Chapter 907 - Smells Good

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Chapter 907: Smells Good

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Fang Ning had just said goodbye to the River God of Sky River when Ren Ruofeng arrived right after.

“Venerable One, how have you been?” Ren Ruofeng tried to strike up a conversation.

“Urm, not too bad. I’ve gotten rid of two annoying people. The world would be able to rest for a while,” Fang Ning said as if trying to point out something.

“Oh…” Ren Ruofeng suddenly connected the dots. He remembered a previous report regarding the sudden disappearance of two Upper Realm gods.

Hearing this, he realized that the Venerable One had secretly used his Celestial Aura to get rid of them.

If he did not mention it, Ren Ruofeng would still be in the dark about the matter.

It was unexpected of the Venerable One be so low profile about it… Ren Ruofeng was not used to this.

He immediately gave praise, “Thank you, Venerable One, for taking the trouble with this. Without those two watching over our shoulders, we can finally have some free hand in dealing with certain matters.”

“Just as well. It’s just a small matter,” Fang Ning would definitely not let him know that it was someone else who had dealt with them. That someone would not be advertising his deeds anyway. He was, after all, now a monk who does not care about fame and fortune…

Ren Ruofeng secretly took note of this matter and continued, “Oh, I’m actually here to make a request to the Venerable One.”

“Feel free to speak,” Fang Ning had more or less guessed what it was.

“When Elder River God returned, he had mentioned the clan of the magnetic men. I was thinking that their talent and capabilities would be able to solve the issue of resources on Earth and help get the controlled nuclear fusion into the commercialization stage,” Ren Ruofeng made no attempts to hide his thoughts.

Fang Ning was surprised. He had previously witnessed the giant elephant magnetic man rub a small fireball into a big one, which gave him inspiration that now resurfaced. He immediately replied, “Great minds do think alike. I have already been among them for a week to do research. The strongest among them are able to create very high temperatures. I have seen them rub their hands to create fireballs, which gave me an idea. One of their strongest was the emperor of the magnetic men, who covered the entire planet. It was highly possible that it could create the high temperature of fusion energy.”

“Mr. Rich Boss, stop pretending. You’ve never thought about this before,” Sir System had no trouble poking through his lie.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless. He could deny the words of others, but he could not hide from this second-rate good’s constant sweep on his surface thoughts.

“What do you know? One cannot pretend when it comes to matters of the educated. I do have a thought about this, but it’s hidden deep in my subconscious and has yet to surface on the conscious level… You won’t understand what I’m saying anyway, so please just shut up,” he obstinately pushed back on Sir System’s honest words.

“I do really don’t understand this. Looks like I would need to try scanning your subconscious in the future to find out if it’s true,” Sir System was muddled.

Ren Ruofeng was relieved at the words and immediately said, “If that’s the case, we should work together with this emperor of the magnetic men. If we could duplicate it or research a thing or two from him, it could help our scientists to solve many problems.”

“Working together might not be a possibility, these magnetic mens’ society is a very dark one…” Fang Ning then told Ren Ruofeng of his experiences with them.

Ren Ruofeng went silent for a long time after listening to him.

Sir System took the chance to say, “Mr. Rich Boss, you really do not know how to be flexible. If we can’t work together, we can bully and oppress it.”

Fang Ning did not know what to say, “Is this something a hero system should say? This is the mindset of a landlord that comes from old money.”

“Urm, what I’m trying to say is that we will be battling it sooner or later. By that time, it would definitely use the huge fireball. We can videotape the fight and pass it over to those scientists. They might figure out how to duplicate its function,” Sir System quickly explained.

“Hmm, this might actually work. We won’t be able to beat it and it won’t be able to beat us, but we could force it to show his hands. Would the scientists be able to figure out anything with only video clips?” Fang Ning at first nodded at the plan but later shook his head at the latter thought.

“It won’t have a better hand anyway. Let’s try it out first. It would be better than not doing anything. Didn’t we manage to capture that giant elephant magnetic man? We can combine those videos and let those scientists interview that guy. We won’t understand anything anyway,” Sir System asserted.

Fang Ning was resigned and told Ren Ruofeng this thought.

“This sounds good. Thank you, Venerable One, for putting in so much effort. Do you want to make any requests?” Ren Ruofeng nodded as he said.

“Nothing much. I have a few realms that have trouble with the issue of energy. If this controllable nuclear fusion is workable, I’d like a few to be installed in those realms,” Fang Ning thought of the few big problems mentioned in the year-end reports and said smoothly.

“That would be of course. Once we grasp the technique, we will install it for the Venerable One’s use first,” Ren Ruofeng immediately agreed.

Ten days later at the Truth Department Headquarters.

