Chapter 909 - The Hidden Dragon Within The Abyss

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Chapter 909: The Hidden Dragon Within The Abyss

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The next day, Fang Ning opened another door to the Land of Sanguinity under the request of Ren Ruofeng. However, this door was a pathway to the sun.

Not long after, they would be using the magnetic men to store huge amounts of solar energy from the sun.

The amount of solar energy currently being used by mankind could not be compared to the energy emitted by the sun every year. It was like a drop in a bucket. Actually, comparing it to one drop in a vast sea would probably be a closer comparison.

As they got near the sun, the fireball was burning hot, emanating unbridled heat into the starry cosmos. It was difficult to stare at it.

However, Fang Ning was still keen to take a look. He was using the System view while his body was being taken over by Sir System. He was not worried at all that this little brightness would render his Khorium Ore Dog Eyes blind.

“Oh, right. While looking at this huge fireball, I’ve suddenly thought about something. Monk Zhi Nan and that Black Robe had done research before. It was about converting this world’s energy into a vitality of the mysterious side. I think they’ve had initial success in the research…” Fang Ning watched the sun and suddenly remembered this matter from a long time ago.

“It must be kaput now. After all, he and Black Robe are both real monks now. As you know, monks do everything but inventing and creating…” Sir System gloated.

Fang Ning was speechless, “You don’t need to label all monks that way. Even eunuchs had invented paper. There are plenty of inventions by monks.”

“Then what do you want to do about it? Do you want to bring those two bad-hearted guys back?” Sir System said condescendingly.

Fang Ning shook his head, “That would be impossible. It’s just that I really admire that guy. Whatever he does fit in together with time, there is no such thing as wasted effort with him. When he went to the dormant star and got that atmospheric luck favored by time and space, it was exactly as I have just said, that he does things with a reason. When those dormant stars have exhausted their vitality, they would be able to reconvert those vitalities to lengthen the lifespan of the world. That was why he had wanted to research how to convert natural energy into mysterious energy. After all, these burning stars possess the most natural energy in the universe.”

“Judging by what you are saying, he must have deduced that he would become a monk today…” Sir System suddenly reminded.

“That’s right. This is what I am worried about. If we don’t handle this properly, that guy is like a hidden dragon within the abyss. It could be all part of his plan!” Fang Ning gave a clap as he finally revealed his worry.

“Then what should we do? Do you want me to go over to where he is and put a golden hoop on him?” Sir System was in a quandary.

“That’s not good. The only thing we can do now is move one step at a time. To hit the iron, one must be strong as well. We also have advantages that he does not possess,” Fang Ning said decisively.

“What advantages?” Sir System was muddled.

“You, of course,” Fang Ning said happily.

“I understand. In that case, you are our biggest disadvantage…” Sir System confirmed.

“…” Fang Ning was rendered speechless.

At Black Robe’s villa in America.

On the field of the villa was a group of Buddhist disciples.

Most of them were listening to the prayers devoutly. During these turbulent times, one needed to seek a place where their hearts and spirits were able to depend on.

“If I was the one that heard…”

Right in the middle of them, sat a young monk who was gently preaching about Buddhism.

At the edge of all the crowd, there were new people joining in.

They were not as devout as those inside and were whispering to each other.

It was difficult to keep order during large assemblies such as this unless it was a strict affair, especially if the host was overly friendly.

There was a slovenly homeless man who had lowered his head and was talking to his companions.

“I heard old John said that this lecturer from the Tang Dynasty is really great at preaching. I’ve listened to him for a few days and after I go home, that feeling of evil creeping inside of me had completely disappeared.”

“Hmph, you old thing. What era do you think this is? You’re still treating people from China as if they were from that Tang Dynasty… Do you really think all monks are like Tripitaka from Journey to the West? This monk should be from China and anyway, it does not cost a thing to be here and they provide three meals a day. It won’t hurt to listen in for a few days,” his companion said with disdain.

