Chapter 900 - The Heroism Path

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Chapter 900: The Heroism Path

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When Fang Ning thought of that, he did not give a response.

Seeing that Vigilante A had nothing to say, the River God smiled slightly. Then, he reached out and with a point of a finger, an image appeared in the conference room.

Out of thin air, a group of fiery red humanoid creatures appeared.

“Magnetic people have no definite shape or body, so I used the spiritual sense to give them color for easier understanding.”

As the River God spoke, he displayed the images one after the other.

Fang Ning looked at the images carefully and as the first person to see real alien life forms, he was quite interested.

However, it was not long before this interest turned into anger…

During reproduction, the cathode of a magnetic person would be combined with the anode of another magnetic person and with that, a small magnetic person would be born. This was similar to the breeding process of the earthworms.

However, the first newly born small magnetic person had to be offered to the upper class of the magnetic people’s society to devour.

The lower-class magnetic people lived by absorbing the impure magnetic field of the planet, while the upper-class magnetic people lived by devouring the lower-class magnetic people.

The newly born magnetic person’s magnetic field energy was the purest. Hence, to the upper-class magnetic people, the taste was the best and it was the healthiest for them too.

Even the most brutal country in mankind would not do such a thing, let alone allowing this kind of thing to continue onwards. Firstly, there was no need for such a thing; secondly, people would not dare to do so, and thirdly, the habit of cannibalism would develop into an incurable disease.

“There’s such a tyrannical society? How abominable! We must exterminate them,” Sir System suddenly said. It was filled with indignation.

After feeling angry, Fang Ning said hesitantly, “Looking at the facts given by the River God, those lower-class magnetic people have been subjected to this kind of oppression for millions of years and may have become accustomed to it. We have no excuses to intervene. After all, they’re too far away from us, and we have no right to judge whether their social system is good or bad.”

“Take a look at yourself. You’re always hesitating. Who cares how far it is, as long as we saw it and it’s an inhuman act, we must stop it. This is no different from humans eating each other,” Sir System said eloquently.

Fang Ning had a nagging feeling that something was not quite right. After all, it was not appropriate to intervene in other social systems rashly and serve justice.

More so, unlike humans whom they had long been familiar with, it would be terrible if their heroism act ended in the demise of the population…

At this time, the River God continued to beat on the drum. “These lower-class magnetic people have been praying for the gods to save them since birth. Sadly, I was in a hurry and I couldn’t rescue them. I could only record the coordinates of the star. Besides the Venerable One, who has the qualification and strength to take up the glorious cause of emancipating them?”

Fang Ning thought for a moment before he said, “In that case, I’ll go there to investigate first. Killing will not solve the problem. To get real liberation, only by analyzing the reasons for the maintenance of this system can a solution be found.”

Fang Ning suddenly thought, ‘Isn’t this the current state of mankind?’

Could it be that the future human beings would have to embark on this path too? A few powerhouses deciding the fate of most people?

In that instant, he replied humbly, “In Elder’s opinion, is it true that they can only rely on external powerhouses to save them?”

The River God smiled. “If this world always remains a technological universe, this is certainly the only way. However, when that planet is also affected by the vitality and after the rules are changed, that will no longer be the case. The Power of Faith is the fundamental tool to change their destiny. The reason as to why I left some believers there was to give them hope. If the lower-class magnetic people unite, they can gather their own forces. However, it will be too slow and they’ll still need to suffer for another thousands of years. Only then will it be possible to build a new balance by relying on the forces gathered and to seize interests for themselves, changing this cannibalistic situation.”

Fang Ning gradually understood.

He immediately told Sir System, “This River God is really a sly old fox… Do you understand what he said?”

“I don’t, can you explain?” Sir System said honestly.

“It’s very simple. What he meant is that among the powerhouses in the future, only Incense Gods like him would represent the interests of the broadest lower-class group and is the symbol of justice. This is why we should side with him and help him broaden his influence,” Fang Ning explained earnestly.

“Oh… Any god or devil can think so far and deep. If it’s not for you, Mr. Rich Boss, I don’t think I can go against them.” Sir System was shocked.

Any god or devil, whether it was the Great Devil Saint Zhi Nan, or the two gods of the Upper Realm, or the River God in front of them — regardless of their different personalities and different standpoints, they shared a similarity. They were far-sighted, ambitious, and calculative.

Fang Ning and Sir System really did not gain any benefits from them. All they did was made use of their infighting to maintain the situation today.

If it was not for his own original body, Zhi Nan would not have released the good intention and became a monk to get out of the troublesome situation.

If they did not rely on Zhi Nan’s good fortune and power, the two gods of the Upper Realm would still be happily doing as they pleased, giving Fang Ning misgivings and nothing could be done.

“I finally understand the path that we would need to follow in the future.” Fang Ning had an epiphany.

“What is it again?” Sir System said in disdain.

“In the future universe, we should maintain the balance and mutual respect between the powerhouses and the broad masses of lower-class people. This is the path of heroism that we must follow,” Fang Ning declared.

“Oh, it doesn’t sound that awesome… I used to do it this way. No matter weak or strong, I treated them equally,” Sir System scorned.

“Before this you only knew how to do it, but you couldn’t reach such a theoretical level. Now, I can summarize it abstractly so we can use it as a guideline for our future actions,” Fang Ning said confidently.

“If that’s the case, you can guide this River God now…” Sir System said casually.

“Fine. Coincidently, we can take this opportunity to see if he’s on the people’s side,” Fang Ning asserted.

Right away, Fang Ning said to the River God, “I understand Elder River God’s thoughts now. When the Portal of the Land of Sanguinity is open, I’ll go and intervene. Now I would like to ask Elder River God a question, please do reply honestly.”

“That’s good to hear. Feel free to ask, Venerable One,” the River God said joyfully.

To him, opening up a new Planet of Faith was a great yield.

Moreover, the potential of the magnetic people was great. Although they still could not provide the Power of Faith, once the rules of the universe changes, they would provide even more Power of Faith than humans in the future.

After all, many planets were not suitable for humans to live, yet it was suitable for them.

“I would like to ask Elder, what is your opinion on the believers who provide you the Power of Incense?” Fang Ning finally asked this question.

The current him had the right to ask this question.