Chapter 898 - Return of the River God

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Chapter 898: Return of the River God

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Later, Fang Ning said to Black Robe, “If you really want to understand what happened to your master, you should cultivate this ‘God and Devil Morality Technique’. Only then can you come up with a reversal method.”

Upon hearing this, Black Robe was stunned. He thought to himself, ‘What the other party said makes sense, but why does it feel like something is wrong?’

He thought about it multiple times but there seemed to be no other way.

“Very well, I have had this ‘God and Devil Morality Technique’ memorized. But I’ll go back and cultivate it now,” Black Robe said while he nodded his head. After all, it was a suggestion from the manufacturer, so he better listen.

“Good, I believe you’ll be able to solve this problem soon.” Fang Ning nodded.

Black Robe walked away with uncertainty.

In the next few days, Fang Ning did not know whether the problem was solved, but Black Robe did not seek for him again. So, this matter was considered over…

It was not until seven days later when Sir System had a routine global inspection that they found out the truth.

“Hey, Mr. Rich Man, your idea is not bad. Black Robe is now a monk too,” Sir System said excitedly.

Fang Ning looked through the system’s perspective and below was the villa where Black Robe was at.

They saw that he had shaved his head too and was discussing Buddhist scriptures with a white-faced monk. The two men argued with each other and no distinction of master and servant was seen between them.

Fang Ning was very pleased. This showed that the Morality Technique from Sir System was really powerful. It could turn two hidden dangers into harmless monks and transform fierce conflicts that might arise in the future into a non-existence problem.

Fang Ning did not feel guilty at all for tricking Black Robe.

After all, this guy was originally a problematic person. Now that he had become a monk and had started to discuss Buddhist scriptures, they finally had time to relax for a while.

More importantly, he could finally place his focus elsewhere.

Time flew by and on this day, it was already the fourth year and fifth month of Shenyuan.

The weather was fine. Above the blue sky, a long flowing golden river suddenly appeared. It was sparklingly blinding.

“Elder Sky River, he finally came back. Anderson has created four of that quantum communication instrument. We can ask him to bring one along.” As Fang Ning looked at this scenery, he felt very pleased.

“Yeah, it’s a long journey of 600 light years, yet this guy went back and forth in just slightly more than half a year. He’s still very good.” Sir System sighed.

“Stop spouting nonsense and quickly inform those guys to welcome him,” Fang Ning urged.

In an instant, Sir System said in disdain, “Duh. If you can think of it, why can’t the others think of it?”

Sure enough, not long after the strange phenomenon of the golden river appearing in the sky, Fang Ning’s WeChat had a new message.

With China’s Truth Department as the leader, along with the cooperation of the Special Affairs Departments of various other countries, as well as many great powerful beings on Earth, they were all ready to welcome the return of the River God.

Fang Ning naturally accepted and had Sir System rush to the designated location first.

Not long after that, in the space above Earth that faced Lunaette, about twenty people had gathered.

These twenty-plus people, whom each had the power of Lake-level, could survive in outer space without any survival equipment.

Although not many people were welcoming the River God, this was already the vast majority of the elites on Earth.

Moreover, even though all of them belonged to Earth at this very moment, there were endless infighting that had not been integrated. It was only because of the oppression from the external forces that the conflicts were temporarily eased, but they were never truly resolved.

After all, the duration since the start of the Era of Mythology was still too short. A trifling four year and a little more was not enough to change Earth’s past state of affairs.

Before all parties found a new balance point, it was inappropriate to break the previous state of affairs abruptly and engage in a unified system.

These people mainly belonged to the four forces of China, Europe, USA, and India, as other regions did not have enough foundation to support Lake-level masters.

Maybe given some time, they could produce them.

However, time did not allow it. In thirty years, they would be forced to migrate to a new planet.

Everyone knew that the new planet would still be desolated and most importantly, there might not be any vitality.

The latter was of utmost importance.

In the contract between humans and gods, it was for this reason that mankind fought for the condition that cultivators could stay on Earth.

If they went to another planet, the road to cultivation would be cut off, and the human race would have no chance to compete against the gods in the future.

Now, more than thirty people had gathered and they talked to each other for a while using spiritual telepathy.

The people from China were mainly people from the Truth Department, Vigilante A, Bodhisattva Spirit King, the Hundred Herbs Geezer, and more…

From the USA, the people included a mech powerhouse who made its first appearance as well as William’s uncle and nephew.

It was normal for a genius like William to reach the Lake-level, but it was a shock to many that Robert could also reach the Lake-level.

However, only Fang Ning felt that it was normal. After all, Robert had opened a Magical Energy Bank, which was equivalent to borrowing magical energy from cultivators globally for self-cultivation.

There were five people on India’s side — three people and two beasts. There was nothing much to say for the humans as they were all acquaintances that Fang Ning knew. They were the three representatives of the Indian Trinity, one female and two males. The two beasts were a bull and a cow.

“It’s fine if we can’t compare ourselves to humans, but we can’t even compare ourselves to the cows? The world’s situation is getting worsening day by day…” Some Lake-level powerhouses sensed for a while before they shook their heads and sighed.

The two cows were existences of peak Lake-level, or maybe even stronger that faintly gathered all of India’s Power of Faith.

Europe also had three Lake-level masters who were also known by Fang Ning. They were either always in the castle or resided deep in the mountains. Basically, they had never appeared in any major events. It could be said that the extent of their indifference was the same as Fang Ning’s.

Only this time, they obviously had no choice but to step out. Otherwise, how would they allocate Europe’s land on the future planet?

In fact, Europe itself was also in constant internal strifes. The three Lake-level masters were from different countries. Only at this moment did they had to use a unified camp to increase their influence.

Not before long, a young man full of smiles appeared in front of them.

“Everyone came a long way to welcome me. I’m really ashamed,” he said graciously.

As a pleasantry, everyone said, “It’s nothing. Elder River God has dedicated himself to help the human race in exploring space. You’ve worked hard and attained great merits. It is only right that we do this.”

Upon hearing that, the young man revealed an inexplicable look on his face before he turned to look at one of those who greeted him.

He did not want to go as well, but he was held by this guy so he had no choice…

The experience he had acquired during this half a year was hard to explain in words.

“I believe that there must’ve been many difficulties on this journey of 600 light years. Elder River God has worked hard.” Ren Ruofeng came forward, taking up the leader’s position.

Others were indignant but dare not speak up. After all, among these twenty-plus Lake-level masters, China occupied half the number. More so, it was occupied half of the most powerful…

“Oh, it was okay. The vitality still hasn’t spread. There are also no space monsters in this universe yet, only some natural disasters. Although there were some rare happenings, I still managed to cope with it. It’s just a little tiring.”

“This is not a place to talk. Let’s go home before we continue our talk,” Ren Ruofeng said.

The two parties exchanged pleasantry again before they returned to Earth together…