“It is useful, though. I’ve listened in for the whole morning and now my heart feels much lighter, like I now have the strength to go work again,” the homeless man said in admiration.

“I share the same feelings too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stayed till now,” his companion nodded in agreement.

They, of course, were unaware that the preacher they were listening to, was the ancestor of all demons. If one had but a touch of a breath of Zhi Nan, no ordinary demons would dare to even come near.

It was like if a ferocious tiger had its eyes set on a prey, no fox, jackal or wolf would dare hunt for the same prey.

Unless the tiger has had enough to eat.

“To all believers, this morning’s sermon would be up to here. You may follow my disciples for a meal and we will continue later in the afternoon,” Zhi Nan stood up and slowly said.

There was a low cheer among the people.

Before the Vitality Era, this was the ‘world’s granary’. It was a truly blessed land.

When someone mentioned America, the first thing one thought of would be cutting-edge technology and prospering industries. Not many noticed that their agriculture industry was truly the best in the world. It was highly competitive and the No.1 exporter of agricultural goods in the world.

Even if one were a homeless man, as long as he was sober and had not been sick due to over drinking, he would still be eligible for some good coupons and taken care of by welfare and charity organizations.

However, in just a few short years, these people were so happy getting one mouthful of free food that it was evident that the Era of Mystery had a big impact on ordinary industries.

This was especially so for the agriculture industry, which needed large pieces of land to plant their crops. They were vulnerable to different kinds of unique industries and was the first industry to get hit.

There were very few meant to benefit from the big migration. Many had to endure the pain brought on by the migration.

Black Robe, whose head was bald, placed his palms together and walked up. In a friendly manner, he led these civilians, whom he had never cared for once upon a time, towards the villa which had been modified into a big dining room for a meal.

In the dining room were buckets and buckets of white rice, many large plates of fried chicken and huge cans of fresh cow’s milk…

These were dishes that people had once found tired of eating, yet now, it was the best gourmet food there was.

Others might always be short of grain, vegetables, meat, egg, and milk, but not these people.

Other farms may face attacks by monsters and demons, which made it hard to maintain, but not the farms bought by these people. There were no worries about these problems…

Even if he became a monk, his demonic roots were still intact. Black Robe’s original demon subordinates were still around. His companies were still in operation. Even if their boss had become a monk, demons such as Claudia would never dare to stop supplying these monks. Buddhas and demons had always been two sides of the same coin…

As the people started taking their meals in an orderly fashion, Black Robe left to return to the side of Monk Zhi Nan.

“Master, the believers are happy to be able to have a meal,” Black Robe reported respectfully.

“Very good. Only after eating will they able to be enlightened. If they go hungry, they won’t be able to listen to my preaching of the scripture,” Zhi Nan said casually.

Black Robe nodded. He suddenly realized the eyes of the master in front of him had two vortexes appearing and suddenly disappeared.

At this point, he was no longer a cowardly demon slave, thus he asked immediately, “Master, what is happening with your eyes?”

“Oh, it’s the temptation of my demon heart. To rely on charitable acts to repress this demonic heart is no easy feat. My demon heart is still inundated even after reading the scriptures a million times. I’ll need to find another way,” Monk Zhi Nan shook his head and sighed.

“Even cultivating the Morality Technique is unable to help you repress it?” Black Robe asked disbelievingly.

“A demonic heart is not the same as an evil heart. How could one completely repress it just by morality? There may be a chance that I would turn back to my old ways after a while,” Monk Zhi Nan shook his head.

“Then what can be done?” Black Robe went into a slight panic. After all, it was his first time being a monk and he could not be as indifferent as those virtuous eminent monks.

“We will leave it to fate, nothing should be forced. There’s an old saying: The flying dragon leaves the skies to follow the clouds into the abyss; The hidden dragon within the Abyss follows the clouds into the skies. These are all destined,” Monk Zhi Nan looked at the distant blue sky and said faintly.