Chapter 912 - Almsgiver, Be a Monk!

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Chapter 912: Almsgiver, Be a Monk!

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As Fang Ning waited, three days passed.

However, for the path to become a saint, Sir System could spare some patience for such amount of time.

As for Fang Ning, he had the System Cyber Café for entertainment, so even a three-year wait was not a problem…

Three days later, on a fine sunny spring day in the Spiritual Insect Realm, a vague golden ray appeared through the sky.

Those rays were not blinding, instead it emitted an ardent embrace of warmth, safety and comfort…

Even Fang Ning who was holed up in the System Cyber Café felt it.

“From such sensations, Bodhisattva Spirit King’s descending tenor — the Devil-Vanquishing Bodhisattva Elder Ancestor Bai mentioned should be a good person.” Fang Ning decided.

“It’s easy to know men’s faces, but not their hearts. Be careful, don’t be fooled by kind appearances,” Sir System reminded, “when the time comes, I would be the one in trouble.”

“Was I ever cheated? Except for the times when you’ve tricked me by using my kindness and trust in you, there are none out there who can deceive me.” Fang Ning said with conviction.

“I’ve tried telling you that more than three times.” Sir System shot back.

As they spoke, the golden gleam slowly faded, revealing a bald old man, wearing a kasaya and a troubled look.

The old man looked ordinary, his face full of wrinkles, either from old age or constant worry.

“Uh, is this the famous Devil-Vanquishing Bodhisattva? Why does he look more like a poor starving abbot?” Sir System questioned, confused.

“As expected, you’re smart,” Fang Ning confirmed, “Wasn’t the Upper Realm screwed over to bankruptcy by a bunch of gods and devils?”

At this moment, a young man appeared — it was Bodhisattva Spirit King himself.

“Your holiness, how have you been?” Bodhisattva Spirit King’s face remained neutral as he put his hands together and spoke words of greeting.

“Not good, not good. I’ve said before that I want to live and die together with the Upper Realm and leave the new world to you. You can inherit and glorify my mantle, but you keep insisting on my presiding; why do you even bother?” The troubled old monk sighed.

“If the name is not right, the words will not ring true. You are him; it is only with the legitimate name that one can properly contend the Gods and Deities’ internal strife in the future. I might have the abilities, but without the proper title, I would definitely be stuck under their control.” Bodhisattva said, shaking his head.

Fang Ning looked at Chong Daqing who was gulping down honey and uttered lowly, “Didn’t you say that Bodhisattva Spirit King is in big trouble? It doesn’t look like trouble at all to me though.”

“He is! One of them tries his best to hand over his role to the other while the other doesn’t want anything given to him; such back and forth is the greatest trouble of all!” Chong Daqing said firmly.

“I should’ve known, your definition of ‘trouble’ and mine are totally different concepts.” Fang Ning said helplessly.

“Ugh, this good man really does things differently,” Sir System suddenly got excited, “Is this grizzly abbot actually surrendering such huge foundation Bodhisattva Spirit King developed?”

“What are you excited for?” Fang Ning asked, puzzled.

“If both of them don’t want it, they can hand it over to me!” Sir System stood audacious.

“In your dreams… Do you have no dignity?” Fang Ning had enough.

“Nope.” Sir System was straightforward.

“Once the Dragon God Hero character falls apart, you will not end well either. Don’t be too fixated on money. This is where you fall short. You forget your principles when you see profit.” Fang Ning threatened.

“Ugh, then forget it. I was just saying, I didn’t really want it anyway, but if they do insist on giving, don’t you dare decline.” Sir System quickly said.

Disdainfully, Fang Ning said, “Don’t worry, they must have something in mind. The inheritance of the mantle still requires asset support, it’s impossible that they’ll give it to us for nothing.”

In the middle of the man-bucket conversation, the old monk suddenly turned and glanced at Vigilante A.

A glimpse of happiness showed on the old monk’s wrinkly face, he told the young man, “This almsgiver has a strong connection to Buddhism, a long destiny and robust magical energy, no wonder he exudes morality. He must be the one you have been telling me about, this world’s pillar of strength –the Venerable Dragon God, right?”

