Chapter 910 - Flying Dragon In The Sky

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Chapter 910: Flying Dragon In The Sky

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The dragon lurking in the chasm soared skyward, following the clouds.

Azure Mountain, Lunaette.

Gu Buwei appeared in front of the mountain door once again, where his mistress Qi Hui and a group of his juniors were waiting for him.

Gu Buwei was initially surprised by their presence, but he understood when he looked down and saw clouds floating beneath Lunaette.

He smiled. “Mistress, it seems like this disaster befalling the sect is starting to dissolve.”

“Yes, Buwei. You guessed correctly, just as expected. A couple of days ago, the Grandmaster sent a message out of the blue, saying that two disciples are cured of their ailment and that the others would soon be too. Your heroic deeds really contributed to the safety of everyone in the Mountain.” Qi Hui said with relief.

She was the only one who knew how potentially dangerous Gu Buwei’s excursion was. It was wholly thanks to what little of his Heavenly Merit that he had returned safe and sound.

The Grandmaster’s tactics really were masterful!

She was instantly filled with respect for the man. Sometimes she had thoughts in her husband’s favor. For example, why was it that her husband was not the master of this Azure Mountain? This secret realm was a joint discovery of the brothers after all.

Now all of that was no longer in her mind.

Gu Buwei shook his head. “Mistress, you lauded the wrong person. This recovery could not be attributed to my deeds. This excursion of mine was an effort against the gods, yes, but I couldn’t find a way to rid my brothers of their ordeal. Not to mention, the last step isn’t set in motion yet, as we have to wait for a heavenly oracle.”

“Eh? Why is that?” Qi Hui was baffled.

When the first disciple woke up in the ice and could move freely, she wholeheartedly assumed that it was thanks to her disciple currently toiling outside.

The others did too. No one dared to ask the Grandmaster for confirmation.

“If I’m not wrong, this is because the perpetrator of the crime had a taste of his own medicine. Those diseases, without their source, would naturally die out on their own. My juniors, being practitioners of the Sect, all have a strong metabolism, which contributes to their eventual recovery. Also, those two disciples waking up the earliest because they were not being sealed in ice thoroughly, am I right?” Gu Buwei said expressionlessly.

That was not something to be proud of.

The process was ordered according to the rank of those befallen. Those who are ranked higher were of course sealed with more finesse to ensure that they could hold up longer. Otherwise, they would last shorter in the ice.

Luckily this was a blessing in disguise for them. After the incarnation of the God of Plagues died, they were the ones who recovered first.

“Oh, it was exactly as you said.” Slight embarrassment flitted on Qi Hui’s face. Their power was limited, so they had to prioritize the people they were closest to. The two disciples were last on the line.

This disciple of hers was really not to be underestimated, having deduced the cause in such a short time.

Due to that alone, the reason the Grandmaster thought that highly of him and entrusted important missions to him was clear.

“Such being the case, Mistress, you should wake them up from their confines. I think that they will recover without aid soon after.” Gu Buwei suggested.

“I’ll start on it now.” Qi Hui was overjoyed. She did not hesitate before leading her group past the door of the Mountain and into the cave.

Gu Buwei did not follow suit, but instead, he looked up towards the sky speckled with stars.

As the Heavenly Oracle did its thing, it would not take long before the last step of the Grandmaster’s calculations was completed, thus setting everything in motion.

By then, the Flying Dragon would finally soar skyward!

After he was finished the magnetic men’s affairs, Fang Ning could finally relax for a while.

It was a pity that he was not a man of high ambitions. Although he hopped on the trend of learning the Way by mimicking other practitioners, the only way he could find was one of maintaining balance.

He could not even vouch for its authenticity.

“Fine. I should seek some answers from someone experienced.” Fang Ning thought and thought to no avail. Resigned, he finally uttered this statement out loud.

“Who do you want to get answers from? Who has seen this saint before?” Sir System asked, curious.

“Who else can I find? Out of all the gods, there are only a few who are really friendly with us.” Fang Ning said shortly.

And so he arrived on the island where the Spiritual Insect Realm laid.

When he first stepped on the island, one certain large blowfly and one little mosquito came to welcome him, buzzing throughout… That attitude of theirs could be considered as extremely devout.

“I’m really down on my luck. When others visit, they’re welcomed with butterflies and flowers. Meanwhile, I only get these two idiots.” Fang Ning said with resignation.

“Wasn’t it you who enlightened them instead of giving them a clap to death?” Sir System reveled in his master’s displeasure.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly; I thought that I could attain huge merit if I could make those two harmful creatures turn over a new leaf.” Fang Ning said.

“The Venerable One must surely be tired, coming from afar.?Do you require us puny creatures to lead the way?” The large blowfly pushed the little mosquito to the side straight away in its attempt to suck up to Fang Ning.

“Oh. Let me ask you, it’s been nearly a year since we first met. How are your efforts on progressing your races?” Fang Ning did not show his displeasure.

“O Venerable One, I have come and went throughout the year. I have subdued our people who lived in Asia, Africa and South America and taken them under my wing. I have urged them to change for the better; they are not to cause a disturbance in human territory, but to take care of their hygiene and become useful. Now, I command them to pollinate for a living.” The large blowfly listed its achievements.

“Thank you for your advice, Venerable One.” The fly immediately thanked him.

“And me too! I stopped those female mosquitoes from feeding on human blood and instead urged them to follow on their husbands’ footsteps and drink plant nectar.” The small mosquito put up a fight.

“You’ve done a good job too. With this, the transmission of diseases would be lessened significantly. ” Fang Ning nodded.

There were also perks to the demonization of these two insects. At least, there was now hope for certain achievements that were impossible to realize.

As for this possibly causing the extinction of these two ancient races, well, Fang Ning could only say that idiots alone would hope for mosquitoes and flies to flourish.

After Fang Ning praised them, the two insects flew away happily.

Only then did Fang Ning enter the door of the Secret Realm.

Something was out of the ordinary this time, though.

He walked for a long time and yet Bodhisattva Spirit King did not appear. Those butterflies, on the other hand, voluntarily flew up to welcome him.

“Eh, what’s happening? Did the Bodhisattva get in trouble too?” Fang Ning was surprised.

In the midst of his surprise, a big, red apple atop a tuft of cotton suddenly materialized in front of his eyes.

From the big red apple out popped the upper half of a green insect…

“Uhh, our new father is currently cultivating in isolation, so he asked me to come and receive you.” Chong Daqing clambered out from the apple and looked up.

“I came at an inopportune time. I should have sent a message.” Fang Ning sighed, shaking his head.

“Even if you sent a message, there’s no one to read it anyway. You’d still have to come in person.” Chong Daqing did not care for it.

“You’re right. When will the Bodhisattva emerge?” Fang Ning asked with concern.

“I don’t know. It looked like he was in some serious trouble. Before he went into isolation, he said something I don’t understand. It went something like ‘The path is paved, and the True Body is going to descend.’” Chong Daqing devoured the apple in a few bites and said with conviction.

“I see. If that’s so, then I truly can’t leave right now.” Fang Ning said lightly.