Chapter 902 - A Waste of Talents

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Chapter 902: A Waste of Talents

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Fang Ning was observed the phantom magnetic people’s way of life through the System View.

After a while, a real-life event happened right in front of his eyes. It was the story that was depicted in one of the River God’s drawings.

The community of magnetic people that Azure Dragon observed was similar to humans in terms of their body build. It seemed like they were dancing and singing, where a group of magnetic people was squeezing up against one another. Other times, they played the game of like charges repel, opposite charges attract.

One magnetic man pointed his head at the butt of another companion and in an instant, it was attracted to his direction…

Another one pointed his head at the head of another companion and it immediately knocked him out.

As they were on a gas giant, they were not aware of the concept of injury. They were all just having a good time.

However, there was a sudden outburst of panic and chaos after a while. The gathering crowd of magnetic people started to flee from the scene and hid behind clouds of greyish white gas.

Yet, that was clearly a futile effort.

A moment later, a magnetic giant that was shaped like an elephant appeared on the gathering site.

He looked around before he stretched his arms and grabbed a magnetic man who was shivering out of fear. Then, he stuffed him into his mouth.

The others huddled themselves up as small as possible and tried to shrink themselves from the size of a man to an ant. The magnetic elephant man was not anxious to swallow everything in one go. Instead, it tore them into long strips and it began to eat them slowly.

Each bite emitted a strong wave of the magnetic field as if the magnetic man who was being swallowed was wailing.

Fang Ning could not bear to see this any longer. He urged the system, “Cannibalism is never justifiable, especially among a bunch of intelligent creatures. Please defend them against injustice.”

“Okay,” Sir System responded instantly.

Following that, a wave of spiritual sense was radiated and a voice was suddenly heard in this community of magnetic people.

“Stop! I can’t believe a barbaric act like cannibalism is happening under broad daylight! I’m here on behalf of heaven’s order to stop this from happening!”

Shocked, the magnetic elephant man released its grip and the magnetic man who was about to be eaten seized the chance to run away, escaping into the clouds.

Then, they saw something they had never seen before amidst the clustered mass of air as an inexplicable being appeared in front of them.

It was a creature with a solid physical form and that was where the sound came from.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

They were puzzled. It was obviously a different species but how did he manage to communicate with them so well?

The origin of magnetic people could be dated back to millions of years ago where they had their own language and social community.

However, they had always been oppressed by the upper class. That was why the progress of their civilization was stagnant, maintained in the era of human slavery.

The magnetic elephant man flew into a rage out of humiliation after he heard this voice that appeared in its head. With that, he starred aggressively at this inexplicable object in front of him.

Then, he extended his magnetic arms to grab him, wanting to tear him into half.

“It’s so easy to deal with all of you!” Azure Dragon said callously before he put on his black anti-magnetic armor.

The magnetic elephant man was not bothered. Instead, he immediately rubbed his hands together to generate a fireball.

Within seconds, a flaming ball of fire emerged between his hands and the surrounding air became so dry that it seemed like it would start burning anytime soon.

“Sir System, it seems like you have to eat your own words now…” Fang Ning spoke softly.

“Cut out the crap.” Sir System was flustered and it quickly moved Azure Dragon aside.

The temperature of the fireball was so high that it was more than one million degrees Celsius. Even if the resistance of Azure Dragon was very high, he would not fight forcibly because the consumption of energy would be too high.

This was the so-called extreme heat generated by magnetic confinement…

No wonder the River God marked them in red. It turned out that one of the attack methods that these magnetic people were good at was launching large fireballs.

On top of that, the fireball could go up to a high temperature of hundreds of thousands of degrees, or even millions of degrees.

Fortunately, their social system determined that they were not eager to forge ahead.?Otherwise, if they explored the human world, humans would have had very few means of defense other than running away, judging from their current attack mechanism.

Of course, there was also another way — to attack them head-on. They should have their weaknesses as well.

Very quickly, Sir System had found the weakness of these magnetic people.

A huge iron ball fell from the sky, and the magnetic elephant man was immediately drawn into it. Then, the iron ball was tightly sealed off. Now, he had no means to escape or break out from it.

“Hmph, I’ll let you reflect on yourself in there,” Sir System said while it locked him away in the Draconic Arcane Realm.

“Why don’t you put him in System Space? A strange creature like him might be able to survive,” Fang Ning asked curiously.

Fang Ning repeatedly nodded his head and said quickly, “I’ll interrogate him now.”

“Do you even know their language?” Sir System said in a condescending manner.

“Don’t I still have you?” Fang Ning said presumptuously.

“Sorry, I don’t understand either,” Sir System declined.

Fang Ning replied helplessly, “Well, I’ll bring Anderson over to translate their language.”

At this point, the ant-sized magnetic people who were hiding behind the clouds had reverted back to human size.

They had come out to gather around the Azure Dragon. They were all intrigued.

The strip magnetic man who was nearly swallowed seemed unable to revert to his original state. He came running to Azure Dragon and knelt down before him.

The other magnetic people seemed to be saying something, but they were speaking in a language that they could not understand.

Due to the inability to communicate, Azure Dragon did not stay long and left immediately.

However, the strip magnetic man followed closely behind tAzure Dragon.

One of the characteristics of these magnetic people was their ability to move extremely fast.

They seemed to be able to move with the help of the magnetic field of a planet. Since they had a very small mass, they could move at a speed as fast as one-tenth of the speed of light.

No matter how fast Azure Dragon swam, he could keep up with him in an instant, maintaining only a few steps of distance.

When Fang Ning saw this, he wondered why they did not instantly escape to the other parts of the planet when the magnetic elephant man came to devour them. Instead, they chose to hide behind the clouds.

It did not seem like they were trying to hide. Rather, it was a competition to see who was unlucky enough to be chosen by the magnetic elephant man.

However, the mystery was soon solved by Anderson.

It took Anderson only half a day to translate the language of the magnetic people.

Their stage of civilization was still in the era of human slavery, so their language was very simple. To be more specific, they had very few conjunctions and nouns.

It was not that they did not want to escape farther, but that the distance to which they fled made no difference. The magnetic elephant man could find them in an instant, and they would end up suffering more; so much that they might even get their friends and family involved.