Chapter 906 - The Stars And The Sea

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Chapter 906: The Stars And The Sea

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After taking care of the magnetic man’s matter, Fang Ning returned to his home on Earth.

The moment he arrived, he received the visiting River God in the villa’s living room and took the opportunity to inform him of what had just happened.

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“The Venerable One is indeed vigorous and resolute. It only took you one week to save those magnetic men who were stuck in the dark ages. This is surely the work of a hero!” The River God of the Sky River praised generously.

A few praises would not cost anything anyway…

“That’s really nothing. It’s all because of Elder River God that I’m aware of these dark places. By the way, have they come to you to discuss matters on the upcoming migration?” Fang Ning asked.

“Oh, I’ve already messaged them the relevant information. The planets there still have quite a gap compared to Earth.?To reconstruct it would take thirty to fifty years. Even if the reconstruction is successful, normal people would take a while to adapt to living there,” the River God flipped his hand as he said and a book with a white jacket appeared on his hands.

Fang Ning took the book and opened it. It had the planet, which was situated 600 lights years away, in it. The spatial coordinates were written on it with other information.

The mass was slightly heavier than Earth and was 1.5 times heavier. This alone would be difficult for people to overcome… Those who were not strong enough would not be able to adapt properly.

This would be equal to carrying half your bodyweight every single day.

The planet was not far from the stars, but not near either. It had a thick ozone layer and the weather is similar to Earth’s. The temperature on each area ranged from -70 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius.

After looking through it, Fang Ning understood that it was exactly as the River God has said. To reconstruct it and for humankind to adapt would take at least thirty to fifty years.

Even if the ecosphere was successfully reconstructed, the first generation of immigrants would find it difficult to adapt to it.

“It truly is a thousand times better when you are home, leave it and you will face plenty of difficulties,” Fang Ning exclaimed after finishing the book.

“Is this the reason why you always hide at home?” Sir System suddenly said faintly.

“Could you stop insisting on replying to every word I say?” Fang Ning was not happy.

“Nope,” Sir System replied decisively.

Fang Ning ignored this second-rated good and said to the River God, “It’s not up to me to be worried over this, it’s better for them to be completely in charge. You, on the other hand, might need to take a good rest.

“There’s no time for rest. All the gods are fighting for the top spot. If I slowed down now, I will need to pay back a hundred times for this,” the River God shook his head as he said.

“What be the next step for Elder River God? Is there anything I can help you with?” Fang Ning asked politely.

After all, the River God had been hard at work for the past six months. Although it was not for nothing, he was after all a god who treated mankind as his equals, which was someone worth having on your side.

The River God’s eyes brighten and said on the spot, “Actually, I do have a request, but I wasn’t sure how to bring it up.”

“I see,” Fang Ning went silent.

“Hmm, he is also targeting these magnetic men… I initially thought I could quietly make a lot of money,” Sir System said gloomily.

“That’s wishful thinking… These magnetic men were first discovered by the River God. With the wisdom of the gods, how would they not notice the use of these magnetic men? However, the River God is placing more importance on them providing the Power of Faith, unlike you, who are looking at exploiting them to make money,” Fang Ning said condescendingly.

“To each their own, we are not Lei Feng [TN: A communist legend in China], so let’s not judge each other,” Sir System said assertively.

“That sounds like a plausible reason. Should we help him then?” Fang Ning hesitated.

“If he pays, then we’ll help,” Sir System did not seem to mind much.

“Aren’t you worried that he’ll turn on us one day?” Fang Ning was concerned.

“Hmph, you’re afraid of so many things. How does that even help? As long as one is strong, we can conduct anything with fearlessness,” Sir System took the opportunity to put Fang Ning down.

Fang Ning was speechless. Sir System was right.

Take the Great Britain Empire for instance. They fan the flames in the name of creating a balance because they fear another becoming stronger. Was it even effective?

To an extent, the method did work but they ended up going into decline and had to hand over their global supremacy. They were now nothing but someone else’s lackey and hired thug.

The Era of Mythology had it worse for them. Their presence was not even felt among the other countries. The Great Britain Empire once had a mysterious heritage and was a powerful country, it was, after all, where the legend of the ‘Sword in the Stone’ came from.

It was true that one always needed to strive to be stronger.

Fang Ning gave it a thought and said to the River God, “Elder River God, since you have made your request, I will naturally provide help. However, there are still heavenly principles and mankind’s opinion. As this is a matter of grave importance, it would be difficult for me to make an immediate decision …”

“What? That’s really generous of him,” Sir System said disbelievingly.

Fang Ning on the other hand, understood. He replied casually, “What’s there to be suspicious about? Once the Kingdom of God is built, security and safety for it will be of the utmost importance. There will definitely be many battles between the gods in the future. He may look like he is making a loss on the surface, but he is actually binding us down to his chariot. If someone attacks, we won’t be able to sit by and watch.”

“Oh, such a rich chariot. The more that binds us, the better. I can get down from the chariot anytime I want anyway…” Sir System said happily.

“Yeah, you are shameless anyway. Get down from the chariot anytime you want, ” Fang Ning took the opportunity to needle it.

“Well, that’s the truth,” Sir System did not seem to care.

Fang Ning then said decisively, “In that case, I won’t reject your request. Do provide me with the planet’s coordinates. I will open the door and help migrate some of the magnetic men over.”

The River God of the Sky River’s face immediately lit up with pleasure.

“That’s really good news. Thank you for your generosity.”

He understood very clearly the difficulties of building a Kingdom of God. When he was in the Upper Realm, he paid many a price for just defending it from being destroyed by enemies.

This piece of the universe was like a blank paper, it would be easy to work on it.

Once the first kingdom was established, the second planet would be easier to handle. It would be a continuous effort as one becomes two, and two becomes three.

As the Bodhisattva Spirit King was said, it was not a wild wish to establish a River God of the Milky Way, there was a feasible way to do it.

Once he sits on that throne, he would have the power to move up to greater heights. He could even aim for the seat of one of the Supreme Ones.

The two continues their conversation and discussed quite a number of details before the River God took his leave.

“The fate of the entire universe being decided in a small corner of a living room. This is what a strategy being mapped out is like. The victor will be decided from a few hundred light years away,” Butler Zheng, who was busy waiting upon them, lamented in amazement.

Whether he knew it or not, the Venerable One was beginning to reach for the stars and the sea…