Chapter 928 - Resentment Monster

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Chapter 928: Resentment Monster

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Fang Ning watched as Vigilante A successfully passed all three hurdles and entered here.

On the stairway under the dark fog, the first two levels had no difficulty. It was estimated that even a Pond-level could enter.

As for the third level on knowledge testing, for Vigilante A who had a search engine plus a large group of knowledge bases from the Draconic Penitentiary, it was of ‘1+1=2’ difficulty.

However, after entering the Realm of Terror inside the mouth of this green-skinned frog, the difficulty shot up abruptly.

First of all, Sir System who had never gotten lost before was lost for the first time…

“Damn it, what place is this? It’s definitely not the place where the black cat entered,” Sir System muttered.

Fang Ning was in the System Space, looking out through the System View.

It could be seen that below was a land of yellow sand with the sun was high up in the sky and the wind whipped up the sand — they were in a desert.

When the black cat arrived in this world, the place where it appeared had a gloomy sky and ruined buildings on the ground. It was obviously a ruined city.

However, the irony was that in this desert, sporadic greenery could be seen. Desert vegetation such as tenacious thorns and camelthorn were growing through the sand.

Rather, the city that should be the center of civilization became a complete dead land.

After seeing the scenery outside, Fang Ning subconsciously opened the System Map.

Much to his surprise, the map was pitch black. Not only did it not show the location of the black cat, but there were also no signs of Vigilante A’s location too.

It was no wonder that Sir System was bewildered. Once this VIP (TN: VIP is abbreviated for Very Important Person) who was used to the Pay-To-Win style had played the commonalty mode, it would be a complete tragedy.VIP who was used to the Pay-To-Win style had played the commonalty mode, it would be a complete tragedy.

“You can activate Black Cat Tom’s view again,” Fang Ning suggested.

System Notification: [The System activated the True Sight function of Bind on Equip item “Tiger Saddle”, consuming 10,000 points per second.]

Following that, Fang Ning saw where the black cat was.

It was laying next to a pond, fiddling with something.

The scenery around it was still the previous scene. The sky was gray and lightning spark in all directions. On the ground, it was pitch black and ruined buildings were everywhere.

It was obvious that the black cat was still in the ruined city.

Not long after that, Fang Ning found something interesting.

The little gray ant that played dead on the black tiger’s suddenly got up, swinging its antennae around and then laid down again.

Soon, from the pocket on the black tiger’s back that contained countless army ants, a similar little gray ant climbed out.

The two ants soon met. The carbon copy of gray ant successfully seated while the original little gray ants sneaked away from the black tiger’s head.

Throughout the process, Black Cat Tom was unaware of it. It was busy doing something with its head bowed next to the pond.

From time to time, it threw a piece of material that was just used to build the altar into the water. It seemed that there were hidden monsters in the water. Every time it threw a brick, it would cause a big commotion. The water would surge and then there will be a burst of “crunch, crunch” sound of chewing coming from the water.

Fang Ning only focused his attention on the little gray ant. After the other party slipped away from the black tiger’s head, it quickly climbed towards one direction.

It was a shock that this little gray ant was very fast when it crawled at full speed. It did not take long before it climbed into the foggy area… The place that could not be covered by the Tiger Saddle.

“What are you looking at?” Sir System asked curiously.

“I have a feeling, do you think this ant will climb towards us?” Fang Ning guessed.

“How is it possible? I can’t even find the specific location of the black cat. How can it find us?” Sir System did not believe it at all.

How can a System be inferior to an ant?

“You can’t find it doesn’t mean that others can’t find it. I have high hopes for it. After all, this ant has been working very hard…” Fang Ning said with certainty.

“I worked harder than it,” Sir System argued.

“It could give birth to hundreds of thousands of small ants in a few years. Can you?” Fang Ning gave it a critical hit.

“No, I don’t know how and I can’t.” Sir System surrendered.

When they were talking, suddenly, Vigilante A flew towards the sky.

