Chapter 926 - Saving Death

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Chapter 926: Saving Death

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Others could only wait patiently for the black tiger to come out to know the news, but Fang Ning was too lazy to wait…

Thus, he pestered Sir System. “Sir System, as you can see, this black tiger went into the dark fog. We can’t just sit still. We’ve to monitor it in real-time…”

“How to monitor?” Sir System pretended.

“Hey, you obviously put a tiger saddle on it. That’s an item produced by the System so it should have its own vision monitor…” Fang Ning said.

“Didn’t I say it before? You can only see where the equipment is, you can’t see the surrounding scenery.” Sir System refused.

“That was before. Now, haven’t you upgraded many times? This function has definitely expanded.” Fang Ning did not give up.

If it was before, he would have believed it and he would no longer pester Sir System; now, he had understood that Sir System would also trick him, so whatever it said, he could not believe it.

The so-called ‘the System never lies’ was true, but it did not mean that the System would not have a bug… For example, if Sir System said something wrong, it could be classified as a bug too.

“Er, how did you know?” Sir System became depressed instantly. “But it’ll consume a lot of experience points.”

“The consumed experience points can be earned again. Observing the surrounding scene in real-time will save from us being tricked by the black tiger. After all, it is not an ally.” Fang Ning quickly threw out a reason that Sir System could not refuse.

“Eh, you said it.” Sir System agreed as expected.

System Notification: [The system activated the True Sight function of Bind on Equip item, “Tiger Saddle” and obtained the Real-time Field of View nearby. 10,000 experience points will be consumed every second.]

It was no wonder that Sir System was unwilling to use and concealed it. If it consumed ten thousand points per second, one hour would be 36 million experience points. Usually, farming a monster would only gain a few tens or hundreds of experience points. A stingy guy like Sir System naturally would not want to let him know.

However, you would get what you paid for, the effect was naturally good.

After that, Fang Ning saw where the black tiger was through the System View.

It could be seen that inside the Divine Gate, the dark fog could no longer block Fang Ning’s sight.

The black tiger had passed two hurdles in a short period of time and was stuck on the third step.

The green-skinned frog was lying in front of it. They stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Although you’re master’s mount, I can’t go easy on you anymore. Just now, that was the simplest question that Axiom Daddy allowed me to ask. If you can’t answer, you’ve to turn around and go back.” The green-skinned frog muttered. “Of course, I’m telling you this out of friendship, failure this time will lead to punishment. If there’s a hurdle that you failed to pass, your cultivation base will be one level lower. Lake-level will turn into Pond-level, Pond-level will turn into Basin-level, and Basin-level will turn into Bucket-level.”

“Right, the Dragon Clan’s power standard proposed by the master is the Heavenly Standard approved by Axiom Daddy.”

“The simplest question?” The black tiger looked down again at the white paper on the step and was disheartened.

Fang Ning also saw the question on the white paper using the “Real-time Field of View” of the Bind on Equip item.

“Q: Please write down the 10 digits after the decimal points for Pi.”

This question was very simple if you could search the Internet… It would be easy too if you had previously memorized it or if you knew the method of calculating Pi, such as?Liu Hui’s Pi algorithm.?1

However, obviously, Black Cat Tom did not know these three methods.

Fang Ning suddenly asked sounding troubled, “Er, Sir System, what should we do now?”

“How could you be as stupid as that tiger? Can’t you just send a text to it?” Sir System said boldly.

“Er, we could do that?” Fang Ning asked dumbly.

“Of course, the Divine Gate is not a closed space. It’s your talisman, so of course, we have the ability to send a message there.”

Therefore, Fang Ning sent a message.

In the Real-time Field of View, after receiving the answer, Black Tiger Tom was joyful initially but soon became shocked. After that, he quickly wrote down the answer.

Afterward, the black tiger successfully passed and went onto the fourth step, disappearing into the dark fog. It seemed to have entered the so-called Realm of Terror.

Sir System said in disdain, “Can’t that idiotic Heavenly Axiom give a simple question like 1+1=2 directly? Making it so complicated, isn’t it a waste of time?”

“Hmph, are you stupid?” Fang Ning took the chance to take revenge. “It must take a lot to open a gate. If you let a fool go in, isn’t it a waste of an opportunity? If the scout has no brains, it would be like giving his life a thousand miles away.”

“…” Sir System had nothing to say.

Fang Ning continued to watch.

After the black tiger disappeared behind the dark fog, it soon reappeared in the System View.

The surrounding scenery changed. The sky was gray and there were dark clouds everywhere. From time to time, lightning flashed. Every now and then, black holes appeared as if the sky was leaking.

Above the ground, there were ruined buildings with black traces of being burnt. Occasionally, withered trees and bushes could be seen. There were no sounds of birds and insects to be heard, much less a human’s voice.

Fang Ning did not have the time to appreciate the awesomeness of the “Real-time Field of View”. It could even transfer images across dimensions. He just wanted to understand this problem.

When Black Cat Tom entered this mysterious world, he looked around for a while and suddenly changed back from a strong black tiger to a black cat.

The little gray ant on top of its head staggered and almost fell because it did not adapt to this change quickly.

Apparently, the little gray ant was very angry about this, and it clamped the soft meat on the black cat’s head mercilessly.

“Knock it off, can’t you feel it. This place hardly has any vitality. I can’t waste my magical energy maintaining this body.” the black cat scowled.

The little gray ant became quiet and looked around.

Not long after that, the ant got excited. It climbed down the black cat’s head and quickly climbed to the nearby ruins.

“Eh, you found something so soon?” The black cat hurriedly followed.

It was a run-down large courtyard. There were various pavilions and even a pond, but they were all ruined and mostly only half of what they originally were was left.

Judging from the residual buildings, when the courtyard was in good condition, the residents were definitely either very rich or of high status.

However, all of this had become dust now.

After climbing into the large courtyard, the little gray ant quickly climbed onto the remains of a wall and then anxiously turned round and round.

The wall was pitch black and full of holes. It must have been through a lot.

“Oh, it seems that there’s something here? I could only feel a faint Death Aura.” The black cat stood under the wall and looked up.

When the little gray ant saw that the black cat was not moving, it quickly climbed down and grabbed its leg, shaking it back and forth.

“Don’t be so anxious, I can feel the danger in it. You’re sensitive to treasures, but not sensitive to danger. Other than playing dead and lying to me, what else can you do?” The black cat scolded.

After that, it thought about it and pulled out a pile of materials from the Space Ring.

Following that, it began to build something. Not long after that, an altar appeared. On top of it was a black statue of a human body with a dog head.

It was just about to start chanting a spell, but suddenly, it seemed to be aware of something and quickly changed back to the fierce dark tiger form. After that, it sent a dark blue presence into the statue.

Soon, the statue seemingly turned alive and suddenly said, “Jerry, I thought you were dead like your cousin Tom. I didn’t expect you to finally contact me again… No, how come you’re at my house?”

“Er…” Tom was stunned and then stared at the wall.

It suddenly had a very bad notion.

The statue seemed to be aware of its indiscreet remark and continued saying, “It seems that you’re in a place near my Kingdom of God, so I had a misconception. Do you have anything to do now?”

“Yes,” Tom said darkly. “I’ve to save you from your Kingdom of God now…”