Chapter 922 - We Are Even

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Chapter 922: We Are Even

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Inside the Spirit King Cave in the Spirit Valley.

Lu Er gazed at Zhu Sanmei and her parents who were hugging each other and crying inside the cave. This scene struck a chord with him and he retreated quietly.

Ma Da followed him out of the cave.

“Big brother Ma, I have a sudden idea,” he told his brother in a low voice.

“What kind of idea?” Ma Da asked eagerly.

This time, he showed his face publicly in front of Sanmei. Next time, riding on someone else’s coattails was not an inconceivable idea.

“I think that we can start a loved-ones delivery service for those who passed away or died in vain. Don’t you recall what the Venerable One has said, that the souls were supposed to reincarnate as mechs? We interfered and allowed the souls of Sanmei’s parents to reunite with her family. A marvelous idea, no? It’s a seller’s market and we can collect Yin merits too…” Lu Er said seriously.

Ma Da listened and stared at his little brother with raised eyebrows even though it was inappropriate of him to bring this up while Sanmei and her parents were still in tears.

He waved his brother towards an adjacent cave.

“Not a bad idea, but have you ever wondered why Bodhisattva and the Venerable One wouldn’t do something like this?” Ma Da inquired.

“Simple, these two figures are preoccupied with their own duties. How else will they be able to focus on this type of business? We should be the ones taking over,” Lu Er answered confidently.

Ma Da was a bit shocked. He simply could not wrap his head around it.

He added, “Think about it. For instance, you passed away recently and your funeral service has been held. The next moment, we bring your mech back to your family… What happens then? We’ll only frighten the rest of your family members. Moreover, not everyone wishes to see the return of their elders, such as those people from wealthy families.”

“You’re still the wise one, big brother Ma.” Lu Er paced the ground. His brother had a point, but he was reluctant to give up and continued, “Nonetheless, people who died young or people who’re breadwinners of the family are different. Their family members will definitely want them back. We’ll have to consider this very carefully.”

“Hmm, your idea is fine, but we cannot generalize this matter and we must analyze every minute detail.” Ma Da nodded. “Still, we’d better ask Bodhisattva about this. This matter will involve a lot of people, so we must be cautious.”

“You make the decision, big brother.” Lu Er felt motivated.

The two of them went to the main cave to meet with Elder Gui Da.

Bodhisattva was not someone one could meet at any time. Normally, one had to seek the permission of the Elder to do so, unlike the Venerable Dragon God who was on an equal rank as Bodhisattva. As long as both sides were close, they could meet with each other easily.

When the Elder of the Association of Spirit Kings heard of this, he decided that he could not make a decision and informed Bodhisattva at once.

A while later, they were given permission to meet with Bodhisattva in the Spiritual Insect Realm.

The two brothers trekked through the Spiritual Insect Realm and approached Bodhisattva.

Bodhisattva expressed his agreement after listening to their idea. “Your kindness is commendable. This world is empty, unlike the Upper Realm with its bunch of rigid regulations, yet you don’t need to conform to the old ways. Start off slowly and begin your work on those who died in vain. Of course, you must discuss with their family members first and don’t frighten them, for the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

“We shall honor your advice, Bodhisattva,” the brothers declared as they bowed.

At Vigilante A’s farm villa, when Fang Ning finished listening to Lu Er and his brother, he felt a surge of awe.

“We never thought of this before. Since souls can be reincarnated as spiritual insects and mechs, it’s natural for them to reunite with their families. This is the path of humans. Due to our adherence to the concept that humans and spirits walked separate paths, we never thought of this.” He let out a long sigh.

Danger lurked at every corner in the Era of Mystery. At the same time, things that could not be done in the past were achievable now. This showed how enigmatic the current era was.

“Even if you came up with this idea eons ago, I wouldn’t have the energy to put up with your bullsh*t. I don’t have the time to investigate who their relatives are every single day,” Sir System remarked in disdain.

