Chapter 888 - : Quantum Communication

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Chapter 888: Quantum Communication

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Fang Ning could not expect Sir System to learn this kind of advanced technology, and it was an unreliable idea anyway.

Therefore, he decided to go home. He boarded the Golden Train for the Morality City to look for Black Robe.

Soon, he reached the city. It had been quite some time since he visited this place.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that the present city officials, Dragon Carp and Bai Ruocang lived up to their duties. He was welcomed by the hustle and bustle of the city.

Traffic was heavy. Fortunately, during the city’s planning, much effort had been put into building the roads. A construction condition that was exclusive to this city was also implemented…”God Mode”.

Whatever mistakes that had been made in building this city could be rectified immediately. There was no worry about demolishing buildings and evicting residents, and there would be no cases of repeated constructions either.

Fang Ning was well aware of the reason for this prosperity. It could be referred to as a deformed sort of prosperity that was in stark contrast to the economic recession of the outer world.

Apart from industries necessary for the people’s livelihoods which had already been supervised by upper management, the rest of the industries had shrunk significantly.

Each and every force made the final preparations for the migration.

Naturally, they were not yet aware that the arrogant gods have been chased out swiftly by a devil.

It was just as they said, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

However, Fang Ning understood that devils were devils and they would never serve the Earthlings sincerely. They did so just to prove how mighty they were.

If the humans wanted to survive, it was now a test on how well they could adapt under such trying circumstances.

Slowly but surely, Fang Ning had separated himself from regular humans. This was probably a change of heart within a powerhouse.

To tell the truth, he did not want to deal with Black Robe as the latter was a former rival of his.

Although the arrival of the gods led to their mutual toleration and cooperation to some degree, requesting for help from a devil to teach him black technology still seemed rather weird.

It felt a bit embarrassing.

However, Fang Ning knew his priorities. In these few years, some of his experience points might not have increased. After all, he was already used to losing face.

It was not even his real face to begin with… This was the advantage of wearing armor. He became even more thick-skinned than usual.

Bearing this thought in mind, Fang Ning’s mind was at ease and he went to the Red Queen’s Cloud Computational Center.

The center was filled with people. At the reception area in the hall, the pretty and soft-spoken receptionist was busy attending to all kinds of people.

Truly, it was a busy place.

Fang Ning would not enter via the doorway as he knew where Black Robe was. He emulated Sir System’s style and went straight for the window.

As Fang Ning glided towards the top floor of the Computational Center, he suddenly felt like he was playing “The Damsel Scrolls”… (TN: “The Damsel Scrolls” is a nickname given by Chinese players to “The Elder Scrolls” due to a large number of mods that turn female characters in the games into young and beautiful women.)

Everyone else was in 2D, whereas he was walking in a 3D space.

Not many people lifted their heads to stare at him. It had almost been four years since the beginning of the Era of Mystery and everyone was already used to seeing the powerhouses that flew above them.

Fang Ning had just floated towards the window when Black Robe noticed his presence. He opened the window and welcomed him into his office.

The top floor was made up of a large hall where stacks of servers were arranged neatly. The whir of the fans and the clicks of the hard drives soared across the hall. Green and red lights flashed and blinked at regular paces which reminded Fang Ning of his previous life as a programmer.

Once upon a time, he used to frequent this type of server room…

“Your hobby sure is one of a kind, your Excellency. You don’t have the boring habits of humans as you’re not one of them.”

Black Robe remarked wanly as if it occurred to him that Vigilante A’s behavior was normal…

“Really?” Fang Ning chuckled and came straight to the point. “The other day, I saw the Devil Saint in outer space. He’s extremely familiar with what’s happening on Earth. Although it looks like he’s deep in space, he can still contact you anytime. I came here to learn about this outer space communication technology.”

Black Robe was stunned for a moment, then he regained his composure and spoke. “I can’t make a decision on this matter. I have to ask my master instead.”

“Then please ask him at once. I await your reply.” Fang Ning replied.

Soon, Black Robe returned from his master.

There was still a doubtful expression stuck on his face, but this did not stop him from giving Fang Ning a definite answer.

“The master said that he can pass this knowledge on to you, and you can pass it on to others, but you must adhere to one condition.” Black Robe told him with an enigmatic smile.

Fang Ning furrowed his brows. Did Black Robe want him to be his junior again? This fellow was persistent.

Apart from special cases, what kind of fellow who knew how to hack would be willing to become someone’s junior?

Therefore, he responded coolly. “Please elaborate.”

“The master said, not only do you have to pay to learn, but each time you share this knowledge with someone else, you must pay a fee for the usage of technology…” Black Robe explained in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Eh, this is understandable. How could I use someone else’s technology for free?” Fang Ning agreed swiftly.

“If you can get it for free, get it for free. If all else fails, just waive his rental fee for two years…” Sir System felt annoyed. “I shouldn’t have let you negotiate this matter.”

“Enough of your nonsense, or you’ll get it from me.” Fang Ning’s head hurt.

“Forget it, it’s better that you do it. I’m a Hero System anyway. I only know how to copy and paste that technological knowledge of yours, but I’m incapable of comprehending and learning it.” Sir System justified.

“Sigh, the Devil Saint is highly intelligent. Do you know why he didn’t promote this technology earlier?” Fang Ning sighed.

“Wasn’t he worried that someone who learned his technology would use this knowledge against him?” Sir System replied.

Fang Ning disagreed. “Hehe, with his confidence and ego, he won’t be worried about this. If he’s worried, he won’t pass this knowledge on to us today. He lets us share the technology with others under Vigilante A’s namesake. This is the fastest way for him to make money. If he were to promote it on his own, people will be worried about the technology’s disadvantages.”

“Weird, why this sudden need for money? He’s a devil and he can just snatch whatever he wants…” Sir System was dumbfounded.

“Eh, isn’t that because of you?” Fang Ning added.

“He isn’t afraid of me now, is he? Although I’m not afraid of his tactic, I can’t hold it off either. The only thing I can do is to run away.” Sir System muttered nervously.

All of a sudden, Fang Ning was stunned. He had a slight feeling but he was unable to say a thing.

He still had to deal with Black Robe. He neither considered the matter nor answered Sir System’s question.

Fang Ning said to Black Robe, “In that case, let’s not waste time. I’ll start learning now.”

Black Robe nodded. He seemed to be free and brought Fang Ning to a table at once.

There was a dainty little gadget on the table. A blue antenna was attached to its surface.

“This is the form of communication used by me and my master that transcends time and space — the Quantum Communication Gadget.”

He pressed a green button on the gadget and explained. “The controls are simple. Pressing this will allow you to communicate with another similar gadget.”

“Now, I’m going to teach you the production method and directions for use of this gadget. I believe you’ll be able to master it quickly…” It sounded as if Black Robe had confidence in Vigilante A.

Fang Ning stared at the gadget and recalled something. Black Dog should have noticed this gadget when it reported to him earlier, but that fellow did not describe it to him. It only talked about Black Robe and the Devil Saint’s conversation, which resulted in its failure to notice that tool.

Or else, he would not have to spend so much energy on deductions. Instead, he would have been aware that Black Robe and the Devil Saint contacted each other through this gadget.

No wonder this absent-minded single dog was often careless in its duties…

There was no point bothering it now. He was still familiar with quantum communication. This served as humanity’s most advanced discovery to date.

Anything that was related to quantum was the pinnacle of the scientific field. Many skills and abilities of the 20th and the 21st century were closely related to this term.

It was safe to say that without it, this array of computers before him would not have existed.

However, was he really capable of mastering such technology?

Fang Ning doubted this very much.