Chapter 886 - Not Supposed to Exist

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Chapter 886: Not Supposed to Exist

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As soon as Fang Ning recovered from his shock, he turned to the System. “You go to the two gods’ location at once and have a look at the effects of banishment. The Devil Saint said that he could chase them out within two days. Now, with this delay, the time is almost up.”

“Okay, understood. I’ll have a look on the map.” Sir System replied earnestly.

Evidently, Zhi Nan’s extraordinary behavior made it realize the value of its Host.

Sometimes, farming stuff all the time was not the solution.

When one was cornered in a fight, someone else already had an advantage over the entire situation’s strategy.

This was the importance of analyzing the big picture. Many instances of peasant revolts throughout the course of history failed because this aspect was overlooked.

A moment had passed before Sir System concluded, “I’ve found it. One is in Japan and the other one is on an island in the Pacific Ocean… They’re all under our eyes.”

“Let’s make haste and go there at once.” Fang Ning urged.

Sir System spoke a second later. “We’re now above Japan.”

“Wow, teleportation is so efficient. Give me the body.” Fang Ning commented admiringly.

“You can learn it too.” Sir System added.

“Oh, let’s see what’s going on down there. I smell a foul stench…” Fang Ning changed the subject abruptly.

If he mastered teleportation, he would end up as the one doing the work when they needed to rush somewhere…

After switching the topic, he gazed downwards and scrutinized the area.

His sense of smell did not lie to him. He could vaguely make out large pieces of rotten white flesh within the mist below… They still seemed to be writhing and it was a revolting sight.

“Hey, please cover up the smell at once.” Fang Ning instructed the System.

“So what? I don’t smell anything.” Sir System replied dismissively. “You’ve been through hell and back. You aren’t that fussy, are you?”

Fang Ning was too lazy to respond to that moron, so he simply put up with the miasma and observed his surroundings carefully.

He looked everywhere but did not notice anything of note…

Apart from the bunch of rotten flesh on Japanese soil, there was nothing else.

Of course, he could not say that he did not discover anything, so he pretended and spoke, “Sigh, I know it now. Looks like these things have been rejected by Heaven! The rotten flesh used to be some unusual living beings and I’m sure they are guinea pigs created by the God of Plagues. Now, he has been affected by the whole universe’s evil intentions and naturally, it would be impossible for him to succeed.”

“What’s the reason for this? Don’t tell me the universe can alter its own laws of physics?” Sir System was utterly baffled.

“It’s simple, really. Did you know that most experiments succeed due to luck? Throughout the history of humanity, many well-known discoveries originated from some sort of luck, such as the discovery of penicillin. If one wasn’t lucky enough, that same discovery would have to be unearthed after a few years or decades have passed.” Fang Ning explained calmly.

“Oh, this means that the God of Plague’s experiment has been affected by something similar to our Heavenly Fortune skill…”

“That’s the truth. Let’s wait, I guess we’ll find that fellow after a moment.”

Fang Ning did not have to wait long before an agitated dark figure showed up.

“How could this be? Impossible! My settings will never have problems. Why do the brains of all living beings die?”

The vexed dark figure was the God of Plagues himself!

As he raged on, he immediately noticed Vigilante A who was spying on him from above.

“Damn you, it must be you!” He flew upwards and his anger dissipated quickly.

Fang Ning did not feel wronged…

It was because they were the ones who initially instructed the Great Devil Saint Zhi Nan to double-cross him, so the God of Plagues did not make false accusations.

However, Fang Ning was also in awe. Surely, the rotten flesh on the ground was created with painstaking care by the God of Plagues. Now, it had not been two days and the pieces of flesh were destroyed for some unknown reason. Hence, it was understandable that he was mad.

The dark figure said coldly, “Vigilante A, are you going to start a fight? Do you want all life forms on Earth to die because of you?”

Fang Ning was not terrified. Instead, he replied calmly. “You still won’t admit defeat. How ridiculous of you.”

The God of Plagues chuckled and glared at Fang Ning. “Good, I shall let all of Earth’s life forms join my living brains in death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he made a gesture as if he was about to spread something apart.

At first, Fang Ning’s heart clenched, then he relaxed. With the Origin of the Universe backing him, he did not believe that an incarnation of a god could stir up trouble!

Just as he predicted, a silver vortex appeared and encircled the God of Plagues. He was both appalled and furious. “Impossible, it’s impossible, how did I become something that’s not supposed to exist?!”

“Arrrgghhh…” He let out a cry and finally disappeared into the depths of the silver vortex!

“Damn!” Despite his earlier prediction, Fang Ning was still taken aback by what he saw.

“Mr. Rich Boss, do you understand what just happened? What was that silver vortex?” Sir System asked impatiently.

That incident had the System stunned as well.

“Ah, I have a vague idea, but it’s probably the truth.” Fang Ning responded solemnly.

Sir System pressed on. “What truth?”

Fang Ning did not answer it but stretched out both hands. There was a locally-made handphone on one of his palms and a Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill on the other palm…

He threw both objects directly towards the silver vortex.

“What, what the hell are you doing?! Why did you throw away those things?” Sir System was not amused.

Fang Ning chided the System. “Take a good look!”

At the next moment, the locally-made handphone passed through the vortex smoothly and was smashed to smithereens as it landed on the ground…

The light red Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill, on the other hand, vanished into oblivion…

“Do you understand now?” Fang Ning asked the System smugly.

“I understand, turns out this Origin of Time and Space is just like me. We won’t let go of good stuff.” Sir System mused.

“Enough of your nonsense!” Fang Ning was infuriated. “Don’t act like you’re dumb. It’s very simple, it means that the Origin of Time and Space just transformed that small piece of land where the God of Plagues was back into a solid, material world! All of the phenomena and entities of the mysterious side will be disregarded!”

“Ah, that’s frightening!” Sir System stared at the slowly vanishing vortex. It then seized Fang Ning’s body and retreated a few miles before asking, “What if I entered that vortex? Would I disappear as well?”

“Eh, better not experiment on that. I don’t have a good feeling about it. I guess you’ll probably end up as a string of codes for some third-rate online game…” Fang Ning answered wryly.

Sir System was still in the midst of recovering from its shock. “True, better stay away from it. The Devil Saint sure is vicious! This is obviously a dimension-reduction attack!”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a god or a saint. It basically disregards your existence. No matter how amazing your magical powers are, you won’t be able to use them.” Fang Ning expressed his agreement.

“In that case, I need to think about it.” Sir System went silent.

“Hey, have you been scared speechless? It’s alright, I don’t think there’s anything to fear about this vortex. You just have to hide in my body and you’ll be fine.” Fang Ning comforted it.

His words fell on deaf ears. Sir System simply replied, “Enough of your nonsense. I need to isolate myself to consider the next move.”