Chapter 895 - May Buddha Have Mercy

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Chapter 895: May Buddha Have Mercy

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A bunch of devils trying to learn the “Morality Technique”?

Any sane person would have thought that they had gone crazy.

However, the powerful ones would not be surprised.

This was the true nature of a devil!

Devils were supposed to act as they pleased, behave as they desired, adapt to circumstances and change; following the old, had never been the way of a devil.

A devil was perfectly capable of becoming the most righteous, benevolent character. A certain devil lord of a certain incarnation happened to be a prime example of a celestial being of the good especially since the good deeds he had done had far surpassed that of the other so-called cultivators of the path of righteousness.

Nonetheless, this could only be said for the devils that had reached a certain level of cultivation. They were fully capable of controlling their desires and maintaining a sensible, clear mind, which gives them the opportunity to practice the techniques of morality.

For the majority of devils, especially the common devils, who have been on the receiving end of millions of years of killing and thirsting for blood, entangled by all manners of lusts and desires, this was something they could no longer be rid of. Even so, it would be immensely difficult for them to practice the ways of the good.

To the eight incarnations, studying the book of the “God and Devil Morality Technique” was no different than what they had been doing all along. It was only a way for them to better integrate and disguise themselves in this world.

As for their true nature, that could never be changed.

Ruthless, heartless, self-centered, oppressing the weak… all these were deeply-rooted in their belief system and were the defining attributes of a devil.

Three days later, as Black Robe was reporting back to his master, the woman came into the study.

In this situation, Black Robe wordlessly excused himself to the side respectfully.

“It would appear as if it’s rather difficult to make a start, and unlike those morality techniques before, it seems to require one to possess a true good in order to practice,” the woman spoke impassively.

“With your powers, utilizing the method of conversion to cultivate a fragment of true goodness should not pose a problem for you, isn’t it?” Zhi Nan gave a wry smile.

The woman suddenly sneered, “Is this your way of begging for mercy? To let us sprout a kind heart, and let you go free, or work with you and rebel against the main body instead?”

Black Robe instantly panicked — how could the other party have misunderstood his master?

Vigilante A’s goal had been to turn his master over to the good side, but he had never mentioned anything about turning the other incarnations over and neither did he have such intentions.

However, his master had taken it a step further and tried to use the “God and Devil Morality Technique” to confound the other incarnations.

He had believed that no matter how difficult it would be for the other incarnations to master the technique, with his master’s intelligence, any and all problems could be solved.

However, it seemed like the other had seen through their plans. Would all their effort be for naught?

Zhi Nan, though, spoke calmly and unhurriedly, “The main body and I are but two sides of the same body. Nothing would change even if I were to return to the main body. Except, it would be impossible for one to become a Saint in this universe without having good in them.”

“Hmph, as long as one has power, good and evil, what difference does it make? The Heavenly Axiom does not discriminate between good and evil, and neither does the Origin of Time and Space.” The woman shook her head and sniggered.

“Oh, you will understand if you’ve seen the history of human development in this world. When has a nation or force of true evil ever lasted? The reason is simple. For the very fact that this world’s path of technology cannot be wielded by the wicked and evil… Since the wicked ones are selfish, the power of science and technology will only be used for their own gain and pleasure. Then, it will not spread and benefit the others which this in itself is a hindrance to the rise of science and technology.” Zhi Nan too shook his head.

The woman was no fool either. She herself had dabbled in the path of technology the other had spoken of since her descent. So, naturally, she understood that the rhetoric given by the other was not incorrect.

The purpose of the development of science and technology had originally been intended for the greater use to benefit and be shared with all in order for to accumulate increasing resources and for the trees of technology to be branched out.

The promotion of the wider use of technology itself was to benefit the people and to increase productivity; this in itself was a form of good…

In that sense, the devils possessed no such good will. To expect them to advance technology for the benefit of others was utterly foolish.

The only thing they valued in technology was its scale of power. However, focusing only on technology’s power of destruction would only hinder its progress.

This was due to the fact that technology is a system in itself, and the development of military technology was established upon civilian technology.

The woman said no more, but Zhi Nan continued to speak, “If the main body wishes to become a Saint, it would have to first take with him the entire devil race into the path of technology. Yet, in order for them to cross the path of technology, he must first alter their mindsets, transforming them from pure evil to embodying both evil and good within them.”

“The first target would be none other than ourselves.”

Although the woman could tell that the other was definitely up to no good, she also had to admit that the path pointed out by the other was correct.

If you want to be sanctified in this technological-sided universe, then you can’t exclude the technology.

Otherwise, the Origin of Time and Space would not have tolerated their existence. Back in the golden age of the Upper Realm,?they may have still been able to count on the powers of the mysterious side to manipulate time and space, now, the possibilities were close to zero.

“Even if everything you’ve said is right, you still can’t hide your true intentions. You want to incite the good in us and have us spare your life — that’s impossible. As an incarnation, you should’ve been well aware that we are all parts of the main body. After our tasks are complete, we must return. All traces of our existence will be wiped clean,” the woman said in a cold tone of voice.

“Oh, once you’ve spent more time in this world and have a taste of what it is like to be free, you will come to understand that my actions are not wrong,” Zhi Nan said as he shook his head.

“Hmph, you’ve come to betray us after all.” The female incarnation suddenly let out a cold laugh. “Not only that, you even want to turn us against each other. The barriers of the world are indeed powerful. It has only been a few years and it’s already made you, an incarnation of the highest intelligence, develop an independent consciousness.”

“Oh, I knew I couldn’t have hidden this from all of you. But I’ve never thought about doing that either. Nonetheless, do you really think that you guys could kill me?” Zhi Nan asked with doubt in his voice.

“Your powers are all within the control of the main body, how could you possibly resist?” The woman waved her hand and the other seven incarnations simultaneously appeared in the study, surrounding Zhi Nan in the middle.

“Sigh, why must you be like this… We’ve come to this at last.” Zhi Nan put his hands together as he chanted, “May Buddha have mercy.”

Following this, strands of white energy surrounded his body!

The white energy was the Atmospheric Morality!

In only three days time, he had successfully mastered the “God and Devil Morality Technique”!

No doubt he was the incarnation of wisdom. With such power of comprehension, it was no wonder that he could fully comprehend the science and technology of the Earth in such a short amount of time. More so, he even deduced the method to put the stars into dormancy.

Black Robe looked at him with tears in his eyes — his Master had finally done it!

As Zhi Nan was surrounded by the white energy, the others in the study could see the range of expressions changing incessantly on his face.

Before long, a young handsome monk appeared in the study…