Chapter 908 - Darkness Under The Lights

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Chapter 908: Darkness Under The Lights

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The Draconic Arcane Realm.

Many experts and scholars were looking around curiously at this Xanadu.

Birds twittered and the flowers were fragrant. The woods lined up perfectly and there were no buzzing insects flying around. The weather was perfect in this fairyland.

They did not admire it for long as someone came to lead them to a small hill.

On top of the hill was a big metal ball.

Everyone looked at each other, they had an idea about what it was. However, would such a strong magnetic man be jailed in such a place?

“Dear experts, within this metal ball is a subordinate of the emperor of the magnetic men. All of you can feel free to question it as it has learned our language,” the man introduced.

So, it was true. Everyone stopped questioning the metal ball and started conversing with it.

Many felt strange about the situation. It was the first time they had been in contact with an alien. Yet everyone did not seem to be too excited about the prospect.

It was only later on that they realized it was because they’ve seen too many of these so-called aliens… The people from the Upper Realm were in fact, people whose existence was farther away than aliens. Yet, they have seen too many of them.

Subconsciously, they were long numbed when it came to these situations.

So what if a magnetic man appeared? It was not as if they had not seen spirits before.

The difference was that this magnetic man possessed an important research value.

Not long after, these experts found out the basic principles of how their hands are able to create a fireball from the giant magnetic elephant man.

“It’s because the magnetic field started heating up. It’s as easy as eating rice. The bigger the surface, the more formidable the fireball created,” the giant magnetic elephant man said matter-of-factly.

Everyone’s hearts sank.

If that were the case, they would not be able to make use of this method.

A magnetic field’s limitations on high heat had created a lot of technical problems. It could not make use of the magnetic men’s talents to overcome it.

Ren Ruofeng was also at the scene at that moment. He had taken the opportunity of work to conduct some private business and took the chance to visit his daughter, Hong Hu, who was being fostered here.

The moment he saw everyone’s expressions, he quickly pulled aside an older expert to ask, “Old Man Chen, what is your opinion?”

The old expert named as ‘Old Man Chen’ shook his head and sighed, “This information isn’t entirely useless, just that it does not benefit us much. To achieve the accomplishments of the emperor of the magnetic men, we would have to create a magnetic field that matches its planet. This itself is a huge problem.”

Ren Ruofeng was a smart man and immediately understood the situation. It looked like his brainwave was not as effective as he had thought.

However, this was the reality. Men had always thought that a smart brainwave would be able to perfectly solve a problem. This was never the case. After their brainwave, what comes next would be continuous mistakes. They would need to have multiple brainwaves before the right ‘answer’ would appear.

It was at this moment that a young student suddenly said, “Why should we get all tied up on fusion energy? Doesn’t anyone realize that the magnetic men themselves are a good energy source?”

The words jolted everyone as they came to the realization.

That Old Man Chen could not stop slapping himself hard on the leg as he said excitedly, “That’s right! This huge magnetic elephant man has just told us that it could rub his hands and created fireballs of a few hundred thousand degrees. Its body must contain a huge amount of energy!”

“Yes, not to mention as well that their bodies’ energy was slowly accumulated by absorbing from the magnetic field of their planet. We can shoot them into the sun and let them quickly absorb the heat and convert it into magnetic field energy to be stored. Wouldn’t that save much more time than dealing with fusion energy? Do remember that the nearby sun is the biggest reactor to fusion,” the student continued saying calmly.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards the young student.

He was not tall and looked ordinary. His was not someone striking but gave the strong impression of being calm. He did not betray any fear at such an important occasion such as this.

“What’s your name?” Old Man Chen controlled his excitement and hurriedly asked.

“My name is Lin Tianyu from the Europa University of Cologne. I’ve just returned to the country and am currently doing research work at Qingdao University with Lecturer Lee,” the young student replied calmly.

Many youngsters were immediately envious of him. To be able to give such a wonderful display meant that he would soon be able to gain entry to core departments.

There will be so many people trying to get on his good side. Good treatments of him will shoot up like a rocket. Everyone knew from their lecturers that the country placed the utmost importance on top researchers. Even the rare Spiritual Cultivation Pill that many cultivators were unable to obtain were supplied to them openly.

If the Immortality Pill were to resurface, it would not be hard to guess that these people would be the most qualified to use them.

Ren Ruofeng was giddy with delight. He was well aware that this person’s suggestion would be the fastest way to convert the idea into technical application.

The young ones indeed had a more open mind, why had he not thought about it?

Why did he only focus on the seemingly great future of fusion energy?

In reality, fusion energy technology would only mature in at least thirty to fifty years.

And now, this idea from the young man could actually be achieved within a few short months.

The ceiling for a magnetic man’s highest storage can be referenced from that emperor.

It was said that magnetic men like this can be found in abundance on that gaseous planet.

If that was the case, one would only rely on them to absorb the sun’s energy… One magnetic man would be equal to one small sun!

Ren Ruofeng was filled with enthusiasm and immediately said, “Very good, we will follow Student Lin’s idea and immediately work on it.”

Not long after, Fang Ning found out about what happened.

He could not help but feel his intelligence taking a hit but still, he gave praise, “There will always be someone better out there. How could I not have thought about this??It’s actually pretty easy to figure out.”

“Hmph, that’s because you’re lazy,” Sir System did not even hesitate to put Fang Ning down.

“Here you are maligning me again. Don’t you know I’ve been working hard? That being said, this should be darkness under the lights. We were so occupied with doing big things that we did not think about using the simple way,” Fang Ning was subdued.

“Isn’t this known as even?intelligent thinking?1?would lose sometimes?” Sir System said excitedly.

“Get out of here, don’t think I can’t read between the lines. When have I been that green?” Fang Ning was speechless.

“I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Oldman Ren and his people,” Sir System forcefully changed the topic.

“Forget about it. Let’s just wait until they’ve worked out the technical details, then we can solve the energy problem within the realms. One magnetic man’s stored energy is enough for us to use for a few thousand years,” Fang Ning said excitedly.

“Have you ever given a thought about what if the magnetic men rebel against us? This is placing silver into someone else’s hands,” Sir System reminded him.

“Hmm, this can be a problem. But I believed they would have given a thought about this and have come up with a solution,” Fang Ning was stunned for a moment. Sir System’s reminder had sound reasoning.

This was, after all, the magnetic men’s lives. They were not robots. Instability was bound to exist.

“Well, this is how reality works. There is no such thing as a perfect solution,” Sir System said faintly.

“We can’t do anything about it anyway. We’ll need to solve the problem as it comes. For now, urgency should be placed on the current situation,” Fang Ning said casually.