Chapter 915 - The 50 Billion Plan

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Chapter 915: The 50 Billion Plan

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Ten days later, Ren Ruofeng received a formal notice from the person-in-charge of the Biosphere Plan.

“Incredible! Those two masters have actually completed their research so soon! They perfectly realized that great god’s design, and it’s even a programmable bacteria!” The person-in-charge said excitedly.

“Uh…” Ren Ruofeng was stunned by what he heard.

He was not a noob, but the meaning of ‘programmable’ could not be clearer. This meant that the bacteria, to at least a certain extent, could be programmed to serve various purposes according one’s desired combinations. However, of course, there would be some boundary to such programming.

The person-in-charge continued gushing, “This bacteria can be used for so many functions. It can replace chlorophyll, and its synthesis rate of organic compounds would easily exceed that of the former by 150%. It can even decompose many types of waste at a similar efficiency rate, including materials such as plastic that can’t be decomposed by common bacteria, as long as the target’s molecular formula was programmed beforehand into the bacteria…”

“Hold on, then would it be able to disintegrate living things too? ” Ren Ruofeng quickly asked. This seemed to be a good item, but it would be best to know if it had any latent dangers as well.

“How’s that be possible? All of its functions are constructed with reference to the existing organisms in the biosphere, albeit with an overall upgrade of its abilities. Therefore, its range of decomposition is completely under our control. It will not endanger normal living beings,” the person-in-charge hurriedly explained.

“Then that’s great. You should start formulating a comprehensive test plan immediately. It’s important to ensure that it covers all extreme conditions. As for the test location, don’t use the huge greenhouse. Wait for me to find you a safer venue first,” Ren Ruofeng said seriously.

“Alright then, I’ll await your arrangement.” The person-in-charge was also that with better things came greater risks.

It was just like how antibiotics, which had saved countless lives, eventually resulted in the birth of superbugs. Once infected with it, there would be no possible treatment to save the patient, and even a minor ailment could be fatal for the person.

This was the consequence of overusing antibiotics.

Ren Ruofeng hung up and started wondering, ‘Where would be a safe enough place?’

In any case, it should not be released to the outside world. If it was leaked out, they would be faced with great risks.

It would be best to keep it somewhere completely isolated from this world.

The Land of Heritage?

No, there laid the roots of China. If something big were to happen, there would definitely be a problem in food supply.

What about the other arcane realms?

However, would they permit entrance? After all, this would not be to deliver money. This was for experimental purposes… Nonetheless, he decided to try his luck and sent a message to Vigilante A, since that person owned the most number of arcane realms after all.

“What does this Oldman Ren want from me this time?” Fang Ning was secretly reading a novel when he was suddenly alerted by a Wechat notification.

“The greater your abilities, the more people will come looking for you. If you were?just a salted fish?1?, no one would be bothered.” Sir System smoothly handed Fang Ning a proverbial bowl of chicken soup.

“…if I were a salted fish, I’ll be hung up to dry,” Fang Ning murmured, lacking a better reply. Once he read the message, his expression suddenly lit up. “As expected, it was a success. If this thing is truly reliable, then we can put it to great use.”

“But he mentioned that it must be put through multiple tests to prove its stability. Where would you have those experiments to be conducted?” Sir inquired.

“Where else could we have it? Of course, it should be in the dimension space Black Robe gifted us. Since its environment is largely similar to that of the Earth, it’ll be perfect for all kinds of experimentation,” Fang Ning swiftly answered.

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“Isn’t Black Robe a little foolish? Let’s not mention the fact that he had gifted us with something so good, but the fact that he’d even given himself to us in the end,” Sir System mocked.

“I’m not sure about his foolishness, but I’m definitely certain of yours,” Fang Ning said with distaste. “I’ve inspected that dimension space before, and it’s actually unstable. By the looks of it, it might disappear after thirty years.”

“How could that be? How did you notice it when I, a system that is an expert in the laws of space, couldn’t even detect it?” Sir System was incredulous.

“That’s because you don’t know science. I’ve observed it closely. Those planets have a consistently decreasing orbital speed, so after thirty years, it will be reduced to a critical point. Then, under the influence of gravity, with a resounding ‘boom’, the planets will collide with the sun and completely vanish. Needless to say, without them, this dimension space becomes of no use,” Fang Ning explained in contempt.

“Damn it, no wonder Black Robe would give it away so willingly. It’s damaged goods.” Sir System was indignant.

“It’s not bad, since we can use it for a few decades anyway. Like for this time, we can at least use it to conduct a lot of experiments,” Fang Ning said indifferently.

Ren Ruofeng followed Fang Ning through the black orb and arrived at this strange yet familiar place.

It was also familiar, because this place was like a second Earth.

Above him was the sun and the moon, and beneath his feet was a blue planet.

“This is literally an imitation of the solar system.” He said earnestly.

“Indeed, you’re not wrong for saying so,” Fang Ning agreed. “There are no humans here, so you can experiment as much as you wish here, and the outside world will remain unaffected.”

“Thank you so much. The all-purpose bacteria is definitely powerful, but we do not know about the latent dangers it might have. Since it was developed by the God of Plagues, there must be some risks in it, which we must identify and improve on through tests.” Ren Ruofeng said, nodding.

“There’s no need to thank me. When its safety and reliability are attested, I have a few arcane realms that will be in need of it,” Fang Ning said lightly.

“That’s only fair, and when that time comes, we’ll send technicians to provide guidance on its usage,” Ren Ruofeng accepted his request without hesitation.

Although an arcane realm was good, it had a big problem, which was its poor ecological endurance capacity. After all, it was considered as a half-enclosed space.

While substances such as sunlight, water and vitality could interact with the outside world, living beings were not free to do so.

As a result, the outside world, because it was sustained by the Earth, could easily accommodate over billions of people within only a few hundred thousand square kilometers of land.

However, in an arcane realm, only millions at best could be sheltered, and sometimes, only a few hundred thousand.

Fang Ning’s Morality City housed only a population of three hundred thousand according to current statistics, which was barely comparable to that of a prosperous county in China.

The reason was simple. The inevitable pollution resulting from the waste from the production and daily activities of a few hundred thousand people could still be processed and managed in these lands.

If more were to be accommodated, it would only lead to an ecological disaster. This was evident from the failure of Biosphere Plan Number 1.

It was exactly because the geographical area of Biosphere Plan Number 1 was too small that a number of issues began to occur in some part of the plan, which eventually led to the collapse of the ecological cycle. A large amount of ecological waste from both plants and animals was not able to be reduced, nor could it be returned to the ecological cycle, leaving them with no choice but to declare the experiment a failure. The Earth was still the only reliable biosphere for humans.

Nonetheless, now with such multifunctional, high-functioning all-purpose bacteria, all these problems could finally be solved.

The result of this would be that the sustainable population size within the hundred thousand square kilometers of the arcane realm land would increase drastically.

Then, the only thing restricting the population size would be the upper limit of various living resources and not Mother Nature itself.

Although the city area of a capital city was only a few hundred square kilometers, it could accommodate up to ten million people. Of course, their daily necessities would have to be supplied by the country.

If infered according to this scale, then a land with an area of approximately a hundred thousand square kilometers could at least accommodate more than ten billion people.

In fact, this calculation was based on normal residential arrangements. If all houses were to be changed to high-rise buildings, the corresponding residential population could be multiplied.

This was exactly where Ren Ruofeng’s confidence in his “Fifty Billion Chinese Population” plan lay.