“You are too generous with your compliments, Budhisattva. I’m just doing what I can and I leave the rest to Heaven’s will.” Fang Ning replied politely.

“Good, good, the Venerable One is humble.” The old monk nodded, then turned to the young man saying, “Since you are not willing to accept this, what about I give it to this almsgiver?”

Budhisattva Spirit King was unfazed by this, he merely said, “Those belong to you, whoever you shall wish to hand it over to shall then find his destiny in it.”

Hearing this, Fang Ning was utterly stunned while Sir System was overjoyed.

“Look at you, your words slapped you in the face right after you said it. He said that he would give it to me with his own words!” Sir System was pleased with himself.

“Holy shit, Chong Daqing’s heavenly clan daddy was right! This Devil-Vanquishing Bodhisattva, is truly a weirdo of weirdos!” Fang Ning could not be more convinced of that.

Comparing Bodhisattva Spirit King and the Devil King, the level of consciousness that stupid Monk Zhi Nan possessed was way below the other.

[The System has taken over the host body]

“What are you doing?” Fang Ning was confused.

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“I’m scared that you will start acting up and kick me out of the game.” Sir System said with certainty.

“You know me so well, I was just going to attempt a polite refusal.” Fang Ning was left speechless.

“Luckily I took over just in time…” Sir System was relieved.

Following that, Vigilante A spoke, “How rare it is that two venerable persons could look so highly upon me. Since I am modestly endowed with the qualities you spoke of, I shall not make it any difficult for both of you and humbly accept it.”

Chong Daqing voiced lowly, “Great Azure Dragon, at second look, I realized that your skin is actually thicker than mine.”

“Don’t speak, do you still want to eat glowing dishes?” Vigilante A spoke through telepathy.

“I won’t say anything else, you can do as you wish. The thing is not mine anyway, the old monk give it to whoever he pleases.” Chong Daqing submitted immediately.

“This almsgiver knows how to accept opportunities and shoulder responsibilities that are presented to him, truly, he is perceptive!” The old monk chuckled. His long face was replaced a look of happiness as his eyebrows shot up in delight; there and then, he said, “There is no day like today; how about you enter my holy clan today? Forsake worldly desires and become a monk…”

“Huh?” Fang Ning was stunned once more, he quickly said, “I knew it, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. No, there’s no way I’ll be a monk, let’s give up on this thing.”

“Look at you, it’s not like he’s demanding you to be a eunuch. Being a monk won’t stop you from marrying someone. If Vigilante A becomes a monk, you won’t even lose any of your spare parts, what are you afraid of?” Sir System said uncaringly.

“Ugh, your brain works faster than mine when it comes to matters as such.” Fang Ning was at a loss for words. Actually, he was just surprised by the sudden notion of becoming a monk that he subconsciously rejected it. He did not realize the contradiction between his current identity as the Venerable Dragon God and his actual one.

“That’s for sure, if it weren’t for me, you would’ve already rejected it. What’s the big deal about becoming a monk? Once we become one, we can obtain the foundation Bodhisattva Spirit King constructed for decades in exchange, so why not be a monk? Sir System was confident.

“I still feel like something’s not right, just wait for a while, and wait until I’m done inquiring about the path of becoming a saint.” Fang Ning shook his head saying, “A monk and a hero, isn’t there a conflict in settings?”

“…” Sir System was blank for a moment, “I didn’t think about that.”

“See, I’ve just said this about you, you forget yourself at the face of little profits. We now have big responsibilities , so don’t forget our roots. Why should you covet these tiny things?” Fang Ning rediscovered his confidence and took the opportunity to teach Sir System a lesson while he was at it.

“Uh, then should we just watch as these good things slip out of our fingertips?” Sir System thought it was a great pity.

Bodhisattva Spirit King’s foundation was not small at all; there was the Spiritual Insects clan, his followers, Spiritual Insect Realm, the Association of Spirit Kings… They all bore great potential.

“Without desires, one would be strong. Stay calm.” Fang Ning thought it was a pity too, but unlike Sir System, he knew clearly that the System was the essence and the others, merely minor attachments; they should not neglect the essentials for trivialities.