Chapter 905 - This Damned Era

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Chapter 905: This Damned Era

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“Regarding this emperor, would you be able to do anything about him?”

Fang Ning directed his questions to Sir System after being done with his research. He was sure that Sir System would give him a definite answer.

As long as this emperor could be repressed and with a revolution from the top to the lower levels, then… These troublesome matters did not require his action. He believed the people of China would take action. Ever since the country had started developing, their revolutionary acts had always been well recorded in history.

Wait a minute, it seemed that developing the land on this planet, did not seem to have much meaning…

Fang Ning did not have time to continue his thought when Sir System gave him an answer.

“I can’t do anything about him,” Sir System admitted honestly.

Fang Ning nearly threw up blood and helplessly said, “So my one week of hard work and burning the midnight oil for research are all for nothing?”

“Well, that is the reality. You’ve seen the emperor. He’s deeply entrenched in the nuclear center of the planet. Using the big metal ball won’t affect it. It has long made improvements to its weakness. The metal on this planet may not be much, but it’s enough for its own use,” Sir System asserted.

“Even your high-end methods of dragonization can’t defeat this guy?” Fang Ning asked disbelievingly, he suspected that Sir System was trying to fool him.

“Sigh, let me try to make you understand this. Unless it’s a Planet-level powerhouse who is able to destroy a planet with one move, no one will be able to defeat this emperor. It has long become one with the Magnetic Star. Their survival is linked to each other. As long as the Magnetic Star is around, it will always be there,” Sir System said helplessly.

Fang Ning understood the situation at the moment and found himself with a headache. He walked to and fro in the System Cyber Café.

“There’s no point in destroying a planet. Even if we did destroy it, where can the magnetic men go? Wait a minute, we can create a migration path for those magnetic men at the bottom level,” Fang Ning suddenly had an idea.

“Hmph, don’t go playing with fire. If you allow them to migrate to Earth or somewhere near Earth, there would sooner or later be a confrontation between them and Earth’s people,” threatened Sir System.

“Who said we were moving them anywhere near Earth? Did you think I wouldn’t understand this logic? We’ll just leave them on some other planet. If we give them a choice, I’m pretty sure they would vote yes with their legs,” Fang Ning finally thought of a doable idea and was reeling in delight.

“Oh, now I get it. You are pulling the carpet from under him. When the emperor wakes up from his sleep and discovers his slaves from the bottom level have completely made their escape, it would only be left with two choices.?Either it would need to wait for the next generation of magnetic men to be born or it would need to leave its planet to look for them. If it makes the latter decision, we would be able to defeat it,” Sir System realized.

“Exactly,” Fang Ning confirmed.

“Magnificent, this is indeed magnificent. As long as it leaves its home field, it would be easier to deal with it, no sooner will I be able to grind it and beat it up,” Sir System said with admiration.

Fang Ning started to search for the best location soon afterward. It was somewhere not far off, just a few billion kilometers away from this gaseous planet was another, much smaller gaseous planet. Both were in the same solar system.

He used the Land of Sanguinity as a direct transfer station and opened the doorway for both planets.

After taking care of everything, he went to the strip magnetic man that was temporarily staying in the Draconic Arcane Realm.

There was a wide herb garden with a metal herbist that was plowing the earth expertly under the guidance of a Whitestone herb farmer. It was helping those expensive vitality herbs to loosen the soil.

“What are you doing?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

The strip magnetic man appeared from the herb hoe and answered honestly, “Almighty God, I am learning to work in your herb garden under the guidance of these big brothers in order to repay you.”

“…” Fang Ning was moved by his actions.

What a simple and honest little magnetic man. He was unlike certain people who not only think they are entitled to help but also would not think twice to harm the person who helped them when they had the chance. These are garbage not fit to be called human.

“Hey, they are really useful. It would be such a waste to leave them on another planet. Let’s just provide them with training and send them to my factories and farms to work,” Sir System suddenly chipped in.

Fang Ning did not know what to say, “You are trying to be a slave master! Can you still be called a hero? Be careful of your system breaking down anytime.”

