fortunately, the Great Devil Saint did not seem to care. He just smiled and said, “Let’s go. You’ll see it soon.”

At this moment, Gu Buwei took the opportunity to say, “Two great beings, I still have something to attend to. Please excuse me.”

Vigilante A nodded, but the Great Devil Saint gave him a meaningful smile.

Gu Buwei froze and wondered, ‘Could it be that he saw through what master asked me to do?’

It was not impossible as the other party was known as the Wisdom Devil Lord. Beings like gods were already more intelligent than ordinary people and yet, he was the wise man of devils. The extent of his wisdom was probably beyond imagination.

This kind of wisdom was not about how well one’s scheming was nor was it about how good one was at deceptions and conspiracy. Instead, it was about being far-sighted; others could only see one step ahead while the other party could see hundreds or thousands of steps ahead. As the saying went, if the other party was skilled in chess, one would not be able to exert his abilities, not to mention if the other party was a hundred or a thousand times better.

If Gu Buwei knew what Great Devil Saint did before this, he would be deeply impressed. This was true wisdom. The fights and conspiracies on Earth paled in comparison.

Fortunately, the other party just smiled and did not expose him, nor did he stop him. This made him feel a little relief. After giving a hold-fist salute, he left.

Vigilante A seemed to be unaware of it. After watching Gu Buwei leave, he followed Zhi Nan and left.

The two soon returned to Earth.

Looking at the approaching blue sky and white clouds, Zhi Nan seemed to be filled with emotions.

“White clouds drifting idly by, like it’s welcoming an old friend…”

This guy actually recited two poetic lines.

“Eh, Mr. Rich Boss, this guy can make poems?” Sir System exclaimed.

Fang Ning said, “This is nothing. I might not know how to make a poem, but I know that his poem is just so-so. The tone pattern doesn’t match and the antithesis used isn’t suitable. It only fits the mood. Besides, Earth is not his hometown. This guy must have been wandering in the universe for a long time and he knows that there are no life forms in other places, thus he developed feelings for Earth.”

“Er, is this a good thing or a bad thing?” Sir System asked in discouragement.

“There’s good and bad. The good thing is he probably won’t become a ‘destroyer of Earth’; the downside is he’ll most likely want to dominate Earth.” Fang Ning shook his head and sighed.

“Hey, even I don’t have this intention. How dare he?” Sir System was indignant.

“He is stronger than us now. Don’t you feel it? He seems to have a gleam of silver light in his body…” Fang Ning said enigmatically.

“What silver light? There is no such thing, okay? Even my Khorium Ore Dog Eyes can’t detect it and you can see it?” Sir System did not believe it.

“Look at you, you think that anything you can’t see doesn’t exist? You can only say that you don’t know, but you can’t deny its existence. The silver light I mentioned is a feeling, as if something is enveloping his body. It’s just like when I become one with the Two Divine Monuments, I can feel a beam of heavenly light protecting me…” Fang Ning said, immersed in emotions.

“Hey, are you really not fooling me?” Sir System was displeased.

“It’s true. You have never become one with the Two Divine Monuments so you won’t know this feeling. Let me tell you, you can interpret this silver light as the good fortune in myths. Now, the Great Devil Saint’s good fortune is very strong, even stronger than Earth’s Heavenly Axiom. This is my hunch,” Fang Ning said mysteriously.

Sir System was even more confused after listening. Although it was a martial arts system, it still could not understand these abstract things.

After all, it was originally very simple…

“That is to say, we can’t get on his bad side in the future? If this devil is doing evil, what should we do? We can’t just avoid him right?” Sir System said in dissatisfaction.

Fang Ning suddenly felt that things got out of hand. This was just the way it was. In reality, there was not much justice to count on.

Many extremely evil guys attained powerful protection due to some values and lived a carefree life. Kind people, no matter how much they despised and hated, could not hinder the other party from having a complete family and living a long life.

This was the most important reason for the existence of Sir System. It was the first in human history to be able to ignore the various shallow or explicit rules. It performed the simplest as well as the most difficult role—punishing evil people.

Of course, it would not reward kind people as this needed money and it would not be a small amount of money, looking at the annual expenditure of charitable foundation…

Fang Ning said in an attempt to comfort Sir System, “Therefore, we have to find out where his confidence comes from this time. As the saying goes, learn the skills of your enemies to subdue them.”

“Understood, I will urge him now,” Sir System said in sudden realization.

Vigilante A said blandly, “Zhi Nan, you have made a poem, it’s time to drive the evil god away.”

“Oh, this is a piece of cake,” Zhi Nan looked towards a place from above and it was the west side of Pacific Ocean.

After a short while, he said plainly, “Well, two more days and they will have no choice but to leave.”

Vigilante A looked at him blankly as if he was saying, ‘Are you kidding me?’

“Hey, Mr. Rich Boss, did you learn any skills from the enemy?” Sir System mumbled.

“What about you?” Fang Ning asked.

“I didn’t. It’s so difficult to learn from the enemy!” Sir System said depressingly.

“Same here,” Fang Ning said with a headache.

“You good-for-nothing, what use do I have you for? I might as well just kill you!” Sir System ranted.

“… Aren’t you very arrogant? The enemy is still not subjugated and you want to start an internal fight?” Fang Ning retorted.

“Hey, could it be that this guy’s ability has gone beyond our cognitive range? It shouldn’t be, I clearly see that he did not use any talisman, nor did he use any celestial arts and just like that the two dog-skin plasters are removed?” Sir System was incredulous. (TN: dog-skin plaster is a medicinal herbal plaster that is often used in traditional Chinese medicine. Historically, herbal medicines were smeared onto dog skin but now, patches of linen and fabric are used instead. Owing to its stickiness, it is sometimes used to describe things that are difficult to eradicate.)

“You ask me, who do I ask? Go and ask him…” Fang Ning said in frustration.

“You ask. You are the one who felt the silver light, not me,” Sir System justified boldly.

“Fine…” Fang Ning could only agree to it.