Chapter 901 - Equality

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Chapter 901: Equality

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After listening to what Fang Ning said, the River God of Sky River was stunned for a moment. Then, he slowly said, “My believers provide me with faith and I shelter them. Both parties benefit and coexist equally, that’s all.”

Fang Ning looked at the other party carefully. After making sure that the other party did not make a fake statement, he nodded and praised, “Having the ability to be so open-minded, Elder is truly worthy of being the Innate Water God who is able to embrace all. I admire you.”

“Oh, Venerable One, you overpraise me. You are the one who can truly treat all beings equally. It’s no wonder that you can cultivate the Heavenly Punishment,” the River God said modestly while he shook his head.

What he said was right. To Sir System, all beings were equal.

No matter how strong or weak one was, it was no difference to Sir System.

Unless you gave it money…

“Mhm, Mr. Rich Boss, you really know me well,” Sir System said with great satisfaction.

“You think I was praising you? I was mocking your hypocrisy,” Fang Ning said speechlessly.

Sir System said eloquently, “How is this hypocritical? In the face of money, everyone is equal. This is the greatest equality. If you don’t give me money, why should I help you for free??Zigong redeemed people without taking a penny and as a result, Sage Confucius reprimanded him and said that nobody will save others anymore. I don’t know what happened but you people of the later generations distort the Sage’s teachings and have become a group of hypocritical moral pedants. The moral breakdown is getting worse.?1?”

“I’m too lazy to waste my breath on you. Since the River God is open-minded and is willing to put down the facade of a god, it’s okay to help him once. Not to mention that we can also test whether killing alien monsters will get us experience points.” Fang Ning had made a decision.

“I was the one who mentioned earlier that I want to go there and do some farming, it’s you who are always dawdling and wasting time. With this much time, I could have made a return trip,” Sir System scorned.

Fang Ning ignored Sir System and continued his conversation with the River God. “If this is the case, please give me the coordinates of the star and I’ll be right back.”

The River God smiled after hearing his words. Soon, he left a three-dimensional coordinate with the Earth as the frame of reference.

The spatial coordinates in the universe were much more difficult to locate than the coordinates on Earth.

This was because the planets were constantly moving, unlike on Earth where the ground could be used as the frame of reference. This made fixed coordinates possible.

Hence, this three-dimensional coordinate was not fixed. Instead, it was a set of real-time calculation formulas for projectile’s trajectory…

Every second, the location of this Magnetic Star was changing with respect to Earth.

A god was indeed a god. Having the ability to accept the cosmic world view so quickly and establish a corresponding coordinate system to identify the spatial position was what mortals could not even compare to.

Fang Ning memorized it carefully after seeing it. He then exchanged a few pleasantries with the River God before he directly opened the light gate to the Land of Sanguinity in the conference room and left.

The River God gazed at the light gate with an inexplicable glint in his eyes.

The Land of Sanguinity.

Fang Ning had just arrived and the chief of the Arcane Realm he had previously appointed — the second palace mistress of Liu Yun Palace, Xing Xi immediately appeared in front of him.

“I didn’t know that the Venerable One was coming and please forgive me for I was late.” She bowed slightly and solemnly like a maidservant from the feudal era. Her gracious conduct paired with her superb beauty made her very comfortable to look at.

“You don’t have to do this. You can continue your work. I have a place I need to go,” Fang Ning said gently, without looking at the other party as he waved his hand.

“Please excuse me.” Xing Xi disappeared after that.

“This woman is much more beautiful than your wife. Are you not tempted?” Sir System suddenly said.

As Fang Ning was about to open the door, he was struck speechless after hearing that. “Hey, as a human, we should be loyal, okay? This is the same as the System Bind. If you’re bound to one person, you can’t change it unless you unbind it.”

“Hey, take a look at yourself, you’re always so hypocritical,” Sir System took the opportunity to criticize Fang Ning. “The type of novel you usually like most is about harem, the one you hate most is about cheaters who pretend to be proper… Now, there’s obviously a chance for you to have a harem and the girl herself is willing, but you’re putting up a fa?ade of an unapproachable gentleman. Who are you deceiving?”

“Piss off!” Fang Ning was suddenly flustered.

He might have had that idea but he was not shameless. His wife listened to him and did everything he asked, so how could he go philandering?

“Whatever. If you don’t want a harem, I’ll have it. Since my Bosom Buddies Module seems to be activating soon…” Sir System said eloquently.

“What the f*ck, you better don’t mess up. It’ll become a big problem if you break the heroism rules…” Fang Ning was now worried.

“Oh, breaking it is impossible. Which hero hasn’t gotten a few beauties?” Sir System was very confident.

Fang Ning disregarded this idiot and proceeded to calculate the current position of the Magnetic Star relative to Earth according to the space coordinates calculation formulas given by the River God. Then, he directly opened the light gate that led to the Magnetic Star.

After the Land of Sanguinity’s light gate opened, the two places were permanently connected. Unless the Magnetic Star went to another space, it was not necessary to calculate its position again in the future and it can be directly accessed through the light gate.

This was the special characteristic of this arcane realm and it was this powerful.

Upon entering the light gate, Fang Ning appeared on a planet in the very next moment.

Owing to the River God’s image explanation, Fang Ning was not too surprised by this huge gas planet below his foot.

Looking from the space, the entire Magnetic Star was grayish white and ginormous.

It seemed at least several hundred times bigger than Earth. This was also one of the characteristics of gas planets. They were extremely large and had a very low density.

According to the River God, this planet was 300 light years away from Earth and the main component of this planet was nitrogen.

Those magnetic people lived 3,000 kilometers below the surface.

Over there, the magnetic field was stronger and the temperature was higher too.

If they went further down, they would not be able to resist the high temperature. If the temperature was extremely high, it would cause their forms to be unstable.

With this kind of lifestyle, it was no wonder that people from Earth could not find them.

The Earth’s current observation methods could not even view the things below the surface of Earth clearly. Moreover, the frequent earthquake had not been fully understood.

Not to mention the things that could exist under the surface of other planets a few hundred light years away…

“Being a hero in outer space… It feels strange,” Fang Ning mumbled. Then, he said boldly, “Sir System, take over for a while.”

“Coming.” Sir System took over for Fang Ning.

Compared to Earth, Fang Ning suddenly realized that a gas planet of this kind seemed to be more suitable for dragons…

Except for the planet’s core, he could come and go freely in other places.

Not long after that, Fang Ning heard a system notification.

System Notification: [The System has activated the Esoteric Skill “Spirit Gaze”.]

Following that, a spectral life form appeared in front of him and it was all red.

Its form was somewhat similar to humans — with a head and four limbs. This was also one of the reasons the River God called them magnetic people because otherwise, it would be called a magnetic monster.

Fang Ning asked out of curiosity, “Sir System, what is the principle of operation of this celestial art? We can even see these magnetic fields too.”

“There’s no principle. Since they’re life forms, they’ll definitely engage in the process of thinking. This Esoteric Skill has evolved into the Legendary Level so it can observe their thinking activities. I made them red according to the River God’s method so that it’s convenient for you to see. In fact, they are almost like ghosts. Since Esoteric Skill can see through ghosts, it’s only natural that you can see through them,” Sir System explained patiently.

“I see.” Fang Ning was too lazy to get to the bottom of this matter. It would be fine as long as he could see. “Let’s not move around aimlessly. We should investigate thoroughly first and determine the goal of justice, at least.”

“I know, you don’t have to tell me.” Sir System controlled the small Azure Dragon and swam between the magnetic people.

It seemed like these magnetic people could not see the Azure Dragon in close proximity. This then allowed the other party to observe them.