A group of professional scientists and their students were watching a valuable video clip of a battle.

The battle happened on a gaseous planet.

The clip’s opening had a thousand feet giant dragon appearing. It was lucky that this battle did not happen in the skies as the sound effects were rather good.

Within the BGM, the Azure Dragon’s sonorous roar could be heard echoing throughout the greyish-white atmosphere of the gaseous planet.

“Fake emperor of the magnetic men! As the leader of the clan, you do not think about being at one with your people. Instead, you chose to bully and oppress them, even making a meal out of your own clan members. The heavens will not permit this terrible sin! Today, I will judge you by your acts and sentence you accordingly!”

Not long after, the wind rose and the clouds gathered on the planet, waves billowed, and blasts of the wind could be felt building up all around.

“Hmph, so you are the culprit behind all this, tempting those ragtag people into escaping. Good, let’s just see how capable this is loach who dares to behave atrociously in this land!” a cold, cruel voice could be heard within the billowing winds.

Some had started whispering among themselves at this point.

“This alien can actually speak Chinese?”

“This isn’t that strange because the Venerable Dragon God has been in contact with them for quite a while. The amazing part is their strong learning capabilities. The Venerable Dragon God has been in contact with them for only a month and this so-called emperor of the magnetic men has already grasped our Chinese language so fluently. Many other countries are of the opinion that the Chinese language is difficult to learn. Those little countries that had abandoned the Chinese language as recorded in their histories and have chosen to pick up the alphabet instead have this consideration as well,” a knowledgeable professor explained immediately.

The others were convinced by him and nodded in agreement. The expert was indeed sharp and gave an explanation to the matter at one go.

Later on, the giant dragon started a battle that no one watching it could understand with an unseen enemy.

One minute, there were huge, monstrous waves. The next minute, there was flaming fire dancing around. Suddenly, there would be sword energy dominating the surroundings, and next, ice and snow covered the earth.

“That’s strange. Looks like Sir Dragon God is the only one combating. That so-called emperor does not seem to be making any attack,” someone could not help but comment.

“Quiet. Naturally, none of you would understand what is going on. That emperor of the magnetic men is using a magnetic field attack that can’t be seen by the naked eye. In reality, it is very dangerous. The most formidable weapon of men would immediately turn into scrap metal in front of it,” a member of the Truth Department said as he tried to maintain order.

Soon, the battle reached a point that was understandable to these experts and students.

The Azure Dragon was seen rushing downwards as if attempting to break into the core of the planet to attack the emperor of the magnetic men.

At this moment, the winds billowed, and a few different looking flames violently exploded!

The entire recording of the video was filled up with a bright, white light.

“It’s the ray of the sun!” Someone immediately recognized it.

“The temperature must be tens of millions of degrees… No matter how strong the Azure Dragon is, can his mysterious power fight against such high temperatures?” Someone asked worriedly.

Although they were aware that if the recording was in their hands, it meant that nothing bad happened. However, at this moment, they were invested in the battle and had subconsciously treated the battle as in real time.

The bright white light continued on-screen as if it had no plans of disappearing.

After three minutes, everyone saw the Azure Dragon fly out of the planet without a scratch.

“He is indeed formidable. Even such a high temperature is unable to do anything to the Dragon God…” Many had started to feel relieved and could not help but gave out a laugh as they looked at each other.

“Can anyone spot anything by watching this valuable video material? Are you able to understand how this magnetic man is able to condense high heat?” The Truth Department staff took the opportunity to ask.

Everyone looked at each other.

A renowned old scientist shook his head as he said, “Judging by these few visuals, the only thing we can learn is that the enemy is really able to physically create and control high heat that is used in fusion. As for the basic principles, it is impossible to figure out unless this so-called emperor is able to explain it for himself. Truth be told, these visuals are of no help at all.”

Everyone nodded but were quietly making criticisms.

Was everyone up there being silly? Why would they not have thought about this?

Which silly person had actually come up with the idea that scientists were able to deduce the basic principles just by watching a video? Did they think that research scientists were just like Sherlock Holmes solving a case?

At this moment, the staff from the Truth Department said, “If that’s the case, let’s move on to the second activity. Although there is no way of getting this emperor of the magnetic men to personally talk us through, its officer might be able to tell us something. The Venerable One had previously caught one of the stronger ones among the magnetic men. It can explain the principles to us.”

Everyone suddenly came to a realization and felt ashamed.

The people on top were not being silly. They had already considered this situation and prepared for it. This way, the video material would be considered very valuable and priceless. It could at least prove that magnetic men had the ability to create controllable high heat needed by men.

Everyone carried this feeling with them and followed the staff towards a secret location.