Chapter 894 - The Path of Technology

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Chapter 894: The Path of Technology

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The next day, at a meadow on the farm.

Vigilante A handed a white booklet to Black Robe and said in a solemn tone, “The fate of your master lies within your ability to let him cultivate this “God and Devil Morality Technique”.”

Black Robe had a serious expression. He already had an idea, but whether it would work or not depended entirely if the God of Destiny smiled upon him.

However, the God of Destiny in this universe had yet to emerge, and the one who controlled the fate of everyone lied within the hands of the Origins of Time and Space.

With his master’s fate, there should be no problem.

He tried to convince himself that as he wordlessly took over the booklet of “God and Devil Morality Technique”. After that, he gave a firm nod and with a wave of his robe, he disappeared from the plains.

“Alright, now that the guy’s finally gone, we can go and check out the dimension that the black sphere supposedly leads to. What is the difference between the so-called dimension space and a secret realm within a grotto-heaven anyway?” Sir System asked curiously.

After all, this was decided by the path of heroism — one must work for their rewards, they could not simply just take it.

“Have it your way, it’s just some land and some riches. Nothing much of interest.” Fang Ning was not interested in things like this. He would rather play a round of two of those ancient games.

Sadly, he had just made a resolution and he could not possibly go back on his words…

Inside Black Robe’s villa in the USA.

A group of men and women of different shapes and sizes was currently gathered in a study inside the villa.

There were eight of them, no more no less.

Including the Zhi Nan who was currently giving a lecture, there were nine persons in total.

Black Robe discreetly returned inside the villa even though he knew that all those people would definitely know of his return.

Although the others paid no heed to his whereabouts, their focuses were entirely on learning the skill of putting the stars into dormancy from his master.

This was a skill that his highly intelligent master had finally succeeded in cultivating, after spending years of hard work, traveling deep into the galaxies and countless times of experimentation.

Even if these incarnations were all of advanced powers and skills, it would still take some time for them to fully understand its operation.

That was given that they were not omnipotent gods.

In order to fully understand the mechanisms of the skill, they must first fully comprehend the technology on Earth and then integrate it with the technology of the mysterious side, both of which required them to reach a significantly high level of mastery before they would be able to master it.

Compared to that, a little Demon Servant mattered little.

Though, of course, they still kept their guards on.

Hence, when Black Robe returned, a beautiful woman among them spoke up softly, “Wisdom, your servant has returned, and he seems to have brought back something interesting.”

Zhi Nan, who had been giving a lecture on the operation of celestial planets, halted slightly when he heared those words. Then, he gave a nod. “Lust, I had ordered him to go. In a new world, there should be new changes made in the Path of Devils as well.”

Then, he turned to the doorway. “Black Robe, bring over the book for the others to see.”

“Yes, Master.” Black Robe handed the book of “God and Devil Morality Technique” over with reservation…

That was right. The idea that he had come up with was just that simple — to let his master handle it, and leave the rest to fate.

Zhi Nan opened the book and began to read through it. At the same time, he allowed the others to see the contents of the book.

“Converting demonic energy into morality? Is this necessary?” the woman asked skeptically.

“Absolutely useless cultivation method. A devil is a devil, what’s the point of becoming one of the good ones?” a burly, muscular man snorted.

The others were quiet as they only looked towards Zhi Nan.

This incarnation was the most intelligent one of them all, even the main body’s intelligence could not compare.

They had only been able to survive the wrath of the Upper Realm with his careful plans.

One should know that even the gods and devils that were stronger and more powerful than themselves had been discarded and thrown away just like that.

The only reason they were still here today was because the other had proposed the idea of exploring the new world. Hence, gaining new worth and value had them spared by the Saints.

Now, they were finally able to see the results; a path to sainthood lied before them.

The reason they had come was because the main body had sensed that results had been produced. In order to prevent any undesired variables from occurring, he had sent the rest of the eight incarnations down. They only had two purposes for their visit.

The first was to successfully bring back the discovery; the second was to operate the soul array, eliminate the “consciousness” that had been born because of the barriers between the two worlds, and return it to its original state.

As for burning bridges, well, that had no bearing on their moral consciousness.

To any of those in high-ranking positions, such a scene was as common as daily routine, gods, devils and humans alike…

As for the reason why the main body had not descended to Earth in person, that was obviously. That was because it had already discovered the existence of someone capable of vanquishing it…

Vigilante A’s existence was no secret to those in the Upper Realm anymore.

The other had killed the five arhats of Buddhism, and clearly, it had no regard or fear towards gods and devils. Anyone that stood in the way of his interests would be rid of.

If the main body had come down with such a hostile situation on Earth, it would be far too dangerous.

Not a single god or devil who had survived would be willing to take the risk.

A main body of a god or devil was a precious medicine in this world.

Vigilante A practiced the Path of Heavenly Punishment. As long as there was probable reason, he would obey the will of the Heavenly Axiom and hunt down the main bodies of these gods and devils. Yet, the benefit of doing so was hard to explain.

Hearing this, something moved inside the other eight incarnations.

The previous orders of the main body were slightly wavering in their hearts.

If this wisdom incarnation was repossessed by the main body, then all of its cultivations would turn to nothing…

For a time, they were uncertain of what they should do.

After all, this matter concerned whether the main body would be able to become a Saint.

Only having the method of putting the stars into dormancy and gaining the recognition of the Origins of Time and Space was not enough as that only gave him the status to become a Saint.

In addition to that, the main body required a new path of cultivation that befitted this world.

It seemed that the other party had done some research on this matter.

Should they buy some more time?

The other eight incarnations looked to each other and secretly nodded.

“In that case, let us try to cultivate it first.” the woman said while she nodded.

“Very well. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.” A meaningful smile crept up Zhi Nan’s face.