Fang Ning was not surprised by its outburst. The System was never a hero to begin with and it did not have a righteous heart.

It would be futile to hope for the System to be benevolent and help reunite families by resurrecting their loved ones.

He replied, “You don’t have to investigate this time. They can look for those mechs first and select the ones who died in vain. Then, they can find out where their family members are currently living. With this method, we don’t have to get involved. We’re just providing a platform.”

“Oh, that’s it? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? They should share some of the profits with me, no?” Sir System sniggered.

“Don’t you think they might not share the profits with you?” Fang Ning asked.

Sir System answered firmly, “Impossible.”

“Hey, don’t you think that this defies the law of nature?” Fang Ning gasped.

“There’s nothing to defy, only that the medical technology of you humans has improved a lot. In the past, you could only heal physical bodies, but now, you can save souls as well. Forget about those people who died of old age, but if it’s possible to save those who died in accidents, why not save them? There have been numerous accounts of such situations in myths and legends, but only people who were closely related to them could save them. Today, in the face of the market, everybody is equal,” Sir System justified.

“You’ve got a point. Looks like I’m the narrow-minded one. We’re even, then,” Fang Ning mused.

“Oh no, Black Robe has become a monk, so no one is taking care of the mech reincarnation matter? And you wanted to release them onto that new planet,” Sir System reminded his Host.

“Eh, doesn’t he have other subordinates? I suppose there are people who will take over this matter?” Fang Ning muttered.

“Then think of a way to overcome this problem. We don’t have the skill to perform mech reincarnations,” Sir System replied.

“We need to put this on hold. Time flies and the Divine Gate will be opened the day after tomorrow. We’ll talk about this again after the opening of the Divine Gate.” Fang Ning’s head hurt. It was so inconvenient to do something. Whereas, reading novels and playing games were easier…

Sir System fell speechless. It was so typical of its Host.

Two days later, on the Lunaette.

In front of the highest green mountain peak, at the foot of the mountain where the Azure Mountain’s new base was located.

A sea of faces could be seen there. From afar, it looked like there were millions of people waiting at the foot of the mountain.

It was different from the first opening of the Divine Gate. This time, the news spread fast.

It was normal too. When the Gate opened for the first time, many clan members were not prepared for it.

Whereas, this time around, Fang Ning had informed his allies and they got to know about this event through various methods.

The time that his allies had to make preparations was greatly reduced.

However, they only had a period of three days which was short enough and so, it could not be shortened any more.

Earth had four major clans, which were comprised of humans, demons, spirits, and devils respectively. With the Spiritual Insects clan thrown in the mix, these were the five clans that topped the Divine List last time.

Meanwhile, they had already assembled at the venue and each clan could be observed very clearly among the masses.

The human clan was the most populous and the most boisterous.

The remaining three clans had obviously been weakened and regressed. The demon clan was roughed up by Vigilante A and it was now dominated by the Greater Rat clan.

The spirits clan suffered the same fate. Every day, Sir System demanded the seed of malevolent spirits from the Association of Spirit Kings.

In spite of this, among the spirits clan, the strength of malevolent spirits was the easiest to level up as they were able to absorb Resentment at will to invigorate themselves.

Resentment was unlike Vitality. It was another form of spiritual force which was under the same category as incense and belief.

The dwindling number of malevolent spirits resulted in the stagnation of the spirits clan’s power.

As for the devil clan, even the most powerful Devil Saint had become a monk. How could they possibly stand a chance with their current lineup?

The present leader of the clan was Black Robe’s former subordinate, Claudia and the Devil Saint disciple she was looking after, Saki Yamanashi.

These two women did not receive enlightenment, but they ended up as leaders of the devil clan.

Zhi Nan could not be bothered about the reopening of the Divine Gate. He felt indifferent after hearing about the news. Instead of checking the event out, he continued to enlighten the people around him.

Fang Ning was already standing at the top of the mountain. He scanned a few of the major clans and felt a certain smugness. He could put on a front once again…