Chapter 892 - The One in Control

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Chapter 892: The One in Control

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Although Fang Ning had come up with a rough solution, the actual implementation of the solution remained a difficult process.

He recalled the first time he had defeated Zhi Nan’s incomprehensible body, at the time he had used Sir System’s “Atmospheric Morality Technique” to draw out the other’s virtuous side, collaborate from within with forces from without, and defeated him by gaining the upper hand.

He got an idea instantly as he turned to Sir System and smiled unnervingly, “Sir System, with your perfected “Atmospheric Morality Technique”, if a cultivator, like say, Black Dog, suddenly commits evil, what would happen to him?”

Sir System was stumped and said, “His roots of cultivation would be completely destroyed of course, as he deviates from his training, he would lose all possibility of cultivating ever again.”

“Then I understand now.” Fang Ning said enigmatically.

“I don’t understand…could you give me a clearer explanation?” Sir System said sullenly.

Fang Ning waved his hand dismissively and said in tone with great confidence, “You’ll know immediately, now hand over my body first.”

System notification: [The System has suspended seizement.]

Fang Ning smoothly took back control of his body, turned to the anxious Black Robe and said, “Seeing as good remains in him, I may consider saving him, but you must first promise me a condition.”

Black Robe immediately asked, “Regardless of what the conditions are, even at the cost of my life, I will do anything for my Master.”

Fang Ning was taken aback, such a loyal follower he was!

Sometimes he found himself unable to comprehend the way of thought of these people who put were completely loyal to another, after all, their loyalty was often met with betrayal in the end.

That said, he still admired the other, after all, a person with such determination and perseverance was a hundred times stronger than a double-dealer.

Fang Ning decisively said, “This is something that can only he can do, go and tell him that if he is willing to convert and cultivate my secret “Atmospheric Morality Technique” instead, I will save him.”

“…” Black Robe’s eyes widened at his words.

To let the incarnation of a devil lord, practice the techniques of Morality, was that not equivalent to igniting flames to oil?

The other party was not trying to save his master, they were trying to make sure he suffered a worse death!

He instinctively wanted turned to leave in fury, but he stopped almost immediately.

He realized that the other party was trying to bring up as much of the goodness inside his master, so much so that it would never cease to flow.

The reason why his master had chosen to keep the goodness within him, was because he had predicted that a situation like this.

That means, that the Vigilante was intending for his master to turn over to the path of righteousness.

Moreover, he was the one who had reminded the other of this.

As expected, a powerhouse of his cultivation may be a madman, but he was definitely no fool.

His master had used his goodness as bait, insinuating that if he was repossessed by the main body, the world would have ushered in a true, devil lord of pure evil.

Except, the other party had counted on this, turned the tables over and intended to transform him into a wise Saint that belonged to the path of righteousness.

He knew full well the capability of the “Atmospheric Morality Technique”.

Seeing as how the other party had relied heavily on this technique to suppress all offense from the devils and demons alike.

Black Robe hesitated, he could not make the decision for his master, yet neither could he seek instructions from him.

Because the minute he sought out his master, meant that the other incarnations would also immediately find out everything that was happening.

Not only was he sure to die, but the other incarnations would also tear down their masks by then and launch their attacks.

The only reason they had yet to act, was due to none other than the fact that they were soaking up the technology that could enable a star to enter dormancy from his master.

The technology could not be picked up by anyone simply by knowing the application of it, without actual guidance, one could spend a hundred years trying to master it and still end up lost.

Obviously, they had no intention of wasting their time, hence why they had pretended to play nice with his master to have him teach them.

Everyone knew that the moment they mastered it, would be the time for his master to disappear.

Face it, who would let an incarnation with an intelligence higher than its main body run free and out of its control?

Looks like it had all been part of their schemes all along.

Whilst Black Robe was still hesitating, Sir System exclaimed in excitement, “Big Billionaire Host, I bow down to your brainwork yet again, how did you come up with this idea to let the devils learn the Morality Technique? Vows may not be credible, but their progress of cultivation won’t go unnoticed by me. After all, this is an ability deduced by the System, everything is guided by rule.”

“Oh, I just thought you might’ve wanted to keep it all to yourself and refuse to teach it to the devil,” Fang Ning said with a shake of his head.

“You’re making false accusations again, I’ve taught plenty of people already, the Black and Yellow Dogs, Old Man Zheng, you, and Little White…so many people, when have I ever been stingy?” Sir System retorted.

“Oh, well, my bad, after all his position is somewhat different, all the others are either friendlies or close allies of ours, but he’s somewhat more of foe.” Fang Ning sighed.

Sir System replied in an unbothered tone, “Once he begins training, he’ll have become my disciple, even if he becomes the Saint one day, he can’t possibly lay a hand on his master could he? I have to say this strategy of yours is really sly. It guarantees our future safety while at the same time let the good in him flourish and gain autonomy.”

Fang Ning heard his words and gingerly replied, “Actually, these are all only a matter of expediency, as for the real matter, we ourselves need to become Saints as well…”

“Sniff…” Sir System suddenly appeared touched, “I can’t believe that I would see the day where I could hear those words come out of your mouth. It’s been too hard, you’ve finally come your realizations.”

Fang Ning sweatdropped, and replied helplessly, “Look at what you’re saying, you make it sound as if I’ve been so wicked before, I’ve always been trying hard, okay?”

“Hmmph, you only appear to be working hard but not towards real goals, you only do that to appease me, even I could see that.” Sir System mumbled.

Fang Ning felt his head hurt, “Alright alright, let’s put this topic aside, for now, we’ll come up with something afterward. Let’s deal with Black Robe first.”

“It’s very simple, you just need to give him a devil version of the booklet, you still remember that Devil Vigilante Nan Feng? He’s been wandering around, carrying that devil-luring sword you gave him, you could test it out on him first, see if there are any problems that come up.” Sir System said with confidence.

“Uh, now that you’ve mentioned it, I almost forgot about that fella… it has been a while since he appeared in the reports, I wonder what he’s been up to.” Fang Ning said sheepishly.

“I, for one, would never forget anyone who might be useful, this is the gap between us. That guy’s got grand masterplan, he’s trying to convert those devils in order to build a city of order, making sure that those devils won’t be able to cause trouble and do as they pleased.” Sir System rubbed it in.

“That guy’s pretty ambitious, he’s certainly no background NPC for sure. Alright, let’s summon him back and help him build his cause.” Fang Ning said, impressed.

He had not expected a character that he had long forgotten about, had also been moving forward silently, unnoticed by him, and had already decided what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Although seemingly naive and innocent, many great causes appeared so initially, yet, after a while, drenched in the sweat and blood of passion and determination, they would be realized and become crowd-awing, astounding achievements.

A hundred years ago, there had many who had been in the belief that China would remain submerged forever, all sorts of talks of the nation’s fall prevailed at the time, those people would have never thought that they would ever see the day where China had become the world’s leading nation today.

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If those people were still alive, their jaws would probably be on the ground right now.

Fang Ning’s alarm grew with each shocking revelation, realizing that it was probably time to seriously reconsider the path of becoming a saint; in the past, the idea had seemed so far and distant, he had fritted away his days fooling around, but now, everyone else had already had their eyes set on their goals and was making progress towards them.

Even if he was seized by Sir System, he had not designated the settings with the ability to strategize and accomplish goals, but only with the strongest capability of execution; if left to its own devices, chances are he would end up as only a damage dealer, and not the one in control…