Chapter 903 - Deterrence

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Chapter 903: Deterrence

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“Stop being sentimental. What should we do about this shadow behind us that can’t be shaken off?” Sir System muttered.

“There are plenty of ways to do that if you really want to. I know what you actually mean. You’re thinking of how to take advantage of him, aren’t you?” Fang Ning scorned.

Sir System was aggrieved, “You’re accusing me out of nothing. All you can think of is taking advantage of others. I’m just offering him another way out. The powerhouse of his kind is really strong, he could easily generate a huge fireball that is up to hundreds of thousands of degrees. No wonder River God said that only external forces would be able to save them. They can’t fight against a power as strong as this even if they unite together.”

“You reminded me of something important,” Fang Ning heard the word ‘huge fireball’ and a thought flashed through his mind. However, he had failed to grasp his fleeting thought. He said in an upset tone,” But you talked too much after that and I forgot…”

“…,” Sir System was innocent, ” You can’t blame me for your bad memory.”

“Never mind. I’ll talk to him and see if he’s worth our help and foster,” Fang Ning said while looking pensive.

“Alright, then you should ask properly,” Sir System was contented.

Just when Fang Ning was about to take over, he suddenly stopped, “Oh right, have you learned the way they speak when Anderson was studying their language? It’s a hassle to communicate using spiritual sense since they don’t know how to communicate in this way.”

“Yes, I already did. Don’t worry, I’ll be your real-time interpreter,” Sir System reassured him.

“Give it a try. I’ll like to ask his name,” Fang Ning was doubtful.

“That’s simple. BzzBzz…BzzBzzBzzBzz…,” Sir System quickly said.

“The ones who know would understand that you’re translating an alien language, the ones who don’t know would think that you’re mimicking a mouse…,” Fang Ning was speechless.

“That’s how they speak, they express themselves using the fluctuations of magnetic waves. You don’t have to worry about the details, I’m using sound waves to make the same vibrations, they can feel it and understand it,” Sir System said credibly.

“That’s such a pity. They’re just like the octopuses that were also born with a language that corresponds to the technology tree. However, they’re being limited by social conditions that prevent them from walking the path of science. No wonder a sage once said that a social form in which the majority is oppressed by the minority is the greatest hindrance to the path of science,” Fang Ning lamented.

Sir System said faintly, “I don’t know which sage said that before, I assume it’s Mr. Sage Host…”

“That’s because you don’t read novels very often. Those are not my words,” Fang Ning said with conviction.

“Stop making these useless exclamations and get to work,” Sir System was exasperated and had nothing more to say.

Fang Ning had no time to spare on a halfwit like the System, then he proceeded to reclaim the body of Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon stopped walking, then he turned around and asked, “Why are you following me?”

At this moment, he was not using spiritual sense to communicate, he was speaking the language of the magnetic people.

Sir System was still reliable after all, although what Fang Ning heard was only “Bzzbzz”, just like the sound coming out from an old radio.

The strip magnetic man was taken aback, it seemed like he was surprised that the Azure Dragon knew how to speak their language.

However, he was not one who would get startled easily. He quickly responded after a while.

“I came here to thank the almighty god for saving my life.”

“Oh, thanking me by words won’t be enough. What practical actions are you going to take?” Fang Ning said justifiably.

“That’s great, Richie. You’ve finally learned my chivalrous ways,” Sir System was pleased.

“That’s because I’m pretending to be you now…,” Fang Ning said contemptuously.

“…,” Sir System was dumbfounded.

The strip magnetic man was suddenly at a loss about what to do. He stuttered, “The magnetic people are poor slaves. Besides the magnetic food that we store and carry around with us, we don’t have anything else.”

“Oh, is that so? What’s the magnetic food for?” Fang Ning asked patiently.

“Magnetic food is the pure energy extracted from the magnetic field of a planet. It’s meant to be offered to the kind-hearted saviors to consume,” the strip magnetic man answered cautiously.

Fang Ning recalled the “The Report of the Society of Magnetic Man”, he knew that he was not lying. Although they were backward in terms of social form, their understanding of the magnetic field was already close to the level of modern science. After all, they lived in the magnetic field.

