Chapter 887 - The Distinction Between Gods

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Chapter 887: The Distinction Between Gods

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Fang Ning tried to probe a reaction from Sir System but to no avail. The fright had taken a toll on it.

Fang Ning could not do anything else but to look at the System Map and fly straightaway to the small island in the Pacific Ocean.

This island was also shrouded in a veil of mist.

Nevertheless, Fang Ning had already activated the Khorium Ore Spirit Gaze and noticed something interesting.

He could vaguely make out a few low buildings below him. Their architectural style was similar to those of university research buildings.

He flew lower and observed closely.

At once, he saw that the bodies of a number of young people in white strewn across the parameter of the buildings. Judging from their physical appearances, they were probably researchers.

Fang Ning’s heart sank as another possibility surfaced in his mind.

He quickly landed on the ground and approached one of the researchers. He reached out his hand and felt for a pulse, but there was nothing, though the body was still warm.

It looked like the researcher died a short while ago…

Suddenly, a cry for help could be heard. The voice was tinged with fear. “Help me… Why did this happen to us? We didn’t do anything evil…”

Fang Ning rushed towards the source of the cry and helped the person up. The young man was most likely in his twenties and could be one of those bright university students.

He pondered, then took out a pill from the System Space and fed it to the young man.

The student opened his eyes and burst out emotionally. “Sir Dragon God, please save us! There, there are devils here!”

Deep down, Fang Ning disagreed. ‘The devil is the world we stand on’

He consoled, “Relax. First, tell me what happened.”

“It’s like this…” The student trusted this devil-slaying hero completely and did not omit any details from him.

“This morning, I was about to hand in a report when I heard from my seniors that the Upper Realm goddess was rather terrified today. She ordered them to destroy the data from the experiments and left. As everyone pondered over what she said, an invisible devil showed up without warning…”

His face went white as sheet as he was still shaken by what he witnessed. It took him a long while before he could speak again.

“First, a senior collapsed, followed by others. Everyone was frightened and fled the laboratory, myself included.”

“The next thing I knew, my vision went black and I fainted until you arrived. Are they alright?”

The young student began to scan his surroundings in a panicky manner.

“There’s no need to look. You’re the only survivor.” Fang Ning confirmed this fact from the System Map. The young man was the only visible yellow dot on the map.

“Argh! This cruel and terrifying world! I wish we could return to the past…” The student shuddered in fear.

‘Unfortunately for you, there are also a lot of people who prefer not to return to the past… Including the person in front of you.’

Fang Ning did share the young man’s sentiment. It was true that the current world was much more frightening than last time, but at the same time, it was filled with numerous opportunities.

Things that could not be done in the past could be done now.

Therefore, he asked coolly, “Where do you live? Can you go home on your own?”

“Ah, Sir Dragon God, please take me back home. I live in Cologne in Europe.” The young student squeaked timidly. Vigilante A was like a bodyguard to him and he did not want to go home alone.

‘Mm, very well, this is why Sir System seldom rescues people…’ Fang Ning stared at the student and nodded.

Slaying demons and devils were easy, but rescuing people was more challenging. If he was not careful, he might end up rescuing an ingrate.

After all, humans tended to hold grudges instead of remembering good deeds. This was not a complaint, but the truth.

In the evolution of species, intelligent beings would usually hold grudges as this was crucial to their survival. Forgetting one’s benefactor would not obstruct one’s survival, but forgetting one’s enemy might lead to death by the enemy’s hands one day, and elimination by natural selection… It was that simple.

He carried this fellow and flew upwards. A few minutes later, he dropped the young man in the middle of the city and left…

Meanwhile, Sir System, who was contemplating in isolation, lectured Fang Ning suddenly. “Look at you, you didn’t get any reward from saving this man. When he left, there was a scowl on his face, as if he’s saying that you didn’t send him back home safely at all.”

“I’m not his father, so of course I won’t send him back to his doorstep. Also, I’m too lazy to explain that it wasn’t the work of devils. It’s not like he would understand.” Fang Ning replied impatiently.

“That’s why I seldom rescue people.” Sir System said firmly.

“Weren’t you isolating yourself? Why are you out again? How long have you been in isolation?” Fang Ning bombarded the System with a series of questions.

Sir System lit up with pride. “I’ve come up with a solution. That silver vortex can’t do anything against me…”

“How are you so sure?” A look of surprise crossed Fang Ning’s face.

“It’s easy. This world has Systems all along!” Sir System asserted.

“Hey, those Systems are different from you, you’re from the mysterious side.” Fang Ning disagreed.

Yet, Sir System continued in a bizarre tone. “You’re wrong this time. I’m not from the mysterious side, I’m also a local System. The Origin of Time and Space can’t disregard my existence.”

“Eh, how come?” Fang Ning found it hard to believe. “You appeared along with the recovery of Vitality, so how could you not be from the mysterious side?”

“In conclusion, this is related to my origin and you don’t have to get involved since I won’t be afraid of that silver vortex. Of course, don’t you enter for no reason, or else those treasures I’ve crafted with materials from the mysterious side will be gone.” Sir System stressed firmly.

“Mm, alright then. I’m not stupid, so why would I enter that place?” Fang Ning shook his head.

Sir System relaxed and spoke, “I doubt you would do that anyway. Right, did you discover the Moon Goddess’ tracks just now?”

“Nope. I only got to know from that surviving student that she left just before the disaster began. She has probably left our world of her own accord. The God of Plagues was different, though. A warning had been given to him, yet he wanted to dig his own grave. This might be the distinction between gods…” Fang Ning mused.

“Who cares? At least we can take a break now. Without these pesky gods, we’ll have some time for rapid developments again.” Sir System commented.

Fang Ning nodded. “You have a point. Right, what about the inhabitable planets in outer space that are being developed by the River God? Can you contact him?”

Sir System shook his head in dejectedly. “I can’t do it, but you can try asking the Bodhisattva Spirit King, he may have an idea.”

“We don’t have to bother that elder again. I know of someone who can solve this problem.” Fang Ning assured the System.

“Hey, that’s it. After all, the Devil Saint himself is in the skies and Black Robe’s powers are much weaker than mine. How did he contact the Devil Saint? Could it be some method related to the Path of Devils?”

“Impossible. At present, only Earth’s surroundings have the support of Vitality and Maxims which allow the powers of the mysterious side to function smoothly. Since the Devil Saint is far away in the skies, he won’t use a method related to the Path of Devils as it consumes too much energy. He must be using a method from our technological side.” Fang Ning proposed.

Sir System ridiculed him. “Listen to yourself, as if you know a lot about this?”

“Eh, of course I don’t know anything, but you can learn it up.” Fang Ning shrugged.

“Sorry, I’ve always been a dumb System. I’m sure I won’t be able to learn these sophisticated technological methods. You’ve gotta learn this on your own. I’ll pay for the tuition fee since I’ll also use that method in the future…” Sir System declared.

“…” Fang Ning was all out of words.