Chapter 896 - Changes

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Black Robe turned around immediately and looked out the window. That person should be here by now…

It was a deal; the other party would come to the rescue once his master had successfully cultivated the God and Devil Morality Techniques.

However, a few moments later, he realized that he might have expected too much.

“The things that weren’t supposed to exist in the first place, just let it disappear.”

Followed by a strange sound in the study room, the eight other incarnations had vanished into thin air one after another!

As Black Robe sensed everything that was happening, he immediately turned around and his jaw dropped!

How could this happen?

If only master had fully used this ability earlier, he would not have had to beg Vigilante A.

Black Robe thought about it and consequently scolded himself for his own stupidity. If he had not gone and begged Vigilante A, his master would not have successfully transformed into the Benevolent Body. Everything that was happening now would not have happened.

Why were all these things happening?

Why was master unable to put his power to use before he transformed?

Hundreds of questions appeared in his mind, yet he did not have any time to think of it all. Hence, he immediately stepped forward towards his master.

“Congratulations master, you’ve finally gotten rid of the ineradicable sickness. You’re finally free from now on.”

The charming white-faced monk smiled and said, “We’re all equal. There’s no need to call me master, Almsgiver. We should address each other equally.”

“Uh…” Black Robe responded in confusion. He could no longer control his curiosity as he asked, “Master, are you no longer who you used to be?”

“Hehe, everything comes and goes, just like the mist. This poor monk is not Zhi Nan, but Zhi Nan is this poor monk.”

Black Robe was speechless, and he felt as if he had more questions left unanswered.

However, he did not dare to offend his master. He then gave the monk a bow, exchanged some polite words before he turned to leave the scene.

He wanted to find Vigilante A and seek for revenge!

He said that once his master had cultivated the God and Devil Morality Technique, he would come to the rescue. However, he had failed to mention that once the ability was cultivated, his master would lose his identity!

“Sigh, the continuous karmic cycle and the constant loop of retribution. When will the world ever be at peace?” The young monk sighed and shook his head while his eyes followed Black Robe’s silhouette.

After he heard the words muttered behind his back, Black Robe turned furious. Once a Great Demon Lord that had the instinct of a merciless killer, had now abruptly turned into Tang Seng. What was the meaning behind his devotion and loyalty now?

At Vigilante A’s farm villa.

The farm was covered in greenery, with birds twittering and fragrance of flowers wafted through the air.

Sir System felt very pleased.

“I had never thought the dimension space would be so different compared to the grotto-heaven realm left behind by the Upper Realm. It’s almost as if it’s an independent heaven and earth! There’s a sun, a moon, an Earth and even stars. Simply amazing!”

“Yes, you’re right. It’s a mirror image of a small universe, or should I say a parallel dimension. It does feel a bit surreal,” Fang Ning said doubtfully.

“What is surreal? If we’re able to farm there and produce food for consumption, that is the reality. Why are you putting so much thought into this? Did reading all those books took a toll on your brain?” Sir System replied in disdain.

Fang Ning ignored Sir System. He was still thinking of the dimension space.

That was truly a magical place. The Sun, Moon, and Earth, everything that was needed was available. However, there was an unsettling surrealness about the place.

He had to take some time out to go back in and make a thorough research.

“Vigilante A, come out now!”

Someone was shouting furiously outside the villa.

“Oh cr*p, Sir System. There must be something wrong with the scripture you sold. The buyer’s here for a refund! We can’t protect the black ball now…” Fang Ning said nervously.

“That’s impossible. Products done by me are of premium quality. Not to mention, I’ve also done experimentations. Even that idiot Nan Feng was able to master it under my guidance, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Zhi Nan,” Sir System said in disbelief.

“Then why don’t you quickly go and handle the guy outside,” Fang Ning said as he withdrew inside the System Space. He surely did not want to face the angry buyer.

Although he had no confidence in his conviction, Black Robe knew that he would not have been brave enough to face against Vigilante A if it were not for the leverage he had on him…

“Fine, I’ll go,” Sir System said in confidence.

A few moments later, Vigilante A appeared in front of the villa entrance.

Black Robe was standing just outside the door with a truculent attitude.

“What is it? Why are you shouting outside my home?” Sir System said softly.

At this moment, Black Robe had given up all hope on his demon life. He had lost his master and he could not be a demon servant. There was no doubt to him that he had been denied his demon life.

Hence at this moment, he could not care less about how famously powerful Vigilante A was and he continued furiously, “What’s with the sh*tty ability you gave me? You’ve transformed my master into a freaking kind-hearted monk! He basically turned into Tang Seng!”

“Oh, that was it. That…” Vigilante A paused for a while before he continued, “Sounds wonderful!”

“You…” Black Robe almost spat blood as he could not believe how shameless Vigilante A actually was. He had sold a broken scripture but dared to be so immensely proud of himself.

This was actually the Old Devil’s fault, but who could blame him? The crucial point was that the other party was widely known to be the honorable Vigilante A!

“The God and Devil Morality Technique was designed to turn the Old Devil into an upright person. It’s quite ridiculous that he has transformed into a monk in a blink of an eye, but doesn’t that mean your master has sinned deeply and it has created a polar effect on him? it’s the obvious rules of heaven and earth. Why are you so furious?”

“Bu-but, my master has ceased to exist now! He doesn’t even recognize who I am, this is clearly the ability of black magic! How can this be a Morality Technique?” Black Robe said furiously.

“Oh, then I’ll ask you something else. The crisis of decaying that your master suffered from, has it been resolved?”

“Yes, it’s resolved. The eight incarnations also disappeared after exchanging words with the monk…” Black Robe replied. Naturally, he could not lie.

“That’s right. Although I cannot quite grasp what was going on, what should have been done is done. Your master is still alive even though he has changed drastically,” Vigilante A said in a peaceful tone.

Black Robe was speechless. After being so furious, he felt it was strangely unnecessary.

The previously thought questions reappeared in his mind.

Why was the master unable to use the favor of Origin of Time and Space to expel those incarnations, but he was able to do so after transforming into a monk?

Would it be possible that this was where the master stored his knowledge?

Master must have known earlier that he needed the help of Vigilante A’s ability to transform into the Benevolent Body. That was possibly the only method to expel those incarnations?

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What was the theory behind these?

It looked like he would have to wait for his master to return to his old self to find out the answer.

“Is there an ability that could turn my master into his old self?” Black Robe said, in a softer and lower tone this time

“Yes…” Vigilante A said while he shook his head, “But, I’m not telling you. It’s a good thing that he became Tang Seng! Tang Seng is like harmless livestock, at least I don’t have to worry that he’ll someday become the Demon Lord King.”

“F*ck, you dare call yourself a vigilante?” Black Robe said while he felt a whiff of malicious intent, almost as if he had fallen into this b*stard’s trap.

It felt like he had spent all his money to sell his master’s dignity. What a humiliating joke that was.

“For the sake of humanity, I’m willing to bear these small infamies. I’ll gladly endure this hardship,” Vigilante A said softly.

Black Robe was speechless at how thick-skinned Vigilante A was and he was only able to see it clearly today.

After putting in much thought, he could not find a reason to blame him. He then let out a deep breath before turned around to leave.

Even though his master had become a monk, he swore to find a way to turn him back!