Chapter 920 - A Transfer Of Quotas

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Chapter 920: A Transfer Of Quotas

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The second opening of the Divine Gate was quite rushed and this confirmed Fang Ning’s belief that Axiom Daddy made this decision at the last minute.

When Sir System informed all of their allies, another horrifying thought flashed across Fang Ning’s mind but he did not think it through properly.

So, he blurted out, “I’ve never regarded this Heavenly Axiom to be a rather unreliable fellow. It doesn’t live up to its promises. It’s clearly stated on the Divine Monument’s instruction manual, ‘Every three months, activate ‘Stairway to Heaven’ once’. How many years have now passed?”

“This is normal!” On the other hand, Sir System was unaffected by this matter.

“Why?” It was Fang Ning’s turn to be baffled.

“Isn’t the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom the place where the consciousness of Earth’s living beings gathers? One of the best survival skills of Earth’s living beings is cheating. Naturally, the Heavenly Axiom will inherit your fine traditions…” Sir System justified.

“Hmm, onlookers do see things in a clearer light.” Fang Ning had to admit this. “It looks like we must get to know the Heavenly Axiom again. Whoever views it like a newborn baby is gonna suffer losses.”

“The ones who are gonna suffer losses are all of you since I won’t be losing anything. It can’t do anything to me.” Sir System smirked.

“Fortunately, we’ve discovered this in time and we can plan ahead. You’re right, this is one of the greatest characteristics of human beings. We adopt instead of adhering to old methods. Regardless of a treasure’s instruction manual or a signed treaty, we’ll tear and disregard both, and this bears a national credit rating as well,” Fang Ning said solemnly. “Moreover, it already has a loophole. It said that it will be activated every three months, but it didn’t say that it must be activated.”

“What’s the point of your load of bull?” Sir System was getting impatient.

“There’s a point. It’s related to the important task of creating a Saint System in the future!” Fang Ning finally realized what he was worried about and felt annoyed. It would be fine if that third-rate crap did not understand what he meant, but it is such an unfortunate situation where it misunderstood him as well.

“Lemme ask you. Didn’t the Bodhisattva Spirit King mention that the Upper Realm saints like him have received recognition from the Heavenly Axiom after committing great deeds and have acquired permission to detach from the Heavens and Earth?” Fang Ning said calmly.

“Yes, I still have the voice recording with me,” Sir System confirmed.

“That’s right, the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom is too kind!” Fang Ning sneered. ” I bet that at that time, it didn’t expect these fellows to wreck the Heavens and Earth after becoming saints. In contrast, our Heavenly Axiom isn’t that kind. Judging from minor issues such as the opening of the Divine Gate, we can see that gaining Merits might not necessarily pave a way for you. Instead, one might be manipulated by it and end up doing something for nothing…”

“Ah, does this mean that the path of becoming a saint that I’ve established earlier and for which I have collected billions of Merit Points, is actually a useless method?” Sir System asked anxiously.

“It’s true, I even suspect Zhi Nan could have been cheated too…” Fang Ning remarked coldly. “A wise man once said that one could understand the big picture from viewing a small detail. A minor issue like the opening of the Divine Gate has proved to us that using the old method of becoming a saint in the Upper Realm won’t work. The Heavenly Axiom isn’t a trustworthy character.”

“What should we do then?” Sir System was restless.

“Wait it out. I have only dismissed one method but I’ve yet to determine other suitable methods.” Fang Ning spread out both palms and said calmly, “Now, I want you to remember all that I’ve said as Axiom Daddy might erase my memory one day. As for you, you were never in the Heavenly Axiom so you won’t be affected by it. That’s why I brought this up earlier, even though I didn’t want to talk about it initially.”

“Understood, Mr. Rich Boss. You’re saying your last words… Rest in peace. I’ll take good care of your body,” Sir System said in a sorrowful manner.

Speechless, Fang Ning had an urge to bang his head on the ground. It took him quite some time before he replied through gritted teeth, “Relax, I won’t die even if you do. In the end, I’ll always be the winner.”

“Too bad,” Sir System quipped.

At the same time, they received a message from Ren Ruofeng which ceased the awkward conversation between the human and the System.

“Someone inquired whether the quotas reserved for various clans to ascend the Divine Gate can be transferred.” Fang Ning got a hold of the green frog. “Ask Axiom Daddy whether this is possible.”

The green frog answered immediately, “No need to ask. It’s possible but it requires some Heavenly Merit Points.”

“Oh, I get it now. How do I go about it?” Fang Ning continued asking.

“Let the members from two clans who have been chosen to climb the Stairway to Heaven gather in front of the Divine Monument. As long as both sides are willing to transfer the quotas and use up the Heavenly Merit Points of the receiving party, the transfer of quotas can then be completed,” the green frog explained.