“Just listen to yourself, as if I won’t be paying them for their labor. I’ll be giving them houses to stay in, food to eat, and money to spend. I even respect their magnetic personalities and treat them as equals. I won’t scold them or beat them. Would I still be a slave master then?” Sir System asserted.

“Wow, you’ve really become smarter. You are well aware that their material needs are different from humans. The things you will provide for them would probably be only worth tens of dollars after being converted to our currency.”

Fang Ning had researched them for a week and was well aware of the basic needs of these magnetic men.

Their need was to live somewhere with a magnetic field. On the Magnetic Star, that place is in the planet’s magnetic field.

In the Draconic Arcane Realm, a small metal bead would be able to sustain several hundred thousand of them. After all, they were able to adjust their size bigger or smaller.

Their food would be the magnetic field energy, which could be converted through electricity. Once the electric energy was converted to magnetic energy, it would be enough to sustain one of them for their entire life.

Of course, if they were helping out with work, their bodies would still need to obey the law of energy conservation and consume the same amount of magnetic energy they used.

They would live just like before when they absorbed the magnetic energy from the planet, which was pretty much the same as sustaining them without using a single cent…

“This is a win-win situation! Previously, Morality City had employed three hundred thousand of Black Robe’s Drider Laborers. Even though he did not request a payment, those Drider Laborers incurred a high running cost. Employing these magnetic men would be far more convenient. After all, they can do so many things that the Drider Laborers are unable to,” Sir System said happily.

“You’re right. Judging from this, they can actually live in harmony with mankind. There is minimum clashing when it comes to resources for both parties and both can help out each other in many areas,” Fang Ning thought brightly.

“Anyway, get a batch of them here for me first. You think about those stupid things for you humankind later,” Sir System nagged.’

Fang Ning nodded and said to the strip magnetic man, “I have made a thorough investigation on your situation. Your kind is indeed in deep trouble. In order to help you, I have decided to open a doorway for your kind to first migrate to the Beacon of the World and leave that dark planet.”

Even though there might have been a possibility for their kind to live in harmony with humans, Fang Ning was still careful not to immediately bring them in. He had to let both sides get in contact slowly and only start mingling after allowing them time to understand each other.

Even people from the same ethnicity had many fights, what more for two completely different kinds of life forms?

He would naturally not conduct this carelessly.

The strip magnetic man was very touched, “The Almighty indeed has mercy. I will convince my fellow men to follow your lead and leave.”

It did not hesitate to sell off its people because from its point of view, being sold to this merciful god was better than being tortured and killed by those noblemen.

Fang Ning then brought him along to the Magnetic Star, towards where the magnetic men congregated and opened more doorways to the Land of Sanguinity.

He was not worried that the magnetic noblemen would create trouble because it was a place where he had complete control.

They could very well choose not to enter the door. But once they did, their life and death would be in his hands. He had the power to change the rules of this realm.

Earth, a university lab in Europa’s Cologne City.

A young man was cleaning up in the lab.

“Damn it, it shouldn’t be this way. I’ve studied really hard for more than ten years and surpassed many stupid, lazy people. Yet in the end, I’ve to start all over again. Damn this Era of Mystery!” He was talking to a companion next to him.

This young man was the young student Fang Ning had previously saved from an island in the Pacific Ocean.

The Goddess’ lab was punished by the heavens and he had to return to his old university lab to continue his past research.

“Hmph, this was not what you said the last time… When that goddess found you, you were so excited,” his companion said while looking through the microscope.

“…” the young student went red in the face and was rendered speechless.

After a while, he abandoned his cleaning work and left in anger.

His companion heard the commotion and was about to advise him to finish the work when he stopped.

This was because a flash of gold appeared on his friend…

His companion stopped his work immediately and slowly retreated to a deep corner of the lab.

One of the three principles of this Era of Mystery was to distance yourself from any strange signs happening… Even if it appeared to be saintly.

His friend did not seem to notice the strange occurrence and walked out of the lab without sensing anything.

His companion gave a sigh of relief and waited for a long time before leaving the lab without looking back.

He went home directly and immediately moved away from this city. He never returned to this university after that…