Chapter 891 - The Embodiment of Good and Evil

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Chapter 891: The Embodiment of Good and Evil

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“The question is, do we save him? If we save him, what sort of risks will we have to bear? What are the risks if we don’t save him?” Fang Ning asked three consecutive questions…

Sir System came down from his cloud of triumphant there and then, and spoke hesitantly, “To save or not to save? I’m but a silly ol’ system, I can’t make the judgment, I’ll leave the decision to you. Just bear in mind that if you screw me over, you’re screwing yourself too.”

“Bullsh*t, when have I ever really screwed you over?” With no more words to say, Fang Ning began to ponder.

Now, he felt like he could finally understand the feelings of those great historical figures when they were trying to make an important decision.

Pleasures and enmities only existed in people’s imaginations. In reality, one had to make decisions deemed appropriate to the situation, decisions that were often difficult and uncomfortable.

In all honesty, he really did not feel like saving this devil, because he was a difficult one to handle, unlike other demons and devils who could easily be gotten rid of by Sir System.

This guy, however, was highly intelligent, perceptive and had an impeccable foresight…

Right, that meant that he could not have possibly not seen this coming, in that case, everything that he had done before, all made sense now.

No wonder he had never expressed any intentions to get rid of himself, looks like he had kept him alive all this time for the sake of putting him to use today.

Except, how was he so sure that he would definitely help him?

According to Black Robe’s descriptions, he knew that the devil was not able to save himself, just like how Wu Mu had been unable to save himself, unless, he was no longer Wu Mu.

Regardless of how intelligent the other was, he was still created upon the main body, now that the main body wanted to repossess everything, what good would it do for him to resist?

The main body was definitely no fool, it had to have been prepared for this.

The only possible variable left, was the outside world.

Under what circumstances could an incarnate take over control? Easy, the moment the main body had befallen.

Fang Ning had read about this before in the information provided by Anderson, once the main body had collapsed, it could reinstate itself among all the other incarnations.

However, this gave the incarnations the window of opportunity to detach themselves from the main body.

Now, the fate of the man who had once stood at the top of it all, was in Fang Ning’s hands.

Fang Ning could already imagine it, whether the other was able to escape from the deadly grip of fate, everything was within his grasp.

This feeling was so intriguing.

This was the so-called ‘the elephant was afraid of the mouse’ situation right…

“Sigh, you’re as astute as ever when it comes to being self-aware…” Sir System quickly said affirmatively.

“Get out, don’t interrupt my line of thought, I need to weigh out the pros and cons properly.” Fang Ning said assertively.

Sir System turned quiet at once.

Fang Ning stood and got out of the System Cyber Cafe, and paced back and forth along the gravel path inside the System Space.

Not that he was being indecisive, but the decision he had to make this time was just that significant.

It could even be said that his decision could determine the becoming of a Saint in the universe!

Would that title fall into the hands of Zhi Nan’s main body, the devil lord; or would it rest in the hands of the incarnation who embodied a sliver of good?

The rise of the Era of Mystery was still very much young, with it being no more than twenty years old.

Nevertheless, the endpoint that could be reached by its people, had been decided from the very beginning.

Inside the living room, Black Robe was waiting anxiously, yet he dared not urge the other as he was terrified of accidentally causing any actions that could potentially anger the important figure before him.

He had racked through his brains in search of any suitable words, yet when he thought about them further, they all sounded weak and unconvincing.

He knew full well of his master’s future, and that was why he understood the value of this rescue mission, almost nothing could compare to its importance.

Also, he was not qualified to make any promises.

He had come seeking help, not as a direct order from his master, but out of his own discretion.

Otherwise, he would have been discovered by the other incarnations a long time ago.

After all, between the incarnations, being able to communicate with telepathically between each other was the most basic operative. Now that they were in the same world without barriers, it was even easier for them to read each others’ thoughts, leaving no room for lies.

The only way to prevent others from reading into their minds, was to…not think.

This was extremely difficult to do, as the more one tried to avoid thinking of something, the more likely the chances are for that certain thing to appear in their minds.

Of course, such a thing came as easy as could be for these powerful ones from the Upper Realm.

Be still and remain calm as the tranquil water, such was the way of cultivating one’s mind.

He ran through his thoughts again, and suddenly thought of something.

He remembered something that master had told him seemingly inadvertently from a long time ago.

“The reason why I tend to steer clear of Vigilante A, is because he is able to draw out the good and virtuous side of me.”

“With Master’s intelligence, it should an easy task, getting rid of him, is it not?” Black Robe had suggested then.

What virtuous thoughts, in his position, and given his attitude, he could care less about those. At their level, being good and evil was irrelevant, what truly mattered was where they stood.

At that time, his master had shaken his head, “It’s not to say that is is difficult. However, I may still need to rely on him to save my life in the near future, because of this existence of good in me…now, I’ve finally come to understand why, the creations of nature, embody both good and evil, because without good, there would be chaos; yet without evil, there would be no drive to strive for betterment.”

Having thought of this, he went wild with excitement.

That was right, this was the only thing, the ultimate weapon that could move Vigilante A!

After all, the other was a hero praised for his benevolence and righteousness…

Of course, he would never know that the thing that could truly compel Sir System, was the black sphere in his hand that could lead one to the other dimension space.

That said, the ultimate decision rested in the hands of another fellow, said fellow did not happen to be as greedy as Sir System was, as he still retained a sense of righteousness.

Black Robe decisively spoke, “Venerable One, while my Master may have been at odds with you in the past, now, the good in him has been awakened, and he will henceforth distance himself. Such a good exists only within my Master, and none within all the other incarnations of the devil lord. Because only Master’s wisdom is capable of containing such goodness and prevent it from interfering with devilish thoughts.”

Hearing this, Fang Ning was immediately awakened from his thoughts.

He had finally understood the reason why he had been hesitating.

It was precisely because he was worried that after saving the other, he would be betrayed in the end.

After all, the other still had the potential to become a Saint in the future, saving the other now, may not necessarily spell a good end for him in the future.

Those who had thought that saving an emperor’s life would guarantee them a life of wealth and prosperity were all too naive.

The human heart was most prone to volatility, one may claim to be brothers now, but at the turn of a back, they could also turn into each others’ greatest enemies. Such matters were not rare.

There had been too many incidences of such, with history being the prime textbook guide, especially in the history of China, there had been countless instances of heartless ones being saved.

Now, he had thought of another problem.

If the other was to be repossessed by the devil lord’s main body, and the devil lord becomes the Saint of the current universe, he would definitely be met with an unkind end.

Nonetheless, if he could use this opportunity to turn the other over to the good side, whilst his benign state remained dominant, it would make for a solution to his current dilemma.

Seeing as he had actually seen the goodness in the other before, it was a true good, one he had sensed to be similar to that of the Bodhisattva Spirit King’s.

This was understandable, given that both of them were monks, yet one remained independent, whilst the other had joined the path of evil.

Nevertheless, they shared a common good. This, Fang Ning was certain that he had not been mistaken.

Some of those good were fake, but theirs were the true good.

Fang Ning enjoyed getting along with kind people, as it was easy and relaxing, it allowed him to live freely as he pleased.

As for the wicked, well, he believed that no one would truly be willing to get along with them either, even the wicked ones themselves do not necessarily favor the wicked…