“I see. It’s obvious that they’re encouraging the strong ones to prey upon the weak,” Fang Ning exclaimed.

Originally, there were ten quotas allocated to each clan. However, as time went on, certain clans became stronger whereas other clans became weaker. In this case, the weaker clans probably had a hard time selecting ten powerhouses, which would be a waste of the quotas.

By climbing the Stairway to Heaven, not only could the members help elevate their respective clan’s position in the Divine List, but they could also get level-ups for themselves as well. The great green insect learned the Bug skill by climbing the Stairway.

In the Spirit Valley.

The Bodhisattva Spirit King received Ren Ruofeng and his followers.

“The Venerable One has informed me about the opening of the Divine Gate. It’s not impossible to request for more quotas. After all, due to the congenital limitations of the Spiritual Insects clan, there are less than ten candidates who are capable of climbing the Stairway to Heaven,” the Bodhisattva Spirit King said benevolently.

“Thank you so much, Bodhisattva. We hope you’ll make it a reality and we shall repay your kind assistance,” Ren Ruofeng expressed his gratitude.

It was true that speaking to Bodhisattva was a step in the right direction. He had always been easy to negotiate with.

Bodhisattva waved his arm. “Don’t thank me just yet. I’m seldom involved in the internal affairs of the Spiritual Insects clan these days. Daqing is the leader of the Spiritual Insects and it needs to approve this issue first.”

“Eh…” Ren Ruofeng thought that it was easier than he expected.

A formula appeared in his mind’s eye.

The great green insect = a simple-minded glutton.

He responded at once, “We still thank you for your confirmation, Bodhisattva. We shall discuss this matter with Lord Insect Prime.”

“Alright, go then.” Bodhisattva smiled. “It’s currently in the Happiness Clinic at the foot of the mountain.”

Ren Ruofeng thanked him again before he departed along with his followers.

Soon, they arrived at the Happiness Clinic in the city that was at the foot of the mountain and saw the busy green insect.

“What, you want to become a demon? Sorry, I don’t provide this type of service. I can only turn people into men or women,” the great green insect was talking to a pale, young man.

“I’ll give you all of my savings provided you turn me into a demon.” The young man pleaded desperately. “This is related to my lifelong happiness. Isn’t your clinic named ‘Happiness Clinic’?”

“Eh, why do you want to become a demon?” the green insect inquired curiously.

“Because my wife is a demon,” the young man replied. “She’s a flower demon and I want to become a flower demon too.”

“You? You can’t become a flower demon but you might become flower fertilizer.” Chong Daqing cocked its head and studied him intently.

“Insect God, what are you getting at?” The young man was not amused and instead questioned the insect.

It was not easy to mix different clans together. Miscegenation among some people had resulted in various types of diseases, and this occurred back in the material era.

In today’s Era of Mystery, there would be even more problems if miscegenation occurred between different clans.

Interracial love was no piece of cake.

In legends and folklore, the White Snake had to cultivate for a thousand years and consumed magical pills that stripped her of her venom before she could unite with Xu Xian. (TN: The White Snake is the main character in the Chinese folklore “The Legend of the White Snake. It is about the love story between the White Snake and a human named Xu Xian.)

In reality, good things like this seldom took place.

Meanwhile, Ren Ruofeng gave a knowing glance to his followers behind him.

His two employees approached the young man and showed him their work IDs. “Good day, we’re from the XX Special Affairs Department. We currently have reason to suspect your involvement in a unique case. Please cooperate with our investigation and trust us, this is for your own good.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

The young man, who boldly questioned Chong Daqing earlier clammed up when he saw the two employees from the Special Affairs Department. Although the two employees were rather weak, the young man followed them without saying a word.

“About time you all arrived. You even saved me from much trouble too.” Chong Daqing smiled and straightened its back. “I already know your intention for coming here. Easy, just give me a year’s supply of food and I shall give you a quota.”

“Uhh, can we change the condition?”

Ren Ruofeng was unlike Qiao Anping. He had received all sorts of insider info and was aware of the gluttony of this insect.

To put it bluntly, if he gave in to the insect’s whims, a year’s supply of food produced by China might not be enough for it.

Last time, it drank the River of Blood dry!

It said it wanted a year’s supply of food but it did not mention the exact amount… How could he make a promise on the spot?

“There are no other conditions. I don’t care about the rest anyway,” Chong Daqing said nonchalantly.

“Then, pray tell, how much do you want to eat in a year?”

“No idea, it depends on my mood.”

“Forget it, I’ll look for someone else.” Ren Ruofeng backed down temporarily.

“Hey, wait a minute, I’ll give you a figure.” Chong Daqing hastily stopped its visitor from leaving. It was not easy to get someone who would be willing to buy a pig in a poke.