Chapter 904 - Energy Sources

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Chapter 904: Energy Sources

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After feeling exhilarated, Ren Ruofeng barely regained his composure and continued to look at the report.

According to the report, the Venerable Dragon God changed the breeding rules of River of Blood so that it would no longer spawn monsters and be able to breed human babies in large numbers.

After a thorough analysis, one of the many wonders of this change in the rules was that the aptitude of the babies to cultivate was slightly higher compared to the babies who were born by natural birth.

Using the same sperm and ovum, one was born by natural birth, the other one was placed into the River of Blood, therefore the results varied.

Although it was not a major improvement, the latter could raise the low-level cultivation aptitude to a higher level.

For example, the ones who could not cultivate initially would become grade F, and the ones who were graded F could now become grade E.

If it was someone with an aptitude above grade D, the improvement would not be obvious.

As for how the comparison was made, the same sperm and ovum were used in both cases.

There were still many experiments in the report that were at the edge of the ethical guideline. If they were published, public opinion would definitely sour, and it would be difficult to quell.

However, such experiments were necessary under the current circumstances.

According to the report, breeding through the River of Blood would not require the combination of sperm and ovum, any living cell in a human body that carried genes would do.

That was one of the reasons why Ren Ruofeng was excited before. Sperms were easily attainable, anyone could contribute a few hundred million of them. However, the number of the ovum was limited. This was why the status of men and women had reversed…

It was always true that a thing would only be valued if it was rare.

He stayed up late reading the thick report, and then he fell into deep thought.

His hair had started to fall out without him being aware of it.

When the problem of the reproduction of the population was solved, a bigger problem would follow.

The way that a population of one billion people was managed was entirely different from the way that a population of ten billion people was.

A small country with only a system could be managed in good order, but it would collapse and become immobilized as soon as its population size became a hundred times larger.

Many of the problems were only exposed after the population had expanded.

The larger the ecosystem, the more redundant it would be, and the more difficult it was to manage.

Now he had to think about how to run a country with billions in the population.

It could only be achieved by fully implementing informatization. It was impossible to solely rely on the management of people, only an artificial intelligence could achieve that.

He thought of that and recalled several pieces of information.

Although the Underground Greater Rat Kingdom only had nearly hundreds of millions of Greater Rats and hundreds of thousands of Greater Rat Demons whose wisdom exceeded the humans, they had already fully implemented informatization management. They were relying on the computer management systems from the humans…

Apparently, his old rival was already aware that they had to follow the path of computer management to prepare for the overpopulation in the future. Otherwise, they would eventually reach a dead end.

If it was governed by the people, the conflicts of interests would only get more intense, and the costs of management would get higher and higher. In the end, the earth would be split into hundreds of countries, all of them fighting against one another.

Computer management coupled with a unified cultural base would be the guarantee of stability and solidarity. Ren Ruofeng began to work out a plan seriously, management problems could be solved through artificial intelligence. As for artificial intelligence, he had gotten some information about it, so he knew where to begin. Another problem would be survival supplies. On this topic, the people in China had the biggest say. For thousands of years, the history of civilization had always revolved around eating. When there was food in hand, there would be no trepidation at heart. As long the people were well fed, the population would keep growing. Food, food…

The same thoughts were cycling through his head.

If energy sources existed, there would be food.

Greater Rat Demons relied on the endless source of geothermal energy, and also other cheap energy sources to forcefully develop an underground granary. They had also already begun to export above ground.

After all, the ground was their territory. They were also monsters, so they were inattentive to all the bizarre occurrences. Ghosts and other supernatural beings could frighten ordinary people but not affect them in the slightest.

However, the biggest problem with geothermal energy was that it was not easy to scale up. Geothermal power plants could not be built just anywhere.

Greater Rat Demons lived deep in the rocks that were thousands of meters underground. They had the inherent advantage of using geothermal energy.

The most likely source of unlimited energy for mankind at present was nuclear fusion, which had been under development.

However, there were several obstacles that were difficult to overcome.

Ren Ruofeng frowned, and a word popped up in his mind…”Magnetic people.”

“Would these exotic aliens be of help in solving this problem of nuclear fusion?” He murmured to himself.

After all, he was regarded as a man of knowledge. He took a huge interest in issues about energy sources, especially a frontier research topic like nuclear fusion.

One of the key technological bottlenecks in nuclear fusion was the difficulty of keeping the plasmas that were up to billions of degrees stabilized and in control for a long time.

This was where human creativity came in. Two very different things could suddenly be linked together and from there a solution could be found.

At this point, Ren Ruofeng already had a plan mapped out in his head secretly, and now he was moving on to the stage of implementation.

Fang Ning had already spent a week on this ash grey gaseous planet.

During this week, he had a good look at the entire social formation of the magnetic people.

Most of the information that was given by the giant magnetic elephant man was not wrong, but he was only playing a role equivalent to a slavemaster. He was not in the know of a lot of things.

At least he did not know about the existence of an emperor in the entire community of magnetic people…

The emperor was in charge of hundreds of giant magnetic people, each of which was the size of a medium-sized province in China…

The emperor himself was the size of the entire planet, and he occupied the entire magnetic field of the planet.

In other words, all the magnetic slaves were actually living within this emperor.

How could they fight back in this situation?

After the birth of the magnetic people, their advancement was not always stagnant.

The birth of this emperor was the result of their progress in moving forward.

He was the result of the war between the thirty strongest magnetic men tens of thousands of years ago.

The victors devoured the rest of their own kind and took over the planet. Since then, they had entered the long dark days of slavery.

The emperor had lost all his great ambitions. He was immortal so he had no concept of life. His lifespan was equivalent to the lifespan of the entire planet.

Their lifestyles and the resources of the gaseous planet made interstellar travel difficult for them.

Even the closest satellites that were only a few feet away were inaccessible to them.

The gaseous planet was desperately short of iron and other heavy elements, some of which could only be found deep inside its core.

The emperor was entrenched in the deepest core of the planet.

Sir System managed to defeat the giant magnetic elephant man at once using a big iron ball,?the principle behind it was actually very simple.

He was sucked away by the iron ball, because the magnetic field of the planet that he was in had a weaker force of gravity compared to the iron ball. Rather than saying the iron ball pulled him towards it, it would be more fitting to say that he pounced on the iron ball himself.

After entering the iron ball, the giant magnetic elephant man was cut into pieces by the iron atoms and could no longer attack using the high-temperature fireball.

The combat talents of Sir System were unparalleled after all.

Fang Ning could not tell that the weakness of his opponent was actually that simple.

However, the iron ball could just as well serve as containers for their space voyage. It just needed some moderate modifications.

Everything in the world would always counteract and neutralize each other. The lack of iron of the gaseous planet hindered them from space expedition. It was that simple. That was the eccentricity of the Creator. They were given an aptitude that was ideal for space travel, but they were restricted by the corresponding natural resources.

There were all kinds of natural resources on earth that could carry out space navigation, but human beings themselves were not suitable for it.

You could never get anything you want easily. This was a law of nature.