Chapter 927 - Pony Crossing the River

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Chapter 927: Pony Crossing the River

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“Er…” Black Cat Tom became scared after hearing that.

The “Death’s Eye” was off on the wrong foot as it was completely restrained by the small gray ant on the wall and led to the loss of the orb that could control the Yin Energy Realm, causing Tom to bow down to Vigilante A.

Now, when the other party mentioned this, it made it alert again. This Death was not a fake god who was all talk. It was genuine.

Therefore, it had to be cautious. As a cat who never fought in person, it would never act recklessly.

Even if this Death was a coward behind that fierce appearance, or even possibly hiding within this wall struggling to survive, it still did not dare to risk digging the other party out…

‘Sure enough, character determines fate!’ Tom thought fiercely.

Although it understood that its inference was likely to be the truth, it did not dare to take that one percent risk and do it bravely.

At this moment, if it was any other devil outside, it was 100% sure that the other party would directly push down the wall, turn this residing place of Death around, and then devour it.

Devouring a god would bring benefits to all aspects.

Even if you could not become a god straight away, you could at least completely change the level of life. Your vitality endowment would not even be able to describe with Double Grade S, it would be even higher than that, attaining the Celestial Clan’s endowment overnight.

Tom thought about it again and again, and soon a smile appeared on his face and he said in flattery, “O Great Death, please forgive Jerry’s ignorance. I only said that out of my devoted faith.”

“Hmph, you don’t have Tom’s piety at all. You cultivated the Path of Death that I taught but the Dead Aura you cultivated now is not pure at all. Your presence used to be green but just now you actually released a blue presence. I’ll not respond to your summoning next time.” The wolf-headed statue did not let it slide but said in a reprimanding tone.

Although Tom understood that this bastard was likely saying this deliberately in order to dispel its doubts, it still replied with jelly legs. “Please forgive me. I was oppressed by the hypocrite who self-proclaimed as justice, I had to camouflage my ability and thus, this happened.”

“It’s that Vigilante A, right? It seems that you had no choice. I’ll spare you this time. Now, what do you summon me for? However, you have not held a Death Sacrifice for a long time so this time I’ll not give you power in vain,” the wolf-headed statue said with a cold tone.

As soon as Tom heard it, it quickly said, “Please forgive me, Vigilante A put a tiger saddle on me so I really couldn’t find a chance.”

“Is that so? However, he can’t detect any of your actions in this world. You can hold a Death Sacrifice to me here,” the wolf-headed statue said coolly.

Tom hesitated slightly and did not answer.

“Why, you don’t want to? In this case, I’ll take back the power given to you before!” The wolf-headed statue’s whole body emitted dark green light, looking strange and frightening.

“No, no, Lord Death, I have a good idea.” Black Tiger Tom looked around and then sent a telepathic message.

After listening, the wolf-headed statue toned down the green light slightly and said, “Very good. It seems that you still have the ruthless character of your cousin. Not bad, 100,000 lowly mortals could not be compared to the fall of one powerhouse. As long as you successfully complete the task, I’ll help you get rid of the shackles.”

“Thank you, my Lord. I’ll definitely complete the task,” Black Tiger Tom said with relief.

Sure enough, the body of a starved camel was still bigger than?a living horse?1?. Just now, when the other party raged slightly, it felt the Death Energy in its body become uncontrollable. Fortunately, it backed down decisively before.

“Go, and remember, death is with you.” The wolf-headed statue was finally satisfied. All the green light disappeared and it became a normal statue.

With me, my ass… Black Cat Tom thought bitterly and then quickly took apart the altar and kept it.

After that, it picked up the little ant on the wall and placed it on its head.

“That’s enough, don’t look at it anymore. There’s nothing here. Your sense was wrong…” It said firmly.

The little gray ant suddenly became very anxious and climbed in front of the black tiger’s big face, waving all its six legs frantically, pointing towards the wall and turning around.

It clearly sensed that if it could eat the thing inside, it would greatly help it.

The black cat pretended to not understand it, shook its head and said, “Stop moving around. I said no and that’s it.”

The little gray ant was suddenly stunned and then crawled back to the tiger’s head. Its pair of antennae was moving around, thinking of something.

Black Cat Tom was relieved. It looked around and finally sprinted towards one direction.

“Okay, okay, you should stop here. It’s not easy for me to collect experience points, okay? This already costs tens of millions,” Sir System said angrily.

“It’s quite easy,” Fang Ning said confidently, “even the craziest player can’t compare to a?Liver Emperor like you.”?1

System Notification: [The System stopped the True Sight function of the Bind on Equip item “Tiger Saddle”.]

“Take a look at yourself, you’re so stingy. I still don’t know what trap the black cat will arrange next to entrap people,” Fang Ning said.

“It can’t entrap us anyway. You can see it later after we enter. We should dig Death out from the wall and it’ll solve all traps,” Sir System said eloquently.

Fang Ning was at a loss of words. Sir System was spot on.

“Are you sure about that? It IS a god.” Fang Ning was not assured.

“The Culinary God is also a god. Have you seen it say ‘no’ in front of me?” Sir System said smugly.

“… You really know how to attack a straw man,” Fang Ning was speechless.

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s hurry in. If we’re late and it was taken away by another person, won’t it be like looking at gold slipping away under your eyes?” Sir System scorned.

System Notification: [The System took over the host’s body.]

“I knew it’ll be like this. You’re not a heroic System, you’re clearly the ultimate enhanced version of the little gray ant…”

Vigilante A got up and walked into the Divine Gate.

At this moment, the crowds gathered in different places such as those at the foot of the mountain, those on the mountainside, and those on the peak of the mountain, were all very excited after seeing this scene.

“The Venerable Dragon God has entered too!”

“It seems that there’s no danger,” someone said subconsciously.

The people next to him heard it and suddenly sneered. “Hmph, those who say this are simply worse than primary school students.”

“What do you mean?” The man was flustered.

”?Have you learned about the pony crossing the river? Whether the depth of the water is deep or the dark fog is dangerous is relative to the person going in. If the Venerable One is a giraffe crossing the river, you would be an ant crossing the river. Is it still not dangerous?” The person next to him shook his head and sighed.?1

The man suddenly had nothing to say and left feeling ashamed.

Others heard this and thought. ‘Compared to the Venerable Dragon God, am I at the height of his heel or the height of his foot?

‘Behind this Divine Gate, when should I enter?’

People from different camps looked at each other. After that, some insiders gradually came together and began to discuss in a low voice.

That was right, a person may not be able to reach the feet of the Venerable One, but if the strongest person of the big clans were brought together and teamed up, they could at least reach his waist, right?

Perhaps this was Heavenly Axiom’s intention.

This time, it was to test their teamwork. Fighting single-handedly was equivalent to giving your life away.