“Hehe, you’re labeling the people who take away the food that all of you worked hard to collect as kind-hearted saviors. Is that because there’s another so-called savior who would gobble all of you up?” Fang Ning sighed.

“The almighty god, we really have no other way. Those saviors are extremely powerful, we can only endure them one generation after another,” strip magnetic man said in great sorrow.

“You followed me because you want me to change the living conditions of the magnetic people?” Fang Ning was straightforward.

The strip magnetic man heard that and was bowing and scraping to him, “Hope that you’ll show compassion and generosity to us. A few months ago, there was a kind god who passed by. He told us that there are other powerhouses in the universe. If they ever come here, we have to beg them for help, then only we can change our current state.”

“Well, that’s the way of thinking that the gods are accustomed to, they never considered joining the forces of the lower class…,” Fang Ning shook his head.

The strip magnetic man did not say anything to that, he only stared at Azure Dragon helplessly.

“Alright, you can stand up now. I still have to observe for a while before I can proceed with this operation,” Fang Ning said calmly.

“The little one is at?the service of the almighty god,” the strip magnetic man said readily.

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be held accountable if things go wrong?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“Sigh, there are numerous stories of us lower-class magnetic people protesting and fighting back. We are forced to live under the shadow of fear every day, so we have already set up a mindset to live day to day. No one knows if we would still be alive the next day. We’re all afraid of dying, but if there’s a chance to change our fate, I believe that we no longer have to fear death anymore,” the strip magnetic man said sorrowfully.

The look on Fang Ning’s face turned solemn, he could not help but sympathize with them. The situation that they were facing now would probably be the same situation that humans would face in the future.

After all, powerhouses would always be the minority, and it was impossible to expect kindness from them. Kindness was a concept that arised only if a balance of power existed.

If it were not for the invention and perfection of firearms that allowed the ordinary people to be the main characters in a war, the feudal era would never come to an end in history.

He nodded and said, “Very well. I’ll arrange a place for you to stay, you can take a rest for now.”

Fang Ning was no longer a hot-blooded teenager, he had entered the stage of being a portly middle-aged man…

After more than ten years of working as a programmer, he was very clear about the difficulties of doing practical work. Slight neglect towards a small detail was enough for the system to break down.

To make a stable system, research was necessary. The more thorough the investigation, the higher the probability of success.

After taking the strip magnetic man into the Draconic Arcane Realm, he began to wander around the Magnetic Star.

The Truth Department in China, Earth.

Ren Ruofeng was looking at a thick stack of paper reports.

“The Summary of Population Cultivation Experiment in Land of Sanguinity”.

One of the trump cards of the Truth Department was Nets Above Snares Below in China. It relied on the power of spiritual sense to condense into a powerful attack and defense mechanism. Its foundation was made up of more than a billion ordinary people who cultivated based on “Cultivation of The Spirit”.

The larger the population, the stronger Nets Above Snares Below would be.

However, breeding was a long-term process, and the rapid doubling of the population in the last century was long gone.

Now that the population was not decreasing, it was already something to be proud of among other countries.

After the beginning of the Vitality Era, the number of countries that were able to maintain population growth had been very few. It was a normal phenomenon for the death rate to be higher than the birth rate. The countries with a high population growth rate had very weak national power, and it was difficult for them to fight against the unfathomable development of events.

In this situation, the use of River of Blood to produce large numbers of people who were naturally endowed with talents and intelligence became a key project.

The project was launched a long time ago, and with the consent of the owner of Land of Sanguinity, a team of highly capable laboratory technicians worked day and night to study the River of Blood that could give birth to new lives.

Today, the time to harvest had come.

Ren Ruofeng could not help but clap his hands and said, “Very well, very well, as long as the supply of living resources is solved, it’s not a problem to increase the population of China by tens of billions within minutes… ”

“As long as there are 50 billion people in China, and with the powers of spiritual sense, even an ocean-level powerhouse could easily be defeated with a nudge. A deterrence as strong as this would be enough to hinder unscrupulous gods from expelling earthlings.”