Chapter 893 - God and Devil Morality Technique

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Chapter 893: God and Devil Morality Technique

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Black Robe did not hesitate as he gritted teeth, saying, “If that’s the case, then please bestow upon me the “Atmospheric Morality Technique”, Venerable One.”

However, Vigilante A shook his head. “Humans and devils are different. Alterations need to be made before it is usable. You may stay in the manor for now, and I will teach you the devilish version of the morality technique once I’ve modified it.”

Even though Black Robe’s position was different, he could not help but feel somewhat moved by his words.

This was the difference between a real hero of the good and the villains like him.

He was no ordinary devil, but a devil created by his master with the combined knowledge of the modern world and the Upper Realm.

In the past, he could mock and call the other an idiot, but now, when it came to matters relating to himself, he only wished that the other was as dumb as possible.

Only now, he could not help but worry; if his master had mastered the devilish version of the morality technique and become one of the good ones like Vigilante A, would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Was he to go and do good deeds every day, and accumulate merit points?

He felt uncomfortable simply trying to picture it.

However, deep inside his heart, he had anticipated it.

This was because at the very least, by following an upright master, he would never be betrayed.

How was Liu Bei from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms able to win the hearts of the people? Was it not due to the fact that he had been loyal and had never betrayed them?

In his memory, the other two heroes had had countless servants who had served beneath them, but Liu Bei was different. He had far and few of them, and there were legitimate reasons for why he did so.

Thus, Black Robe bowed deeply and placed the black sphere on the table, along with a note that included its method of use.

He did not tell the other that inside the dimension space were the majority of the assets and riches that he had just transferred inside.

For reasons he himself did not understand, he felt that he would rather give these things to his former adversary than to let them fall into the hands of his own kind.

Although it could be said that the other incarnations of the great devil lord were also his masters, with the great devil lord being his true master by right.

Yet, he understood well — that he had only one true master, and that was the incarnation of wisdom.

Black Robe took his leave and upon the reception of Butler Zheng, he settled down in a guest room inside the manor and did not return to the Demon Cave.

A day later, while Black Robe was training inside the guest room, he suddenly heard a painful scream that came from the yard. Immediately, he looked through the window.

In the spacious backyard, by the pool, an ugly and burly black man was emitting clouds of white energy and screaming in pain.

His master would never become like that, Black Robe firmly told himself. Yet, he was unable to take his eyes off the poor guy.

The other was surrounded in pure demonic energy. It was safe to say that he was a descendant of the purest devilish lineage.

Except it was obvious that he was now suffering in agony, one that was beyond compare.

From his agonizing expression alone, he could tell that the modified, devilish version of the “Atmospheric Morality Technique” was no good, and its usage could cause immense pain.

When he thought about it, he understood that in the orthodoxical view of humans, the Path of Devils had always been associated with cruelty and savagery.

However, Black Robe’s understanding was different. To him, the earliest devil had deviated from the path and violated the rules at their will. In this case, their existence had gone against the norm of society and thus, they were labeled as devils.

He did not know when, but through gradual evolution, the Path of Devils became the path of the cultivation of evil, ruthless and unscrupulous in obtaining what they desired. More so, it was most often brazen and unabashed in their ways.

Moreover, the evil influences, resentment and other negative energy between the Heaven and Earth, seemed to favor the Path of Devils. It brought together the combination that led to a road of no return which eventually evolved into the situation today.

Clearly, such a way of cultivation clashed against the morality technique. In order to convert it, one must completely destroy the foundation of their cultivation, and change their entire source of power.

One could only imagine the extent of pain one had to go through. It was no other that even the seemingly strong ugly brute would shamefully cry out in pain.

“How wonderful, this is the sensation that I’ve always wanted…”

Just as Black Robe sympathized with the unnamed comrade, after letting out another scream, he heard a new voice.

When he looked again, he saw the black energy slowly peeling away from the ugly brute, seemingly turning from black into white…

At that moment, he fell into complete shock. He had remembered his master mentioning of such a state before.

There was a demon lord that embodied both a Buddha and a devil. Using only its demonic energy would somehow be able to freely convert itself between good and evil. This was another example of “in extreme Yin, Yang will be born” in its highest form.

Could it be that this was also an effect of cultivating the morality technique?

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He felt his heart palpitating slightly. It was not because he had any desire to turn towards the path of good of course, but instead, he had thought of the possibility of how easy it would be to disguise as a figure of good in the future. So good that even those gods may not be able to identify him by then.

Just as Black Robe was immersed in his thoughts, the ugly brute seemed to have completed another round of cultivation.

Looking at the man again, his whole body appeared to be whiter than before.

The Dragon God’s technique was indeed extraordinary. It even came with a beautification effect, although it was somewhat unnecessarily elaborate…

Becoming beautiful was an easy task among cultivators. After all, it was only flesh and blood and often, only a truly masterful cultivator would not be bothered to do so.

Black Robe continued to watch.

He could see the ugly brute bowing deeply to Vigilante A who had been observing from the side, uttering words of gratitude, “The Venerable One’s wisdom is indeed unparalleled. This “God and Devil Morality Technique” not only has the ability to remove thoughts of evil from the devil’s heart, it even makes it possible for a devil to have a moral compass. At the same time, it would allow them to convert demonic energy into morality. Nan Feng is most impressed and no words are enough to convey my feelings of gratitude.”

Vigilante A nodded and said, “You’re one of the rare devils that possess the heart of a hero. If it wasn’t for the darkness within the Upper Realm, you would not have needed to become a devil to pursue the path of heroism. Now, you’ve returned to the true path of justice. This can be considered as a positive outcome as well.”

The ugly brute’s expressed a sense of gratitude. “Only the Venerable One is able to understand me. Nan Feng hereby vows that he will vanquish the evil and never to stray from good.”

Within moments, great thunder stormed through the sky. It was clear that his vows had been heard and recognized by the Heavenly Axiom of this world.

Meanwhile, the white energy surrounding the ugly man seemed to have thickened.

As Black Robe saw this, he was astonished. Right before his eyes, a demon had actually successfully been converted!

Sure enough, laying vows is the shortcut to the way of cultivation.

If only the price of payment that had to be repaid in the future was not that heavy. Besides, not everyone who had laid their vows would see it come to effect. Without innate potential, even Gods would not be bothered.

This ugly man named “Nan Feng” seemed to possess that potential. It seemed as if he would likely become a character of fortitude and heroism in the future.

Vigilante A did not appear to be that dumb either, as he did not expect a devil to completely relinquish its ways and become one of the good. Instead, he only asked for them to maintain a moral compass.

It looked like his master may be able to successfully convert after all.

What happened next was a series of exchanges of courteous formalities between the two which Black Robe was too lazy to look at. The only thing on his mind right now was how he could deliver the book of “God and Devil Morality Technique” to his master without the other incarnations noticing.

Not only that, he had to ensure that they did not suspect anything.

As for whether or not they would actually cultivate it, Black Robe was not worried. Those incarnations were vastly different from this ugly man. Their cultivations had long been deeply rooted, it would be immensely difficult for them to convert.

Had his master not retained the good within him, he would never have had the chance to convert either.