Chapter 889 - Cultivating On A Loan

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Chapter 889: Cultivating On A Loan

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Fang Ning’s suspicions soon became reality.

Black Robe started to talk about the Heavenly Book…

He did not fake any aspect of the gadget, including its principle, structure and the sourcing of materials. Anyway, it was something that could be verified repeatedly.

Finally, Fang Ning only understood one thing. “For the time being, this gadget can’t be mass produced. It must be adjusted by someone, who has a high cultivation base and has mastered the relevant techniques, using his or her own magical powers. The processing technology of humans is still insufficient to finalize the gadget’s production.”

After the entire assembly process, he still might end up doing the hard work in the end?

‘Forget it, producing a few gadgets for myself will suffice.”

Sir System suddenly spoke. “I understand it now.”

“Ah, what do you understand?” Fang Ning gasped.

“This technology of his is good, but it can’t solve the communication issue between you and the River God.” Sir System explained.

“Why?” Fang Ning felt confused.

“Silly you. It’s true you’ll have no problem with long-distance communication when you create two phones, but the River God doesn’t have one. Are you really going to travel several light years ahead to hand him one? I’ll let you know beforehand that if you do so, you’re on your own. I’m not going to waste my energy running around.” Sir System rejected vehemently.

“Hmm, even a fool makes an occasional good point.” Fang Ning muttered.

“I guess so. I might be a dumb System but I still understand this situation.” Sir System grinned.

“Oh, alright, dumb System. Please record the information provided by Black Robe. I have to return to work on something. Please seize me for a while and I’ll study it again later.” Fang Ning added.

“Damn you, you’re trying to scoot off again. After all, this gadget will be made by you. I can’t craft it.” Sir System grumbled.

Fang Ning hastily consoled it. “I understand, I understand. Please seize me for a while, I’ll go back to revise some basic knowledge. Right now, it’s like listening to the Heavenly Book…”

“Fair enough, if you dare to have fun when you go back, I’ll lock you up in the System Prison.” Sir System threatened.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless. He was probably not the first Host to be locked up by the System, but certainly one of the few ones.

He merely retreated to the System Cyber Cafe. After a moment’s contemplation, he headed to the Draconic Penitentiary and looked for Anderson.

This fellow used to stay in America and it was thoroughly familiar with human technology.

Fang Ning met Anderson in the office. They were editing a document.

When he discovered the warden’s purpose of visit, Anderson’s face brightened with joy.

They quickly replied, “I used to dabble in quantum communication. After all, it’s the best and most reliable method for humans to communicate in the universe. However, I faced time constraints at that time…”

“That’s great, I’ll show you some external tutorials.” Fang Ning was overjoyed. He could now dump this responsibility on someone else…

If a scientist was present, he would have reprimanded Fang Ning for not valuing a precious object. To people in the scientific field, this was akin to the Jiuyin Manual’s great importance to the Wulin world, and possibly even greater. (TN: The Jiuyin Manual is a martial arts manual in the Condor Trilogy, a famous trilogy of Wuxia novels by the renowned Chinese author Jin Yong.)

Anderson watched the videos intently and let out sighs of admiration from time to time.

“Master Zhi Nan is a saint among devils, indeed. Zhi Nan’s incarnation can actually study such intricate techniques, which is simply breathtaking.” Their eyes shone with awe.

In today’s world, whether or not a particular technology was incredible could only be properly understood by professionals. Outsiders could only look at it.

Fang Ning was obviously an outsider to this field. Despite his background in science and engineering, he did not major in physics and had only surface knowledge of this particular field.

Fang Ning waited for Anderson to finish viewing the videos and inquired, “Based on Black Robe’s explanation, can you create the same gadget?”

Anderson’s expression turned into a grimace.

“What’s the problem?” Fang Ning continued asking.

“The main problem is I have insufficient powers. In order to complete the creation of this gadget, it has to be operated at an atomic level and this requires someone at a Lake level and above. I’m just an embodiment of a soul, so it’ll be quite hard for me to complete this procedure without any obstructions.” Anderson replied.

As a former devil, their inclination to power was akin to humanity’s desire to indulge. It was all basic instinct.

They can lose everything but power. Many devils would die for power. This was what made them so terrifying.

Fang Ning went into deep thought.

He was no fool. Of course, he knew what Anderson was implying. They wanted to restore their power and quite possibly go one step above.

Nonetheless, could he say it out loud?

“It’s up to you whether you want to say it out loud. Even if they achieve the Ocean or Planet level, they shouldn’t even think of acting up in my System Space.” Sir System said nonchalantly.

“Oh, I shall settle this gladly. You’ll sponsor some pills, Sir.” Fang Ning immediately took advantage of Sir System’s decision.

The System replied hastily. “I’ve not finished speaking. Since they’re doing work for you, you should be responsible for these cultivation resources. I won’t provide them to you for free again. It’s for your own good.”

“Look at you, why are you so calculative? After all, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is still mine. You’re bound to my body, so why should you be worried about me using your stuff?” Fang Ning groaned.

“Cut the crap. Even blood brothers settle financial matters clearly, so we ought to do the same.” Sir System ignored Fang Ning’s words. “If you want to level-up their power, you can give them a loan first. Just deduct the amount from their created products in the future.”

“F*ck, this is so troublesome…” Fang Ning swore. “Is there a point to doing so?”

“Absolutely. If not, you’ll only treat my painstakingly crafted pills as junk food instead of valuing them.” Sir System scoffed.

“…” Fang Ning could not come up with the right words to counter the System. He could only blame himself for giving away his previous actions.

He could only compromise. “In that case, I’ll give them a loan first and I’ll let them repay me later.”

“Fair enough, I’m doing all of this for your own good. By being independent, you’ll have an endless supply of pills.” Sir System advised patiently.

“You’re just petty and you’ll merely reduce my manpower.” Fang Ning complained, then he went to System Preservation Area and brought back hundreds of bottles of pills.

He wanted to take some more, but the door was locked…

However, the existing bottles should suffice. After all, when Fang Ning sped towards the Lake level last time, he consumed slightly more pills than the existing amount.

He was wasteful and he believed Anderson would use each pill wisely.

When he returned to the office and placed the bottles of pills on the table, he noticed Anderson’s stunned expression.

Their expression was the same as Fang Ning’s when he realized, for the first time, he earned one million yuan…

He missed the old days when Sir System was still naive, honest and easily manipulated by him.

Now, he had become a cunning, petty and stingy System who was skilled at manipulating others.

Such was the cruelty of reality. There were no NPCs in real life. Everyone would develop and change, and Sir System was not excluded from this. It was so hardworking that it worked 24 hours each day for 13 days.

“I have to let you know that this is a loan to help with your cultivation. Later, you need to create the relevant gadgets to repay me.” Fang Ning reminded them firmly.

Anderson was not worried but delighted. This was because Fang Ning’s words meant that they were no longer some criminal scum locked in prison, but an equal commercial entity…

They were highly aware of the stark difference.

Hence, they quickly nodded. “Thank you for your generosity, your Excellency. I’ll learn the technology as soon as possible and create a product that satisfies you.”

“Perfect. You shall learn and cultivate at the same time, then. I won’t bother you.” Fang Ning dumped this responsibility on them and departed swiftly.

Anderson slumped onto the table with the bottles of pills and immersed themselves in their pleasure.