Chapter 885 - Dust

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Fang Ning summarized the task of spying on the Devil Saint and his men.

Finally, he made a promise. “Relax, you won’t be in any danger. The Devil Saint wanted me to join him, so he won’t do anything to you. Furthermore, he has very high standards and has a specific selection of targets, hence you don’t have to worry about getting influenced by him.”

The Black Dog, Brett felt anxious, but it still accepted this task. After all, by being someone’s dog and receiving protection from his Master, it had to do something in return and it could not avoid taking risks forever.

The Master treated it very well…

Without its Master, the Spirit Foxes would not have paid it attention.

It was just like back in the Upper Realm when it was with its previous Master. It could not even get close to them.

Thus, it lifted one of its forelegs and replied sheepishly. “Don’t worry, Master. If they do anything strange, I’ll report to you in time.”

“Good, if there’s any danger, I’ll come to your rescue at once. You just have to spy on them, no need to do anything else.” Fang Ning instructed the dog again.

“Understood, Master.” The Black Dog affirmed.

This was the advantage of not transforming into a human. A human being would be easily spotted, but most people would lower their guard when they see a dog.

The Black Dog departed immediately. It knew the location of Black Robe and the gang, which was the Morality City. This time, he needed Old Yellow’s assistance.

Two dogs were conversing in the office of the Scientific Academy for Vitality in the Morality City.

“Brother Yellow, your little brother’s lifelong happiness depends on you.” A desperate look hung on the Black Dog’s face.

“Eh, did you, did you actually court a girl from the Spirit Fox clan?” Xue Ba gasped. Once upon a time, when both dogs descended to the Lower Realm, the Yellow Dog said that its greatest wish was to marry a Spirit Fox.

Despite its self-proclaimed intelligence, it still surrendered to reality and married a noble dog from the same clan. For the longest time, it looked down upon the Black Dog.

Things somehow worked out for that idiotic mutt in the end and it actually got itself an elite Spirit Fox girl.

It seemed that there was no record of intermarriage between foxes and dogs yet.

Was this Black Dog about to make history?

Was it going to be known as “Brett, the Maker of History”?

Brett glanced away. “We aren’t steady yet. The Master said that I have to take up a parenting course to avoid raising a bunch of brats. Besides, it takes time to develop a relationship. It’s still early, so I should make a good impression.”

“Sigh, in that case, I can’t hold you back. Lemme think, right, the Cloud Computational Center, where Black Robe is, has CCTVs too. They were installed when the building was constructed. I’ll adjust them for you.” The Yellow Dog Xue Ba replied enthusiastically.

Suddenly, there was a gleam in the Black Dog’s eyes. It blurted out. “Hey, if the Master can control this arcane realm, it should be very easy to know what happens through the arcane realm’s Heavenly Axiom. Why does he still want me to spy on them?”

“Hmph, silly you…” The Yellow Dog was not surprised and said dismissively. “The Master is a hero and must always adhere to his path of justice and righteousness. If he does as you suggested, he would be accused of invading someone’s privacy. He can’t do that, therefore it’s up to lackeys like us to do the dirty work!”

“Oh, I get it now. You’re still the clever one, Yellow Boss!” The Black Dog marveled at Xue Ba’s intelligence.

The Yellow Dog was right. Why would an omniscient Master pay so much to recruit them?

Their purpose of existence was to do these dishonest-yet-not-exactly-evil kinds of tasks…

After a while, the Yellow Dog obtained the footage of the building’s CCTVs.

Both dogs laid on the table and began to view it.

Soon, they came across a crucial moment.

It was a scene of Black Robe and the Devil Saint communicating via quantum communication.

“Hey, this is, this is a form of communication that transcends time and space…” The Yellow Dog was the director of the Scientific Academy for Vitality and it was highly aware of the method used.

There was no sound from the footage, but the Yellow Dog was clever enough to read lips…

Black Robe spoke in the Devils’ language, but this did not stump the dog.

Information on various languages was gathered by its Master.

An actual devil was currently managing the Draconic Penitentiary on behalf of the Master…

“I see. The Devil Saint went to outer space to perform an experiment on extinguishing the stars and he obviously succeeded. Very shocking, indeed. In the Upper Realm, the stars are a hundred times more powerful than a supreme deity at peak performance, and the Devil Saint could actually extinguish the stars. He isn’t destroying them but putting them into dormancy. How, how did he do this?” The Yellow Dog was overwhelmed by his passion for scientific research and muttered excitedly.

It had always loved reading. Ever since it descended to the human realm, it spent its days reading books, forming a stark contrast against the Black Dog who watched “Animal Planet” all day.

The Black Dog could not care less about the method. It only knew that its task was complete. Hence, it remarked proudly. “Thank you, Yellow Boss. I shall treat you to lunch one day, satisfaction guaranteed.”

“Oh, you may go then. I need to ponder over this.” The Yellow Dog sank into deep thought.

How did one cause the stars to enter dormancy?

Did the Devil Saint create a territory at absolute zero and, from the atomic layer, cause the stars which were undergoing vigorous physical reactions to cease all motion?

It came to this possibility, for this was the simplest and most logical explanation. In conditions at absolute zero, all atoms of an object would cease motion. Naturally, the stars would enter a state of dormancy.

Nonetheless, imagine how laborious it was to create a territory with such a condition. It was a whole star and its mass was unfathomable. Even the all-mighty saints might not be able to achieve this astounding feat.

Perhaps they could do so effortlessly. However, it had never seen the saints displaying their true powers, so it could only guess based on the information it acquired.

There was “Saint” in “Devil Saint”, which was impressive, but he was only as powerful as an average god and was still light years behind an actual saint. So, how did he do it?

At Vigilante A’s farm villa.

Fang Ning listened to the Black Dog with a tense expression. This fellow managed to get some updates in such a short period of time…

When the Black Dog finished speaking, he finally understood why the Devil Saint was highly regarded by the universe.

Apparently, he had been busy making the stars dormant in these recent years.

This was the true meaning of possessing the entire universe in one’s chest!

Stars burned all the time.

Nevertheless, it was only the Sun’s burning that mattered to humans. The burning of the stars carried little to no meaning. At most, some stars shone brighter at night…

On the other hand, even if the Sun did not burn as brightly, it affected humanity and was the main force that influenced the survival and reproduction of humans.

In the past, the universe had no consciousness. It did not matter to it whether or not there was a waste of resources.

Now, with the arrival of the Era of Mythology, Earth had witnessed the development of the Heavenly Axiom’s consciousness. At the same time, the universe’s innate consciousness began to take shape.

Under such circumstances, a waste of energy resources was intolerable.

All life forms had a shared characteristic where they did not waste any food. Any type of organic matter would attract the relevant consumers.

The energy produced by the stars served as a food source.

If these stars were to finish burning and turn into dark matter, the universe will descend into total silence.

Using dark matter would not be reliable. It was only based on scientific guesswork but its feasibility was not yet proven.

In contrast, humans had already proved throughout history that the energy produced by stars served as the foundation and driving force of civilization.

In this case, it was obvious that the Devil Saint, who could help the universe by putting the stars into dormancy, had the trump card.

Fang Ning felt that a Colossus was standing before him. Who was Vigilante A in the face of the universe? What did he matter?

Also, what did those ultra-legendary battle techniques of Sir System matter to the universe?

They were all just specks of dust.

Today, the brilliance of the Devil Saint was shown in all its glory!