Chapter 899 - Magnetic People

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Chapter 899: Magnetic People

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In the center of the Pacific Ocean, on a prosperous island somewhere, where the headquarters of the Alliance of Justice and Order was located.

As an international defense organization made up of various international forces, it handled many special affairs and continued to play its role until today.

At this time, this neutral zone became the choice of all forces on Earth to welcome the River God of the Sky River.

In a conference room in the headquarters building, people gathered around the River God. They were eager to know all the information about his half-year journey.

“Elder River Gods mentioned about encountering some rare happenings before. I would like to know if there’re any aliens?” Finally, someone could not hold back his curiosity.

Although they were all Lake-level powerhouses, they were also very curious about this issue.

This was because it was related to their personal interests.

The River God smiled and asserted, “Yes, during my exploration, I have encountered three alien forces.”

“Oh…” For a moment, the crowd was taken aback but following that, they were puzzled.

“The place you’re going to is only 600 light years away from Earth. If aliens were found during the journey, we should have been able to discover their traces through technological means of observation,” someone could not help but questioned.

The River God was not angered. Instead, he smiled and said, “Their life characteristics are completely different from you lots’. For example, they belong to a magnetic field life form that is like the ghosts of your legends and so they can’t be observed by conventional means. They also live deep underground and not on the surface to avoid the explosion of various stars.”

When all the powerhouses heard this, they suddenly felt dizzy.

Not everyone could practice cultivation and science at the same time.

However, smart people like Ren Ruofeng could understand it. Outer space life forms like those who lived under the surface of a planet could never be detected by humans’ previous detection methods.

Unless they were willing to send signals to the outside world, but not every race had endless exploration spirit like humans…

Countless questions were thrown at the River God one after the other one, and for a while, it was chaotic.

Ren Ruofeng had to speak up to stop them. “Today, we are here to welcome the return of the River God, not an occasion to ask questions. As for everyone’s doubts, after we have sorted out the questions, we will ask the elder to answer them. Let’s allow the elder a few days rest first… ”

Everyone understood that what the other party said was reasonable and thus, they stopped. However, they secretly formulated in their mind about how they would ask the questions, and how to get the most benefit from this interplanetary migration.

Among these people, Fang Ning was the calmest.

This was because he knew clearly that no matter how these people schemed, he would be the biggest winner as he controlled the transportation hub.

“Oh please, know your place. I’m the biggest winner, okay?” Sir System immediately popped up to remind him.

Fang Ning was speechless. “Stop butting in and don’t interrupt my thoughts.”

Fang Ning also had a headache. Whenever he thought about something, this idiot who could read his mind would randomly jump out to demonstrate its presence.

Since the recovery of vitality, many forces had emerged.

Judging from the situation of the River God’s welcoming today, the four major forces had integrated the other small forces on Earth using the arrival of gods as a reason.

It was believed that the battle would be more intense in the future. In this drastically-changed situation, ‘how to seek more benefits’ was what every major force must think of.

Fang Ning also needed to plan the road in which he should take, carefully.

Was it the maintainer of order, the partner of justice, or the path of hegemon?

How should this path of becoming a Saint be achieved?

Not long after that, many powerhouses bade the River God farewell, thanked him again for his hard work and gave him conciliatory gifts.

The River God accepted everything without feeling ashamed.

As he was about to leave with the crowd, Fang Ning was stopped.

“Venerable Dragon God, please stay. I still have something to discuss with you,” the River God said politely.

Under the complicated stares of everyone, Fang Ning once again sat down inside the conference room.

Soon, only the two of them were left in the conference room.

“Elder, you asked me to stay. Is there anything that you’d like to tell me?” Fang Ning asked politely.

After waiting for a while, the River God of Sky River said slowly, “May I know how the Venerable One views the extraterrestrial races?”

Fang Ning was taken aback for a moment but after that, he said decisively, “If the other party is also a sentient race, then the usual rule should be followed where the good survives and the evil eliminated.”

Fang Ning would not say anything about “not interfering with each other”. If he did, Sir System would definitely be mad…

“Oh, what is the standard of goodness in the Venerable One’s view?” the River God asked.

Fang Ning was doubtful. They had only known each other for not more than two days. Who Vigilante A killed or saved could all be seen by this River God, so why would he ask again?

He secretly asked Sir System, “What do you think we should answer?”

“You’re really stupid, seriously, this is so easy,” Sir System scorned, “those that I can kill are evil, and those that I can’t are good.”

“Oh, I knew this would be the case.” Although speechless, Fang Ning said, “You’re too conceited. You actually switched the cause as the effect. It should be those that are evil, you can kill, and those that are good, you can’t kill. It should be so.”

“Hey, you’re really annoying nowadays. What I said is what it is, stop giving me trouble.” Sir System was very displeased.

“Stop spouting nonsense, this is an important issue. The reason the River God asks this question is definitely so that we will serve justice in the outer space in the future… That’s why he wants to ask again. The alien race and human beings are different. We need to be cautious and careful in defining good and evil so as not to break the rules and make a fool out of ourselves,” Fang Ning said seriously.

Finally, Sir System replied him honestly, “Let’s use your previous principles to judge. If someone infringes upon the interests of others for self-interest, it’s evil. Those that help others are good. Those who threaten us are also evil. Those who are willing to coexist peacefully are good.”

“I have a clear idea of it now.” Fang Ning nodded.

At that moment, he repeated Sir System’s judgment standard to the River God.

“Is that so? It seems like you will be able to show your capabilities in that place, Venerable One,” said the River God abruptly. “But there’s no Earth’s Heavenly Axiom over there, I wonder if the Venerable One can still carry out Heavenly Punishment?”

“Heh, the Elder really is narrow-minded. There may be only one sky in the Upper Realm, but the sky in this world is the whole universe. As long as the planet is still in this universe, Heavenly Punishment can be carried out,” Fang Ning said confidently

“That’s good to hear, then I can go on,” said the River God. “All I mentioned to the others was that I’ve encountered a group of magnetic field life forms during my journey. What I didn’t tell them is I’ve developed a few believers among them. I now called them the magnetic people. There is deep oppression there, where all the magnetic people must obey the command of the strongest magnetic person. They’re severely downtrodden. The sufferings experienced by people in human history was nothing compared to those experienced by the magnetic people…”

At this point, Fang Ning had a realization. This guy’s objective was very simple. He wanted him to take action and overthrow the leader so that he could preach the sermon successfully. After all, in a totalitarian society, it was not easy for foreign evangelists to enter. One would understand this after looking at the history of China.