When Fang Ning was puzzled, he saw an earth yellow monster appeared under his feet.

Its whole body was composed of sand, like a long worm with no face. When it appeared, it launched a fierce attack on Vigilante A. It opened its huge sand mouth, intending to swallow him. It must have been starved for a long time.

“It seems that this is the first danger in the Realm of Terror. Let’s see how powerful it is…” Fang Ning was holding his chin and saying, when suddenly, he said in surprise, “Eh, Sir System, don’t run. You can definitely defeat it.”

Vigilante A ignored him and flew straight to the distance.

“I won’t fight it even if I can defeat it. My instinct tells me that if I killed it, I won’t get any experience points…” Sir System explained.

“Yes, but there will be materials,” Fang Ning analyzed.

“No, its body is all sand. I can see that. Except for its useless resentment against us, there’s nothing.” Sir System shook his head.

“Wait, you can’t run around blindly. If you run around blindly, the little gray ant will be confused no matter how good its orientation is. If we want to get the blood of a god, we can only wait for the little gray ant to take us there,” Fang Ning suddenly reminded.

“Er, this damned yellow sand monster. It really ruins my mood!” Sir System said angrily.

Following that, a bolt of white sword energy descended from the sky and pierced through the body of the yellow sand monster.

Next, after stirring back and forth, the yellow sand monster turned into a pile of yellow sand which dissipated in the desert.

“Okay, done,” Sir System said proudly.

As soon as it said that, countless sand monsters appeared from the yellow sand below!

They clustered together, like faceless long snakes, staring at Vigilante A. It was very strange.

“Hey, we seem to have entered the monster’s nest?” Fang Ning said with uncertainty.

“Damn, why is my luck so bad?” Sir System said, depressed, “No, this is obviously because of your bad luck. The black cat can fall in front of the gold right away, but it’s a coward. I am courageous enough, but because of you, we entered a desert.”

“You’re blaming an innocent person without evidence again…” Fang Ning said speechlessly, “Even if it’s because I’m not lucky, you have to clean them up anyways. Otherwise, if we run away and the little gray ant come here, it’ll be killed in an instant,” Fang Ning reminded.

“Fine, I’ll kill them!” said Sir System harshly.

In the next second, sword energy crisscrossed, sweeping all enemies. The sand monsters were all defeated easily.

After killing a wave of monsters, another wave spawned, seemingly inexhaustible.

At this moment, behind a sand dune in the distance, two humans dressed in sand yellow hemp clothing were looking at the scene in front of them in surprise.

“Sha Da, have you seen this person before?” one of them said.

“I have seen similar people before. I told you, Sha Er, this land will soon be completely destroyed. Our human powerhouse has already extinct. Such a powerhouse could only come from other places that are on the verge of destruction. It’s such as waste, he ran to the wrong place and wasted his energy but he won’t live for too long.” Sha Da shook his head.

“How long do you think he can hold on?” Sha Er wondered.

“After about three sunrises, he should be in a desperate situation. I have seen a few series of powerhouses like him. The longest one has only held on for seven sunrises. The average result is three sunrises. Even if he can fly and run to other places, it’s useless. Such a guy is like the bright light in the dark, the spring water in the desert, or a slice of mouth-watering fatty meat. This land is full of resentment monsters.” Sha Da sighed.

“It seems that there’s no such thing as a savior.” Sha Er was very disappointed.

Sha Da shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s said to be destroyed, but it can still last for a while. At least those of us who can’t continue to cultivate probably can’t last until that day, it won’t be painful for us.”

When Sha Er heard this, a vicious glint flashed in his eyes. He said coldly, “Sha Da, if we eat this powerhouse, can we continue to practice cultivation? Can we live longer?”

Sha Da heard this and squinted his eyes slightly before he sneaked a look at the man in mid-air, whispering, “If you want to do that, you must seize the opportunity. Wait until the moment when the powerhouse weakened, and then…”

Sha Er listened carefully and nodded.